Learn statistics and probability

Introduction to First Year University Statistics Class

The high school, for most students, is the start of something new and, sometimes, hard. When you newly gain admission into the university, you encounter more complex versions of subjects you took in high school. They have the same subject title, like statistics and probability, but they have tougher techniques and methods of application. Statistics is […]

30 December 20217 minutes reading time

Study statistics 101

Statistics Careers in Canada

Canada is one of the most blessed countries. By 'blessed,' we mean Canada is one of those countries with limitless opportunities for various degree holders in the country, including statisticians and mathematicians. With a degree in math or statistics, you can work in several sectors like Canada's health sector and information technology. For example, a degree in statistics or math […]

27 December 20217 minutes reading time

Stats tutor

Statistics University Programs in Canada

Going to university is an exciting and stressful time for people of all ages. Committing to a four year degree takes a lot of discipline, especially when the expectation is that the learning is guaranteed to be challenging and rigorous. Many university students will also have to deal with the fun and perils of having […]

22 December 202111 minutes reading time