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Classical and Contemporary Pianist gives Piano and Music Theory Lessons in Montreal

My teaching is focused on helping my students reach their goals with healthy playing and practicing techniques. I work with classical students from beginner to advanced, and contemporary/pop students who want to develop their reading, playing by ear or improvising. My lessons are personable, professional and centered around the students' needs.

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University of Toronto Jazz Guitar Major gives affordable Guitar/Theory Lessons online! (Skype/Discord)

The student who will benefit most from these lessons is someone who has the drive to look deeper into harmony, rhythm, melody. Someone who loves music theory but is having trouble understanding the language.

St. John's
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Aspiring opera singer with a Bachelors degree in Voice here to give singing lessons as well as teach you how to read music, write songs, and give you strategies for overcoming performance anxiety.

I am a 25-year-old aspiring opera singer who has completed a bachelors degree in Voice. I have tons of performance experience and have taken classes specifically on how to teach voice. I am also highly interested in Music theory, composition, and mindful practicing strategies.

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I am a mechanical engineer with six (6) years of piano teaching experience.

My teaching method is based on a confidence and reliable method. Always learning to play with fun and musical friendly environment (French children learning method) The music learning process always needs time, dedication, and much learning dedication. Let me help you going though it with my experience in a self-learning guided technique.

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Female Music Industry Arts Grad teaches Guitar and Vocals in London Ontario

I can teach you how I approach guitar. I can also teach you how to practice and create good learning habits. I can provide resources for you to improve to an intermediate level. I specialize in Jazz chords and technique.

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Professional Musician and Studio Engineer, Learn to play Rock Guitar like the greats!

I will teach the students the fundamental structures of rock guitar playing, as well as giving a number of techniques and tricks to advance the students' ability and enjoyment of their instrument in ways you had no idea possible!!

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Music (Guitar, Piano, Singing) & Visual Art Teacher gives private lessons to children in Peel Region & surrounding areas, (in home & online lessons). Lessons are offered in English, German & Hindi

I use popular step by step logical methodology books and live demos that ensure rapid progress each week. I tweak classes based on an individual's personal needs & studying capacity. I am a teacher if 15 years plus to students all ages.

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Singing Lessons Provided In a Safe and Judgement Free Environment (University Student Led)

By using my 3 years of vocal lesson experience and 2 years of vocal tutor experience, I will work with you to develop your range and pitch through a series of fun and challenging activities! I can't promise you'll be the next Whitney Houston but I can promise you'll learn a lot and have fun doing it!

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Music performance student offers voice and music theory lessons in West Brampton

I teach my students on a case-by-case basis with no set plan, forming each student's lesson plans around their goals, experience level, and technical/repertoire needs.

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Music producer and musician of many years, teaching Digital Audio Workplace program Ableton

I love to discuss ideas and workflow. I teach in a sort-of unorthodox way in that there isn't really any structure or laid out plan. I just show the basics and then we create and discuss. these classes are meant for people who would like to learn the program Ableton and would like to pursue music production as a career.

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Professional artist and musician gives music and art lessons to all ages

I am patient and encouraging with my students and teaching is my passion. I believe you can only build on a solid foundation. So the goal is giving the students a foundation that they can build upon on their own.

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Guitar and musical theory lessons in Toronto, 10 years of experience, band too!

Hi there, If you were looking for someone to teach you how to play the guitar or teach you how to read music, I can definitely help you out! I was in your position many years ago, I have learned many tricks through the years when it comes to learning how to play the classical and acoustic guitar that I would love to share with you! I am currently in university and I would love to take the...

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Graduated from Mohawk College from their applied music program. Majoring in vocals. Singer songwriter. Also plays guitar, beginner piano , harmonica , music theory and Ukulele.

I believe music should be fun and good for the soul in the way of an outlet. My teaching structure is the same way, I like to find the spark that made my students want to take lessons on the first place.

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Self taught vocalist that loves to sing. Loves helping people and learning how to sing!

I let my student sing and I see where they need improvement and help them to be the best they can while still having fun!

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Experienced elementary and middle school music teacher offering beginner music lessons and theory.

My teaching methods are interactive and fun. I enjoy using technology as a learning tool and to encourage student learning and engagement. I use questioning techniques, interactive co-operative learning through visuals, projects and hands-on lessons.

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Advanced Vocal and Instrumental music student willing to teach others to play clarinet, sing, or read music and learn music theory

a passion for music will go a long way in learning how to sing, play clarinet, or even just learning to read theory and notes.

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Jamaican bass player with 15yrs performing experience and 11yrs teaching experience in piano, bass, and guitar.

My methods of teaching are inspiring creativity and developing reasonability. My approach is student centered, hands on teaching technique.

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1st lesson is free!

Cours de chant, singing lesson, interpretation, vocal exploration. Nous sommes tous en "voix-d'être"!

On ne vit pas pour chanter; on chante pour vivre comme d'autres écrivent pour vivre. Notre voix change tout au long de notre vie, comme aussi toutes les parties de notre corps et de notre être.

