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Baseball fan with 15 years playing experience offering lessons in pitching and hitting

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About the lesson

I like to start off by getting to know what my client wants to work on whether it is pitching, hitting or maybe both. I like to work side by side with my client and offer advice and ways to improve on areas of the game. I like to offer my knowledge and want to know what my client is most focused on learning. I am extremely easy going and fun. I like to make the game fun and not stressful and feel under pressure. It is all about having fun!!


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About Serge

My academic background is in healthcare as a Personal Support Worker, my main passion outside of work is baseball. I have been playing baseball since I was seven years old, I played starting pitcher, third base and all outfield positions. I love the game as a fan and playing it!! I am offering lessons in basic mechanics to become a better pitcher as well as hitting lessons. I trained for ten years at a baseball academy in Welland, Ontario every winter before playing in summer leagues. I would love nothing more than to offer my knowledge and experience to people who want to take their game to the next level.



  • 5 h: $200
  • 10 h: $400


I charge 40$ for one lesson, you can split it between hitting and pitching like 30 min pitching and 30 min hitting. I can do more than one hour depending on what you are looking for.

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  • Young sports turtor. who knows kids better then kids? also im very paicent


    Antioch, United States

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