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Explaining How Superprof Works

How Does Superprof Work? It's not for nothing that Superprof ranks among the top 10 tutoring platforms in the UK and around the world. In the few years since our debut, we've established a presence in 28 countries and have helped millions of tutors launch themselves into business. How did we do it? Why did […]


Written on 22 October 2021

7 minutes reading time
Trust is fundamental to success for all parties, so here are our promises to you
Advice for Students

Superprof: Your Source for Quality Private Tutoring in Canada

Superprof: Online tutoring in Canada Since our launch in 2013, Superprof has always put a strong emphasis on the relationship of  trust between our team and the millions of users across our platform. It is our belief that this establishing a relationship of trust and confidence is fundamental in ensuring the success of the tutoring […]


Written on 31 May 2021

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Advice for Students

Everything You Will Need for an Online Tutoring Session

Online Classes: How to Prepare for Online Tutoring You’ve decided to move forward with a tutor, and online tutoring services are just a click away from changing your C’s to A’s. You do have many tutoring choices available other than tutoring online. There’s home tutoring, peer tutoring, group tutoring or tutoring centres. There are even […]


Written on 4 April 2020

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Advice for Students

Should I try Online Tutoring?

Online Tutoring Canada: Why should I choose online tutoring? Tutoring online and tutoring services in general, have exploded as an industry and are one of the fastest-growing franchise niches worldwide. In Canada, over 25% or 1 in 4 students receive tutoring as supplemental instruction to their formal education, at some point in their academic career. […]


Written on 27 March 2020

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How do you become a private webcam tutor?

Tips for Becoming An Online Tutor

How Can I Start Online Tutoring? While private webcam tutorials have existed for a number of years now, some tutors still aren’t sure how to get started! We’re here to help you start tutoring online. When it comes to this type of tutoring services, everything’s changing: the materials, how you prepare the lessons, and how you […]


Written on 25 March 2020

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chemistry lesson plans

Chemistry University Programs in Toronto

How to Do Chemistry in Toronto Online Toronto is a city that gets a lot of flak. Too much traffic, too expensive, and too many people - say many Canadians. With the high costs of living that come with being in a major city, why bother considering Toronto - especially if you are a university […]

18 May 20227 minutes reading time

chemistry tutoring near me

Chemistry University Programs in Canada

Everything You Need to Know About Taking a Chemistry Course in Canada Studying chemistry is a common pursuit for many Canadian postsecondary students. Known as a "central science", chemistry links other areas of science and is focused on the study of matter, its properties, and how different matter interacts with other substances. Chemistry courses are […]

18 May 202212 minutes reading time

Chemistry a level tuition

Chemistry University Programs in Montreal

A Chemistry for Beginners Guide for Students in Montreal If you have chosen to pursue the study of chemistry in secondary or postsecondary school you are not alone. Chemistry is one of the most popular areas of learning for Canadian students for a variety of great reasons. First of all, chemistry is a fascinating, hands […]

18 May 20227 minutes reading time

sat subject tests chemistry

Chemistry University Programs in Vancouver

The Best Reasons to Take Chemistry Online in Vancouver Vancouver is a dream city for students. Home to world class universities like The University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser, and surrounded by nature and gorgeous coastal and mountain scenery, Vancouver is one of the best Canadian cities to live and study. You will find […]

18 May 20227 minutes reading time

There are many ways in which your passion for drawing could help your career

A Guide to Drawing Techniques

Drawing Techniques to Suit You Drawing is something everyone does at some point in their lives. We learn to paint and draw from a very young age, even before we learn to talk. From the basics of our first stick figures to the moment we learn how to draw animals more realistically and get used […]

31 January 202213 minutes reading time

Different pens offer quite different characteristics.

Tips on Creating Pen Drawings

Pen Drawing Techniques Unlike charcoal, pastels and graphite pencils, pens often have a narrow, inflexible nib and don’t always flow as easily as those other drawing mediums. This means that, if you are already accustomed to softer mediums, you may need to adjust your drawing style to suit. New artists, however, might take to this art form […]

31 January 202210 minutes reading time

Charcoal is a natural and low-maintenance medium.

Charcoal Drawing

An Introduction to Drawing with Charcoal Charcoal is a dry art technique often made from natural or organic resources like wood. Some vine charcoal is literally made by burning willow. Just like graphite pencils, charcoal can be used on a smooth surface. However, for best results, charcoal should be used on textured paper. The Freedom […]

26 January 202211 minutes reading time

Colouring pencils are associated with children's art but they are also used by many successful illustrators and designers.

