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I would love to help you speak English fluently and become knowledgeable in English topics.


I love practicing Communicative approach as it allows students to showcase their skills and what they learn and allows them to express themselves. One thing that helps is the time allocated to student actitivity and creating a friendly environment that allows them to work with each other and learn from eachother along with the teacher.


I earned my Bachelor's degree in English Literature when I was 20 and I started teaching before that, when I was 16. I perused my Master's degree and successfully finished it later on. I taught English as a general course, English literature, IELTS preparation courses and university courses. I got my TESOL degree in Canada.


Transportation Fee : $5
Rate for online lessons : $ 18/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $80
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $175
Lessons offered by Mahdieh
The lessons will be held
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Taught subjects
  • Academic English
  • Reading
  • Literature
  • Creative writing
  • Essay writing
  • Grammar
  • All Levels

Mahdieh's Resume

English language Teaching


 Master’s Degree in English Language
 Tesol certified under Toronto School Board
 Certified to teach English abroad and in several countries
 Over 13 years of fulltime teaching English
 Experienced and trained to teach English to adults and kids
 A competent level of English communication
 IELTS score of 8
 Over 8 years of experience with IELTS centers and IELTS industry with 3 years' experience in Canada
 Trained in teaching “American English File” and Communicative method
 Proficient in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) , PCs and Google Docs
 Comfortable with completion of workload within deadlines
 Efficient and comfortable being a member of a team and work on my own
 Worked closely with IELTS centers, venues and Examiners
 Trained as an IELTS course teacher
 Worked as an IELTS course developer for an IELTS center outside of Canada
 Superior computer skills and familiar with search engine research
 Ability to multitask with minimal supervision
 Superior Speaking, reading, writing and listening skills
 Fast learner, detail oriented, punctual with great work ethics and ability to prioritize tasks
 Resourceful, highly motivated, Self-driven, reliable individual with problem solving skills
 Bilingual in English, Farsi
 Proficient in using office machines and good presentation etiquette

IELTS Supervisor IDP Canada 2018 - present

 Prize winning test day supervisor of an IELTS venue with %100 customer satisfaction
 Highly knowledgeable of IELTS scores and courses
 Work closely with Examiners, Test day administration and Client services
 Trained students to get a new score in IELTS
 Prepare secure documents and incident reports
 Sign in and out secure and unsecure materials
 Communicate clearly with ESL candidates and instructe them as per IELTS policy
 Ensure that all staff (Examiners, Invigilators, Administrative staff) comply with all testing processes
 Manage and assist test day staff (Examiners and Invigilators)
 Respond to candidate needs based on IETLS Idp policies
 Successfully completed Pre-test set up of IAM, test-day environment and post-test administration in accordance with IELTS operating policies and procedures
 Successfully troubleshoot of test day challenges including software (IAM), hardware and electrical
 Return and store of test materials in accordance with IELTS policies and procedures

Customer Service Representative Myron Business Gifts, ULC 2016 - 2020

 Created CRM materials and worked with a computer and different soft wares
 Worked as part of a team and individually with minimal supervision
 Communicated with customers on the phone and with long distance correspondency
 Dealt with queries raised by customers in accordance with company procedures
 Answered and wrote emails and answered phone calls
 Reported to the manager

Foreign Relations Expert Farzin Rock Stone 2015 – 2016

 Met and greeted customers in the office and scheduled meetings and prepared the venue
 Accommodated any English language correspondence needs inside the office
 Helped with writing Emails and speaking with customers and allies in English
 Surveyed customers satisfaction, needs and expectations
 Adhered to the company procedures and instruction

English/ IELTS Teacher Aryan pour Novin Institute 2003-2016

 Taught IELTS preparation courses and English literature
 Taught all levels including IELTS preparation courses to both adults and kids
 Taught students using a systematic plan of lectures, discussions, audio-visual and presentations
 Evaluated progress
 Discussed results with parents and school officials
 Taught English based on audio lingual method
 Worked as an English teacher for primary, secondary and senior high Schools
 Conducted private and semi-private English classes
 Conducted general conversation and speaking courses
 Worked as an English teacher for governmental and nongovernmental organizations
 Taught English to people with different nationalities and backgrounds
 Supervised an English pre-school and kindergarten
 Assisted with the setup of testing venues in accordance with the regulations
 Assisted students before the test by directing them to their seats and advising them about possessions permitted in the testing venues and the strict rules during the tests
 Made sure the students remain completely silent during the test and inside the test venue
 Check attendance before and during tests
 Dealt with testing irregularities in accordance with IELTS procedures
 Consulted numerous parents on the details of the courses and provided information
 Became a member of Aryanpour Novin School board
 Presented Aryanpour Novin English School in a commercial video
 Worked for a Christian charity as an English instructor
 Attended several meetings as the representative of managing director of Aryanpour Novin English
 Attended meetings for the aim of expanding the institute along with the manager as the senior member
 of the school
 Conducted interviews for students of different ages and levels for evaluation
 Prepared several students for university entrance exam as a private teacher
 Did a research on the effects of aging on intonation (And it has been shown to an English school in
 Britain)
 Participated in a fair held in Beheshti University as the board member of Arianpour Novin Institute
 Was in charge of selecting teaching materials and educational props for Arianpour Novin Institute
 Supervised, registered and prepared IELTS students
 Trained three teachers for the basic levels
 Designed IELTS preparation courses
 Prepared an English teacher for the IELTS academic test held in March 15th 2014-(Aiming for the score
 of 7 which was achieved)
 Cooperated as a sales agent and sales consultant with Safir IELTS branch
 Registered students for IELTS as a cooperation with British Council

Customer Service Representative EF International Language Company 2011

 Worked as an English language consultant
 Created CRM materials and Worked with computer
 Consulted ESL or EFL candidates and offered related courses
 Advised and helped candidates know their levels of English and their needs
 Worked with photocopy, scan and different office machines


Office Administration Course 2016
Learning Enrichment Foundation, Ontario
 CPR training
 Office management
 Work and Safety
 Planning and communicating
 Communication and Writing Skills
 Customer Service

Master’s Degree of Art, English Literature 2015
Azad University of Tehran, Iran
 Computer Science
 Lecturing and Presenting
 Academic Writing Skills
 English/American Literature
 TOEFL and IELTS Certified

Bachelor’s Degree of Art, English Literature 2007
Azad University of Tehran, Iran
 Press text and Reading
 Writing and Correspondence
 Public Speech and Lecturing
 Translation Methods
 Research and Teaching Methods

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