Life Coaching is a twenty-first-century phenomenon which has become increasingly popular in recent years. But what exactly does life coaching involve? And what issues can it help with?

The term ‘life coaching’ sounds incredibly hopeful yet vague – exactly what aspects of your life could a life coach help with? And what kinds of lifestyle changes will you be expected to make by a life coach?

Put simply, life coaching is a type of talking therapy in which clients seek personal and professional guidance. Throughout courses of life coaching, the life coach helps others to increase their levels of confidence in a way that motivates them to make the changes they need to achieve their life goals.

A large part of life coaching involves empowerment through discussion. In life coaching, empowerment is less about teaching the client new skills and more about helping others realise the value of the skills they already possess and reach their potential.

Once the coaching sessions start to give the client more confidence in themselves, the life coach advises them on taking the next steps towards their ultimate goal.

If you’re interested in finding a life coach London, whether you want to overcome a personal difficulty, achieve a certain goal, or turn your life around completely, read on to learn more about whether life coaching could help you.

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Can Life Coaching Help with Depression?

Life coaching is all about training yourself to have a mindset that enables and drives you to achieve your goals, but can it help when it comes to mental illness?

Depression is much more than a feeling: it’s something that has the power to take over your life and make even the easiest tasks seem insurmountable. The illness can have various causes, ranging from traumatic life experiences to a troubled childhood – for some, there is no real cause they can pinpoint, and this is because of the fact about where depression really comes from: a chemical imbalance in the brain.

So, can a life coach help you overcome depression and take control of your life?

There’s really no simple answer, but, in short, it depends on your situation.

There is a branch of life coaching specifically for those living with depression called ‘depression coaching’. While it is not recommended as an alternative to counselling or medication, seeing a life coach whilst receiving other treatments can be beneficial.

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It is recommended that those living with depression seek medical advice before seeing a life coach
Could a life coach help you? ¦ source: Pixabay - Free-Photos

However, it is wise to be cautious when considering personal development sessions for depression. Medical professionals advise that mental health patients only try one form of talk therapy at a time. As life coaching is not a recommended treatment for depression, it is possible to attend sessions whilst also seeing a counsellor, but it is recommended that you discuss the possibility of finding a life coach with a professional before doing so.

For people who live with depression, a life coach Edinburgh can offer an alternative perspective on their lives which fills them with hope and motivation to move towards their personal goal.

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Can Life Coaching Help Build Confidence?

Life coaching is often closely associated with the corporate world as professionals seek guidance on unlocking their potential.

However, coaching sessions are also useful to those who need help in social contexts, too.

Both personal coaching and professional coaching centre around empowering people to recognise their strengths and become more confident and motivated in using their personal attributes to get where they want to be in life.

Before you begin your coaching course, you need to choose a life coach near me who suits your needs. Once you have found a coach who suits your budget and schedule, you’ll also need to make sure that their coaching skills are appropriate for what you want to achieve.

If you’re looking for a coach that can bring a meaningful boost to your self-confidence, you’ll need to discuss what it is that you would like to improve on more specifically. For instance, instead of asking for help with your confidence, think instead about the aspects of your confidence you need assistance with.

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Seeing a life coach could help you realise your worth
Life coaching might help you overcome your low self-esteem ¦ source: Pixabay - Alexas_Fotos

If you feel anxious in social situations, or your shyness is affecting your enjoyment of life and you want to get help with it, inform your life coach so that they can target their work towards improving your confidence when interacting in social contexts.

Maybe you’re not shy, but instead quiet by nature? People who are seen as ‘quiet’ by other, more extroverted people often struggle to get their voice heard in group discussions – and this can cause a lot of frustration in the workplace. In this sort of situation, hiring a certified life coach with experience in helping professionals to succeed in their profession can teach you about being more confident in the workplace so that your colleagues have confidence in you, too. If you’re looking to be successful in your work life, hiring a leadership coach can help you open up the skills you need to take on new challenges in the workplace.

When it comes to getting help with your confidence, ask yourself about the areas in which an improvement in your confidence would improve your life. Having a clear idea of the issue as well as the goal help you move forward with your life coach.

Can a Life Coach Help with Weight Loss?

Life coaches help people to move towards specific goals by offering encouragement, guidance and mentoring that gives them the tools to achieve lasting and fulfilling results.

Life coaching is a wide and varied industry, with many accredited trainers specialize in offering coaching services including business coaching, relationship coaching, executive coaching, career coaching, leadership coaching and corporate coaching, there are also individuals who provide wellness coaching.

If you have trouble keeping the weight off, consider life coaching
A fitness coach might be the answer to your weight loss problems ¦ source: Pixabay - PublicDomainPictures

Wellness coaching is a type of transformational training in which a health coach helps people to change their lifestyles in a way that takes them towards their goals relating to wellness so that their lifestyle becomes healthier overall. These goals can include anything from being more active in general to consuming a more balanced diet.

For many people looking for help with weight loss, finding a wellness coach can give them the guidance they need to first start their weight loss journey, and then persevere with their regime until they have reached their goal.

In this way, health coaching is a lot like sports coaching. Clients see their coach on a regular basis, and the changes they implement become a part of their everyday life.

So, does wellness coaching really work for weight loss?

The common issue for those who are trying to lose weight is keeping the weight off once it has been lost.

Many people commit lots of their time to intense gym sessions and calculating calorie deficits only to have their hard work seemingly reversed once they reach their goal weight and start eating normally again.

This is where wellness coaching comes in.

The advantage of losing weight under the guidance of a wellness coach is that an outside perspective can make for more effective and sustainable results. Coaches look at the psychology of their clients to identify anything in their mindset that may be acting as an obstacle to their goals.

Health and wellness coaches work with clients to take the focus away from the weight loss itself and look instead at making smaller changes to your lifestyle of which weight loss is a byproduct. The benefit of this that not only do clients reach their weight loss goals, but they are also far more likely to be able to maintain their goal weight once their training program is over.

How Much is a Life Coach?

The words ‘life coaching’ seem to immediately evoke images of wealthy career men and women with enough time and money to invest in their own personal and professional development – but what is the real cost of life coaching in the UK? And who is the target market?

The amount you pay for a life coach really depends on the type of life coaching you receive as well as the way in which it is delivered.

Some life coaches deliver their sessions in person, while others communicate with clients over the phone or even via email.

According to the Guardian, you can expect to be charged around £200 a month to get help from a life coach, however, it all depends on how the coach’s pricing works. While you may be able to pay a flat rate and enjoy an agreed amount of communication, you may also be able to pay per session, whether in-person or over the phone. Hourly rates for UK life coaches are between £25 and £75.

Here are some prices for life coaching services across the UK:

Life Coaching ServiceType of CoachingPriceDetails
UK Life CoachingFast-track mentoring£50 one-off£50 pays for one mentoring package delivered as written report and telephone conversation.
Lucy Seifert, Life Coach LondonProfessional coaching£80 per hourSessions can be one-off or ongoing.
Sally Ann LawPersonal and executive coaching£200 per 90 minutesFree intoductory phone call to establish needs. Unlimited phone calls and emails between sessions.
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