An Introduction To Different Drawing Techniques

Types of Drawing: Bringing Art to Life Drawing is classed as a form of art which involves the artist making marks on a surface such as paper or card. While visual arts are now easily transformed into digital form using apps and software, the beauty of the visual arts for many is experiencing that connection […]

26 January 202212 minutes reading time

gender bias

Deconstructing the gender bias

What is gender bias and how to deconstruct it? The world is constantly changing, often for good reasons and causes. Recently, new and older generations are questioning the meaning of gender in our society and the roles it plays in our everyday lives. As a matter of fact, gender does shape our roles in society […]

17 March 20225 minutes reading time

Gender identity for kids

How to talk to your child about gender?

How to address gender with children as a parent or teacher? The conversation about gender is constantly improving and evolving, making younger people more aware of the gender binary than a decade ago. However, not every parent is properly equipped or informed to address the gender binary with their kids or pupils. This article will […]

2 March 20227 minutes reading time

kids and the gender spectrum

How to raise your child beyond gender roles

How to raise kids beyond gender expectations? As our societies evolve, gender roles are being questioned by younger generations and new expectations are coming into place. These changes in behaviour, roles or rules, and identities are everywhere, being informed and aware of them allows you to raise your children beyond gender expectations. What is gender? […]

2 March 20226 minutes reading time

Gender dysphoria

Supporting your child with gender dysphoria

How to support your child through gender dysphoria? Understanding gender is constantly evolving, and this can make it very challenging when having no experience with gender-expansive children. Here, we will give you an overview of how to best support your child through dysphoria. A very important step in understanding gender, gender identity and sex are: […]

2 March 20226 minutes reading time

The Olympic games are the epitome of sports diplomacy

Sports and Politics

The Delicate Balance of Sports and Politics If you've ever played football or cricket in your neighbourhood sandlot, you have engaged in sports politics. There were decisions made about who would play and who wouldn't, which positions each player would take and what rules to play by. You may have even heard something along the lines […]

30 March 20227 minutes reading time

This dignified pose sparked a worldwide movement for racial equality

Politics and Football

Football and Politics are Strange Bedfellows Are you a fan of the footie? When you take in a game, are you cheering for individual players, your team as a whole... or the political and social causes they embrace? This question comes to light in the wake of Chelsea Club owner, Roman Abramovich's turmoil. This unusual […]

30 March 20226 minutes reading time

Beach volleyball proves the attire double standard in sports

Women in Sports

Focusing on Women in Sports Have you heard about Angel City FC? It's football's newest club, debuting in Los Angeles. In itself, that news might be remarkable; the US is not known for its love of football (soccer). The fact that it was founded by a group of female investors is what makes Angel City […]

30 March 20227 minutes reading time

Athletes dope despite bans on doping.

Doping in Sports

Sports and Performance Enhancers For a word whose primary definition is some sort of preparation applied to fabric to improve stiffness - or, alternatively, an anti-knock agent added to petrol, dope sure has been making headlines. That makes us wonder if plumbers suffer a bit of dissonance when they hear that word; they likely all […]

30 March 20227 minutes reading time

How to learn French expressions

Grade 12 French Class Learning Tips

Discover Tips for Learning French Expressions Are you interested in learning the iconic French language? Maybe you’re fond of French expressions and already know some essential French words and phrases. Or, perhaps you’re planning to travel to a French-speaking country like Canada one day. Many offerings can enable you to get started on your French […]

19 April 20227 minutes reading time

Learn French online

Next Steps for Grade 12 French Students in Canada

How Can You Advance in Your French Studies? The French language has a deep history in human civilization. There’s a certain elegance in its pattern, speech, and especially how it sounds. However, many beginners find learning difficult because of grammar and spelling complexity. As French is one of Canada’s two official languages, learning French is […]

19 April 20226 minutes reading time

French for kids

Should You Take French in Grade 12?

Top Reasons to Study French in School Canada is 20% a French-speaking country; that's a good reason to learn French. But that's not enough motivation. Many students learn French because many countries speak it; others love to explore the French-speaking world. If you're undecided about taking French in grade 12, this article will help you […]

19 April 20227 minutes reading time

Learn French

Benefits of Grade 12 French Class

The Advantages of Online French Studies French is one out of two of Canada’s official languages, the other being English. While it isn’t compulsory to understand and speak French if you’re an immigrant, learning to become fluent in it has many advantages. Read about them here. At least 20% of Canada’s population speaks French; that […]

19 April 20227 minutes reading time

Sing and play guitar at the same time

The Underappreciated Art of Singing and Playing Guitar at the Same Time

Well, then, How Do You Sing and Play Simultaneously? Learning to play the guitar is not necessarily very difficult, but it requires patience, concentration and hours of training to get the correct sound. However, if you are happy to strum a few guitar chords and are so glad to do away with music theory, guitar […]

13 April 202212 minutes reading time

How much do piano lessons cost?

