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How to Learn Statistics in Canada

Canada is a culturally diverse nation that allows many people to find expression. It is a place of opportunities, little wonder why many people come from different parts of the world to settle in Canada. One thing that is common among the people who live in Canada is the desire to learn.

Everywhere in Canada, you find people expressing the willingness to learn different subjects, one of which is statistics. The challenge for these people is always how to go about acquiring knowledge in a particular area.

Statistics is one of the many expressions of mathematics. However, some people see it as complex because there are formulas to learn and processes to adhere to. Although it involves a lot of calculations, you will enjoy statistics once you can master it, and the only way to do that is through learning.

Statistics is one profitable area that many students in Canada are interested in studying. If you have some knowledge of statistics, you can almost work everywhere. The day-to-day activities of many businesses and companies require one form of calculation or the other. To ensure these calculations are appropriately done, these companies always seek the services of a statistician.

Aside from the ease of getting a job as a statistician, the jobs are always high-paying ones. There are no limitations to where you can work, be it a government-owned institution or a private establishment.

Having said all these, the most important question you are probably asking now is - how and where can I learn statistics in Canada? There is no direct answer to this as there are several options available at your disposal for you to choose from.

However, in this article, Superprof provides you with three of the best ways to learn statistics in Canada.

Self-Learning By Surfing the Web

One of the significant blessings of this age is the presence of technological innovations. With technology, doing a lot of things has become much easier and faster, including accessing information. Gone are the days when you needed access to a library or books before getting precise information. Today, technology makes virtually every information available on the internet.

You can sit in your home and find information about anything provided you have a device and an internet connection. The ability to surf the internet comes in handy if you are looking to learn statistics in Canada.

If you have a busy schedule with just a few hours a day to yourself, you can use that period to surf the internet for material on statistics. By reading these materials and following through on the practice guide provided, you can improve your knowledge of statistics.

Alternatively, you can use video channels on YouTube. Right there, several reputable statisticians upload videos where they simplify basic statistical concepts for easy comprehension.

Considering that statistics is very practical, you might need more than a desire to learn it if you are going for the self-learning option. You will need willingness, commitment and constant practice.

Apply For a Degree Program in the University

You can study statistics in any university Canada. There are different Canadian universities that you can apply to for a degree program in statistics. Depending on what area of statistics you want to study, you may spend three or four years in the university.

Upon completing your program, you will be awarded a Bachelor's degree in Statistics which makes you employable. With this degree, you can apply for any job related to statistics and be sure to get it. You can also apply to study statistics at the university at a Master's level.

While choosing to study statistics at the university, you have to consider the quality of the university and the availability of professional lecturers. You will also have to consider the university's location and the total fees needed to run the program.

Learning statistics from a Canadian university is a great option, but the challenge for many people is time. Keeping up with your business or 9-5 job may mean that you do not have time to study for a degree program.

Hire a Private Tutor from Superprof for Statistics Lessons

Self-learning can be difficult, especially when you don't have any prior knowledge of statistics. Learning through the web can also be confusing because there may be too many details to surf through.

You may also not have the time to apply to the university for a Degree Program. How then can you learn statistics through a flexible but effective system? The answer is simple, hire a tutor from Superprof.

On Superprof, there are many tutors who are qualified statisticians and with many years of experience teaching statistics. Every tutor available on our platform has been vetted to have the right qualifications and experience for teaching, so you are sure you won't be hiring a rookie.

The best thing about hiring a teacher from Superprof to learn statistics is that you don't have to go far before finding a tutor. Our platform is designed to allow you to find a tutor regardless of where you are in Canada.

A stand-out feature of Superprof is the flexible learning system. When you hire any of our professionals, you don't have to come to them for lessons. On your first meeting with them, find out what learning option works best for you. You can choose to take your statistics lessons online from any location. If you opt for this option, you can use Skype or Zoom and will need a webcam.

The other option is to have our tutors come to your home or any other location that is suitable for you. Whichever of the two learning options you go for, you are guaranteed a one-on-one session with the teacher to be taught at a pace that works best for you.

At every point of learning statistics with home tuition, you can draw the attention of your tutor to anything you do not understand. You can also schedule a time to be available so your learning doesn't interfere with your work or business.

To help you save some cost, you will enjoy the first hour of your statistics lesson without having to pay any upfront fee. Hurry now and hire a tutor from Superprof to learn statistics in Canada.

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