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Why is Learning Math so Difficult

It isn’t surprising how math is the bane of most student’s school existence. Many young people struggle with the subject. In fact, only very few seem to enjoy dealing with numbers. This fear and difficulty with math are so pervasive that according to actual scientific research, this subject ranks number one when it comes to difficulty.

The difficulty with numbers seems to be universal. But why is that?

Math can be hard to learn for a lot of people because of several things. For one, students absorb knowledge differently. Math can be very abstract. Certain topics within the subject aren’t tangible. X isn’t something you can touch. Y to the second power isn’t something that you can see.

Some students find it difficult to absorb math problems and equations because they cannot relate it to anything in the real world. A series of numbers without any grounding isn’t anything that they can picture so solving for X takes more brainpower and energy than students who thrive with logical thinking.

Moreover, math is a cumulative skill. One lesson is the foundation of the other. This subject builds on itself. That means that if a student is already falling behind with lesson 1, it is almost impossible for him to catch up come lesson 4. A good foundation is needed in order to learn math easily.

Lastly, students already have preconceived notions about how difficult math can be. This fear is similar to the fear of the ocean. If a person thinks he will drown, he will - mostly because of panic. Math anxiety is a very real problem The pressure and the fear that comes with problems only having one right answer can deter even the brightest students from trying.

Learning Math the Right Way

Math is difficult and most students would avoid the subject should they have a chance to. However, it is part of every curriculum and it is part of life. Thankfully, there are ways to effectively study the subject without abandoning all hope.

One problem that students have with math is that they try to memorise. There are plenty of permutations to one equation. It is simply close to impossible to memorise all of it. Becoming good at math is all about putting in the time and practicing. The more that you practice with different equations, the better you would become. While we didn’t say that it was easy, it is that simple.

As discussed earlier, math is hard if you do not have a good foundation. Starting with the basics and perfecting them is key to making your life as a student a whole lot easier. Again, aside from the formulas, there is no reason for you to memorise. However, you must familiarise yourself with key concepts that are the foundation of each mathematical topic.

There is also some merit in learning from your mistakes. When practicing your solutions, pinpoint the areas you got wrong, then try to solve the problem again. Learning math is similar to learning how to ride a bike. It is all about drawing from muscle memory.

Lastly, there shouldn’t be any shame in seeking help. As we have said time and time again, there are lots of people who find maths difficult, even anxiety-inducing. Hiring a tutor and opting for private math lessons can allow you to be at ease with the subject.

Opting for Math Lessons

Choosing to hire a private tutor for maths lessons can do wonders for a student’s academic performance. It is definitely an investment that can impact his or her future. Opting for private lessons means that you learn at your pace and with the means that you absorb information the best. Your tutor should be able to tailor fit the lessons according to your learning style. A student becomes privy to exercises designed specifically for him or her.

Private lessons also mean that you get all of the tutor’s attention. This means that as a student you are able to ask to repeat an explanation over and over again until you get it. Students can absorb topics more effectively this way as opposed to joining a class.

Moreover, tutors can put students at ease especially when it comes to a difficult subject like maths. They are equipped with tips and tricks the student can use in order to make equations less daunting. Tutors foster a safe and positive learning space for their students. This can help to curb the effects of math anxiety.

Finding the Right Math Lessons in Canada

Not all tutors are created equal. In order for your investment to be worth it, doing your research and seeking out the best fit for your needs is imperative. While one tutor might be effective for a student, he or she might not be the best choice for you or your child.

In selecting a tutor for math lessons in Canada, the first thing you should consider is his or her credentials. Not everybody can teach math as much as not everybody is good at the subject. Knowing their background ensures that you or your child would be learning lessons from a reputable source.

As a student or a parent, you also would want a tutor that is patient and well-versed in teaching every skill level. Again, math can be difficult for those who are afraid of it. Finding a teacher that knows how to deal with struggling students is important. Everyone learns at their own pace, a teacher and his or her lessons should learn how to adapt.

Thankfully, Superprof has made the process of enrolling in math lessons in Canada a whole lot easier. We have vetted and qualified all of our tutors. All you have to do is search through our database, choose a tutor that you can relate to, arrange a class, and learn to your heart’s content. It is that easy!

We have taken the legwork - so what else are you waiting for. Sign up today!

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