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A passionate tourist gives lessons Spanish lessons and Latin American issues in Ottawa

My teaching methods are: The fastest and best way to learn or improve a foreign language is practicing. It does mean, speaking and repeating, and repeating again.

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I can help to improve the pronunciation in Spanish in order to reach the goal

My teaching methods is in a friendly way, I believe a natural and relax way is the best way to go, learn another language can be stressful if you teach it in a rigid way, every time you see people would love to learn different language starts to become a huge stress because the methods is used just follow a procedure and does not become a natural way

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English, French and Spanish speaker. Looking for people interested to learn Spanish in Montreal.

I base my classes on providing exercises, examples, songs, etc. In orden to work everything (oral and grammar). If the student wants to study something in specific I am very flexible. I can focus on want the student thinks that is more important for him/her.

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Spanish students and culture in Calgary, a graduate Spanish teacher with step to step method

I use videos, text, trips, pics, simulated situations and more. Based on text and videos I will go gradually teaching you the most common words and phrases to keep and maintain a conversation, so you can feel confident traveling all around to Spanish languages countrys, and business.

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Teacher with 10 years of experience offers Spanish lessons for all levels in Montreal

Teacher with a Fine Arts degree and a dilated career as a visual artist, with 10 years of experience in secondary grade, offers private or small group tutoring on spanish language and/or drawing and painting. Personally, I think that both disciplines, arts and learning a language, can be perfectly combined.

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UBCO Master Studient (Colombian) gives spanish ESL , maths, and physics tutoring lessons.

My teaching methods are based on a confidence and reliable method. I base my methods on practical approach into real live examples, to help the student to associate the mathematics of physics involved on a specific every day situation.

Port Moody
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Native speaker will teach you Spanish online & at home in Vancouver area.

My program is based on the intellectual interests and / or careers of my students. You will speak this beautiful language fluently, while enjoying my professional, step-by-step, stress-free and friendly method of "grammar, conversation and reading".

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Spanish-Speaker Film and Television Producer and Professor, teaches Spanish and, if you want, some lessons of Latinamerican Film or Basic Camera, Lighting and Sounding in Spanish

All of my classes are based on practical cases either my experience or famous cases. I use scripts and film compilations in order to know different Spanish idioms, phrasal verbs, etc.

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Spanish teacher for travelling or for school in Surrey,White Rock and Langley BC

I approach my teaching with different methods because every class or single student is unique. I enjoy working with people, I have a lot of patience and that make me special as a tutor.

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Graduate student offers Spanish lessons for those trying to learn the language!

Since I know how hard it can be to learn a new language, I attempt to address the specific needs of each particular student in my lessons. I can focus on writing, speaking, and reading exercises depending on the preferences of the student.

Nanoose Bay
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Native Spanish speaker fluent in English and Portuguese in Beautiful Nanoose Bay and surroundings

Dynamic fun, interactive methods, based in active communication and grammar. Helping develop skills to get a perfect understanding of Spanish and also Portuguese. Available for all levels and ages.

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26-year Experienced Spanish Tutor to help you with all your Spanish communication needs

I teach using a method I developed myself called: Spanish the Creative Natural Approach© which is based on the fact that the soul of language is communication and uses the very techniques you used to acquire your own native language.

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Professional EN/FR > ES/CA translator gives online and onsite Spanish lessons near Montreal, Canada

I mainly offer Spanish lessons onsite for companies and online for the general audience. I mainly focus in the oral expression in order to function effectively in society, and I complement it with grammar exercises, video recordings, vocabulary exercises, and different types of texts.

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Patient Spanish native speaker teaches Spanish lessons (written and oral) for high school and University students in Kelowna.

I am an international student from Ecuador,currently studying in UBCO the program of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; who also succesfully obtained the Language and Literature A, High Level certificate granted by the International Baccalaureate. This is my first giving a lesson, but I try my best.

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Professional Engineer from Venezuela gives Spanish,Physics and Math to any level of education.

My teaching is based on for example ,the students prepare a topic at home so that the class the next day can be devoted to answering any questions that the students have on the topic that they want to learn .

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College student fluent in Spanish teaches grammar and language skills in Lethbridge and area

I base my teaching mostly on a visual basis. I have found it is very effective to observe, and then to write while pronouncing the words. Whiteboards are extremely effective when learning how to conjugate. I also find it very important to explain the tenses and to use examples that relate to the individual.

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Native Spanish spoken and IT guy gives Spanish and IT classes for high school or university students or just for fun.

My methode includes: Covering the basics (focus on the pronunciation, handle verb conjugations -regular, irregular-, informal and formal pronouns), developing pronouns and vocabulary (informal and formal pronouns, vocabulary for common situations, full sentences and common expressions), speaking exercises and other activities (games, culture, etc).

