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5 Great Benefits of Getting Private French Tutoring Sessions in Canada

Canada, the second-largest country around the globe, is home to great places, culturally rich cities, and travel destinations. With this, the land of the maple leaf is an ideal place to visit and a country to move in. In fact, the tourist spots of the country have been attracting millions of visitors each year.

On one hand, there have been a total of 313,580 immigrants across Canadian cities and provinces in 2019. Nevertheless, when you travel or move to Canada, it is imperative to understand and learn how to speak their primary languages—which is English and French—to connect and mingle with its local people.

Aside from that, Arabic, Punjabi, Chinese, and Aboriginal languages are also used as the mother tongues of Canadians. For this article, let us focus on understanding and learning how to speak French, which is the second language used by the local people in Canada.

Private French Tutoring Lessons in Canada

One of the best ways to quickly learn the French language is by taking private tutoring sessions. With the help of an excellent french teacher or bilingual tutor, you will get to know some common French words and phrases. Perhaps after several sessions, you can eventually understand French-speaking people and can talk fluently using the Canadian’s second language.

In Canada, there are lots of tutors who offer french tutoring services for all ages. Some are best in teaching kids, some are effective in helping middle age while others are accepting any levels of student.

If you want to travel to some places in Canada, particularly in Quebec, knowing common French phrases will help you ask for directions or talk to local people while on the trip.

Now, if you still can’t decide whether or not to take private French lessons, the benefits below will tell you what you can get out of tutoring and may help you come up with a decision.    

Benefits of Learning French with a Private Tutor

Knowing how to speak the French language is great. Aside from being able to connect with Canadian people you can also share your knowledge and offer your services to someone who wants to learn the second language of Canada.

But before that, you need to get a more focused approach to understand French and its basic lessons such as pronunciations and intonations. With this in mind, you can try to take private tutoring to earn knowledge and understanding of the French language.

On top of that, here are some of the great benefits you’ll be getting when you choose to take private French lessons in Canada today.  

Individualised Instruction

If you want to learn french and become fluent, a one-on-one setup is an effective way to make it happen. Whether you are a student who wants to excel in your french subject or a tourist who wants to learn some French phrases before traveling to Quebec, individualized instruction from an expert is a great help.

Since private tutoring is handled one-on-one, anyone who wants to understand and speak French can focus more and learn faster than taking regular classes. Your tutor will give you his or her full attention to make sure you will know how to correctly utter French words at a faster rate.

Online French Tutoring is Awesome

Another way to find a tutor is by searching through the web. You may find a capable teacher near you or just take online tutoring services. Learning online is also awesomely convenient and you can have a chance to take individual sessions from experts across the globe. In other terms, you can get the services of a french tutor outside Canada.

Online tutors can also help you learn the correct pronunciation of French words and avoid developing bad habits which will take time to correct later. Nonetheless, if you are taking online french lessons you need to make sure to have a stable internet connection, HD webcams, and appropriate headphones to see your tutor clearly and hear his or her pronunciation distinctly.

Furthermore, when your online session is over, you can promptly review the materials given by your tutor or move forward to other things that you need to do. Above all, online tutoring can give you the chance to try multiple mentors.

Taking online french lessons will let you gain access to numerous teachers who has his or her strength, teaching style, and expertise. Through this, you can try different tutors and look for the perfect one who can teach you according to your learning style.

Set Schedule Around Your Calendar

Another benefit of taking private French lessons is having the privilege to set your tutoring sessions based on your most favourable time. That means you can have an agreement with your tutor regarding the best time to set your schedule. If you are a student, you can have it after your class or whenever you are free.

As for the working individual, they can have their private french lessons during their day-offs or when they aren’t busy doing this and that. Moreover, you can focus more on your lessons when you know you don’t have anything else to do and you don’t have school or work stuff to finish.

Customised Lessons and Teaching Pace

Everyone has different learning styles. With that said, a private tutor can adjust their teaching techniques according to their student’s preferences. This means that your instructor can customise his or her lessons to provide the things that you need.

Additionally, if you are struggling in some parts of your French lessons you can ask your tutor to slow down and explain it further. But if you already mastered some topics, you can tell your teacher to skip over it and proceed to other lessons.

Faster Learning

Since you’ll get individualised instruction when taking private tutoring sessions, you can get all the attention that you need which will help you to learn French more quickly. Aside from that, tutors will make sure that you will get all the supplementary lessons in the simplest yet effective way.


Whether you want to excel in your French class at school or learn how to speak French before visiting or moving to Canada, a private tutor will help you understand and speak the language fluently.

Proper pronunciation, faster learning, customised lessons, convenient schedule, and one-on-one sessions are just some of the benefits you can get if you choose to ask for help from the capable tutors online or in your area. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for the best tutor today and start your French lessons as soon as possible.

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