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Multi-instrumentalist with 10 years of experience giving beginner to intermediate Guitar lessons in Vancouver

I'm very flexible in my approach since I don't believe one size fits all when it comes to education and I aim to cater each lesson to the needs of the student. Though I'm primarily focused on songwriting and composition, I'm open to diving into whatever you're hoping to learn.

(4 reviews)
1st lesson is free!

Diplômée de l'Ecole Supérieure de musique de l'Outaouais de Québec et enseignement de la technique internationale italienne avec Ramfis Production

Chanteuse lyrique en dernière année de formation avec Ramfis Production, compagnie internationale de chant lyrique, mes cours s'adressent soit : à toute personne désireuse de reconnecter son corps avec le plaisir de chanter, indépendamment du résultat, pour vivre ici et maintenant l'instant présent et libérer le stress, les deuils cachés, et l'inhibition; soit aux élèves motivés qui...

Paris 19e
(16 reviews)

Singing Classes by Vocal Coach and Pro / Studio Singer / Studio / PARIS and Surroundings

Come take singing classes in a professional studio in Paris, with the possibility of recording your song at the end of the course! Whether you are an experienced singer or want to learn the basics of vocal technique, I offer you a tailor-made coaching adapted to YOUR goals with fun and extremely effective exercises. For adults or children, individually or in groups.

Paris 9e
(18 reviews)

Professional jazz and soul singer gives singing and vocal technique classes in Paris

Jazz singer gives singing essons, all levels, in Paris (11th). The courses are to those who wish to improve their vocal technique or simply discover the singing. You can, at your convenience, practicing on all musical styles (jazz, soul, rnb, pop, variety, etc.). Each class starts by a theoretical approach (functioning of the vocal chords, warming up ...) to progressive mastery of song.

(10 reviews)
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SINGING AND RELEASE OF VOICE (all styles, professionals and amateurs) You can to find your real voice!

My classes are a space for the development and release of voice where you learn to apply the technique entertained by singing or talking mode. HOW IS A CLASS OF SINGING? Classes are dynamic and entertaining. exercises are performed to develop the vocal range, power, agility, air control, timbre and diaphragmatic support.

Paris 14e
(88 reviews)

PIANO & VOCAL COACHING - Leisure & Pro - From 18 € in group and from 30 € in individual - singing coaching for castings tv & pro - vocal coaching for public speaking - all styles & levels -

COURSES OF SINGING / SPEAKING & PIANO with setting in situations and free open stage every 2 months for the students who wish it 1.

(12 reviews)
1st lesson is free!

Vocal technique (body / voice / body voice feeling tm) all musical styles: beginners a professional

I am vocal singer contralto professional for 30 years and still active. I have been teaching opera for 25 years in private and conservatory courses in France, Italy and the United Kingdom. To be able to help more specifically people with vocal difficulties, I hold a Diplôme d'Orthophonie specialized in singing vocals.

Paris 8e
(4 reviews)
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Chant in Paris 8th and 18th by a professional soprano who was perfected in psychology and physiology to discover and develop all the potential of a voice. Liliana Sallustio

Professional opera singer, bathed in the Italian singing since my early childhood. I invite you to enjoy my holistic pedagogy or the art of teaching the whole; the totality of the human being. This is an innovative pedagogy that allows everyone to find his own voice and live freely in the deep joy of expressing themselves in music. An optimum balance between theory and practice.

(4 reviews)
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Variety - Rock - Musicals - Experienced voice vocal gives home singing lessons on Paris and RP.

My classes are for anyone who wants to improve the technique and expressiveness of the voice. Beginners and confirmed. My teaching combines classical techniques and the expression of emotions in singing. This course is primarily intended for singers and apprentices singers of variety and musicals. IMPORTANT: learning music theory is not essential.

(7 reviews)

Professional French/American singer - Jazz style, Musical Theatre, pop, soul - All levels

All levels. Singing is not only the tone and texture of the voice but most importantly the technique. The technique includes breathing, development of listening and the placement of the tongue. I'm here to help you develop your sound, but also working with you on a repertoire of your choice. If you choose English songs, I'd be delighted to help you with the placement of vowels and accent.

(7 reviews)
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Singing guitar lessons and group (Bass / Drums / keyboard ...) at home 84 and 06

. Great experience groups and scenes. Free exchanges with musicians of all ages and all countries ... Pluri-instrumentalist. Holds a technical diploma for Careers in Music (3 years of study of harmony, composition, arrangements, sound recording, mixing, editing ...). classical musical training at the age of 6 years ... Cursus Conservatory for over 10 years ....

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Matt, found their singing tutor

Hello I am an amateur singer who has worked on Bel Canto singing for some years, but suffer some major obstacles. I would like to try to find my upper 2nd and 3rd registers since my inability to sing properly in those domains greatly hampers my...

3 weeks ago


Maria, found their singing tutor

Bonjour Fanny Ma fille de 11 ans Eugénie aime le chant , elle chante toute la journée et souhaite cette année suivre des cours pour apprendre un peu de technique et se perfectionner. Elle souhaiterait suivre un cours par semaine ou tous les 15...

8 months ago