How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost In Canada?

What is the Cost of Private Piano Tutoring? "The piano keys are black and white, but they sound like a million colours in your mind." - Maria Cristina Mena. Many people in Canada are interested in learning to play the piano or keyboard,  but they may struggle to find the right way to do it […]

13 April 202212 minutes reading time

The Ultimate Goals of Piano Lessons

Achieving a Variety of Goals on the Piano If you're taking piano lessons, it's to learn to play the Piano. In theory, the end goal of piano lessons is straightforward and clearly defined. However, goals can vary from person to person. For example, aA beginner pianist doesn't have the same goals as an experienced pianist. […]

13 April 202212 minutes reading time

How often should I practice playing piano?

When Should You Practice Playing the Piano?

How Can You Get Ready to Learn How to Play the Piano? If you want to learn how to play the piano, you have to regularly practice, train, and work on it. Whether you have a piano teacher or piano lessons online or not, you have to schedule when and how you should be learning […]

13 April 202212 minutes reading time

corporate accounting

Is Accounting the Right Career for You in Canada

The Best Reasons to Become an Accountant in Canada Accounting is one of the most desirable and financially rewarding careers in Canada, attracting the interest of hundreds of thousands every year. If you’re considering the accounting profession for your future, you will be joining an elite group of intelligent, practical, and money and math savvy […]

30 April 20227 minutes reading time

what is financial accounting

Skills Needed for Pursuing Accounting in Canada

An Introduction to Accounting in Canada Planning your post secondary pathway can be stressful: as a teenager, it can be difficult to picture where you see yourself in 10 or 20 years. You probably still have clear memories of playing at recess in elementary school, and now you are suddenly faced with the idea of […]

30 April 20227 minutes reading time

accounting and auditing

Education Required in Canada for Accounting Jobs

How to Become an Accountant in Canada Thousands of Canadians are learning accounting every day, and it’s not hard to see why. Accounting remains one of the most in-demand, challenging, and financially rewarding careers. Accountants play essential roles in companies and organizations, keeping financial information organized and supporting leaders in making fiscally responsible decisions. Personal […]

30 April 20227 minutes reading time

accounting and finance

High School Path in Canada for Accounting

How to Prepare for an Accounting Career in Secondary School? High school is a major period of change for young people. You start as a kid, straight out of elementary school where you were still heading out for recess and sharing a building with much smaller kids. Suddenly, you are surrounded by much older, mature […]

30 April 20227 minutes reading time

Be a one to one singing teacher or lead your own choir

How to Become a Voice Coach

A Guide to Providing Vocal Training & Starting Singing Tutor Jobs If, unlike many people, your passion for singing exists outside of the comfort and flattering acoustics of your bathroom, perhaps the idea of offering singing lessons and inspiring others to learn to sing appeals to you. Sharing your passion for song and introducing children […]

13 April 202212 minutes reading time

Free tutoring for schoolchildren is important.

Where Can You Get the Best Tutoring?

Help for Students: Where Can You Get the Best School Tutoring in Canada? Getting the best grades in Maths or succeeding in Chemistry is not easy for everyone. It's not uncommon for students to have difficulties in school. There may be several reasons why students are not getting the expected results, such as lousy organization, […]

26 February 202212 minutes reading time


An In Depth Look at the DELE Spanish Proficiency Test

What Does Each Level of the DELE Spanish Level Test Consist of? Living in a Spanish-speaking country will require to you get to grips with a variety of aspects of the Spanish language. Unlike just visiting Spain or Argentina on holiday, you'll need a more in depth knowledge of the grammar, verb conjugation, and the […]

20 December 202115 minutes reading time

Students with science courses

Where Can You Find Private Lessons for Free?

How to Find Free Academic Support: Free Science lessons, Math lessons, Language lessons and More Somehow, the best students seem to be favored with more of teacher's attention in class while the students who actually need teachers' intensive focus and would truly benefit from it remain in the back of the class, and at the […]

27 October 202111 minutes reading time