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Dhirenkumar - Prof math -
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  • Math
  • Physics
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  • Geometry

Mechanical Engineering Graduate, that will show and help develop strong work ethic for a passion to learn.

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I have a passion to help people and I want to make every second count when tutoring as it make me feel a sense of accomplishment when I see a peer achieve the result they want in their respective subject. Nothing is impossible, with the will to succeed and proper dedication of effort!

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Learning new subjects can be stressful and boring but if you have a strong mindset and game plan anything can be achieved through the right guidance and dedication. If chosen to be your tutor I will show you organizational techniques and how to prepare for exams and tests so you are not panicking prior to the test.

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  • $18

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Flexible in terms of working and tutoring around your schedule! Prices for in-person tutoring can be discussed if interested.

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