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Passionate Spanish teacher offering private lessons to students in Calgary to children and adults

My name is Daniela, and I teaching Spanish to Elementary and Junior High School students. I also have experience teaching Spanish to young adults/adults in university and corporate settings. I have a BA and MA in Spanish, and 10 years of teaching experience. I'm also a certified DELE examiner. I have taught Spanish in both Spain and Canada. My teaching focus is on language learning strategies.

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Practical Spanish Online! Have fun learning Spanish with a native speaker from Spain.

I'm Alex, I have started teaching Spanish while in university as a part time job. Even though I am trained as a lawyer, I left that life behind to search for life and teaching Spanish online helps me fulfill my dreams while doing something that I enjoy.

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Mexican-Canadian PhD student in Latin American literature at the University of Toronto teaches Spanish.

We will follow your own interests and needs either by focusing on grammar before conversation skills or by leading conversational sessions with grammatical hints. We will go at your own pace, engaging with a variety of activities to learn Spanish easily.

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Spanish lessons with mexican teacher - Spanish courses by skipe for all levels.

I love teaching and I use a very efficient method called NATURAL METHOD so my students can use and speak spanish from the first class. I based my class on your needs, so if you want to work your spanish hard, then I am your teacher.

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Hola ! Simple and fun Spanish Speaking or/and writing lessons.Trail, Rossland, Castlegar.

It is very simple and fun. You will learn basic popular phrases. How to build a sentence. Formal expressions: when you travel, airport, taxi car rental and hotel. Basic or advanced sentences. How to find work and ways to land the job you will love and maybe you will extend your visa to stay and live where you wish such as city living or beach acomodation .

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Receive Spanish lessons from a highly experienced Venezuelan translator based in Montreal

As a teacher, I always try to make my classes fun and interesting. My goal is to get students to loosen up because in doing so, they will speak, and speaking is the only way to learn a foreign language. Games, songs, and general silliness is what you can expect from one of my classes.

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Learn Spanish... the language of romance. And learn about different Spanish cultures in the class. Also art techniques if you want.

I am Spanish speaker with bachelor in fine arts. I have been a teacher for more than 20 years. I believe in personalised education because we all are completely diferent and we learn in many diferent ways. I love teaching because I had amazing teachers to.

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Experienced teacher offers Spanish lessons for all levels in Le Plateau area, Montreal.

With this lessons you will get to learn the Spanish you need, for travel, business or studies. It will be fun and it will be effective. Con mis clases aprenderás exactamente el español que necesitas. Podemos enfocar tu curso a que aprendas lo necesario para viajar, para trabajar o para conseguir una titulación oficial. Mis clases son divertidas y efectivas.

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Experienced, qualified, successful Spanish language and culture professor, MA Linguistics, Toronto downtown

A teacher is a mediator and not the center. I promote diversity and cross cultural understanding using the language as a tool to explore and get involved in the target culture. My classes are intended for all levels of learning.

Saint John
Jose daniel
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Mexican tutor for Spanish, EFL, World history or social sciences students in SJ

My methodology suits my students. I like to know my students to understand their needs and which methodology suits them the best. I like to work with Experiential Learning theory. But I'm always open to cater my students' needs.

Bradford West Gwillimbury
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Private Tutor for Spanish lessons in the Bradford and Newmarket, Ontario area

I enjoy flexibility in the lesson plans, and I like to tailor the lesson and expectations based on the student's needs. I have patience and can have fun, but at the same times, I know that there is work to be done.

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Argentinian native spanish speaker helping to comprehension, writing, and speaking Spanish in Calgary

I know Spanish is a hard language to learn but I'm gonna base my classes trying to the student can understand the grammar and then step by step, no pressure, start to construct their own sentences. Fortunately, in some words or situations Spanish is similar with English.

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Learn with me the secrets of the Spanish language in a fun way.

Each class is planned in a personalized way, it depends on the needs of the student, the student's objective and the time to achieve the goal.

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Derek, found their spanish tutor

Hello Maria, My name is Derek. I have been learning Spanish using the computer program Rosetta Stone. While the program is good for learning vocabulary, I want to improve my conversational skills by talking with a tutor. If this is something that...

2 weeks ago


Tatiana, found their spanish tutor

Hello Bianca. Me and my husband would like to take private Spanish lessons at our home one time a week. I do have a bit of knowledge of Spanish and was studying it for 6 months three years ago. Nevertheless, my husband doesn't know Spanish at all....

2 weeks ago


Jean-guy, found their spanish tutor

Ola Marisely, I’m planning on working in a latin country by the end of the year and would like to start learning prior to immerging myself. Please let me know what works best for you. Just in case, I’m free tomorrow all day/evening and sunday...

1 month ago