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Aerospace Engineering master's student in Ottawa, ON, gives engineering dynamics, calculus and computing classes in c++ and java

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Most engineering classes can only be reliably learned by working through problems and encountering challenges before they show up on an exam paper (especially in a course like dynamics). This is what I do with students. Typically, I will ask a student to start a problem on their own so that I can observe how they approach a problem, and give guidance and tips where I can see room for improvement. This can be quite stressful for students who are accustomed to simply copying solutions from a chalkboard, but it is far more effective in improving a student's skills.


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About Mike

I am currently working on a master of applied science degree at Carleton University and hold a bachelor of science in geomatics engineering from University of Calgary. I have been a teaching assistant for 2nd year engineering dynamics classes and have tutored calculus, physics and computing (java, c++) in the past. I was once an engineering undergrad myself. I know how stressful it is and I like to help where I can.



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