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The average price of Singing  lessons is $27.

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Unleash your hidden talent with singing lessons in Canada 

Is the only singing you do in the shower? Have you ever dreamed of singing in front of other people or becoming a professional singer? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to develop your singing voice but didn’t know where to start? Then you should definitely consider taking singing lessons with a private teacher! 

As humans, our voice is our natural instrument. Yet a majority of us fail to develop our singing abilities out of shyness or lack of interest. Taking up lessons with a private singing tutor can be a great way to develop your natural ability and excel in your hidden talent.

It’s a myth that taking singing lessons is useless and that natural ability is the only thing that counts. Whilst some individuals are born with a natural propensity for music, everyone can develop their capacities with a little practice and even the most talented singers require training! So why should you learn singing lessons? 

Express yourself through music 

Music is a wonderful way to express ideas, thoughts and emotions. It can allow you to make a strong emotional connection with your listeners in a way that transcends culture or language.  

Learn for fun 

Singing is one of the funnest and easiest ways to enjoy music that you can practice on your own or with others. With a teacher, you’ll learn the techniques to sing songs you’ve always wanted to sing but never thought you could. 

earn the basics of musical theory 

Learning musical theory is basically an essential when taking up singing or any kind of musical instrument. You’ll learn chord progressions and minor scales that will help you to increase your versatility as a singer, and will also make it easier to learn and understand the music that you’re singing. It’s also incredibly important to master musical theory, if you wish to take part in competitions or to study music at the professional level. Musical theory will also be an essential tool if you wish to develop your composition and songwriting skills. 

Learn about different musical styles 

The great thing about taking up singing is that you’ll be able to find music to suit every style. Whether you are more into jazz, opera or rock you’ll be able to explore different types of music. 

Singing lessons can help you to master the following things: 

  • Learn the basics of musical theory and how to read notes and scales 
  • Learn how to find pitch and increase your singing range 
  • Learn to sharpen your singing notes 
  • Learn about breathing and strengthen your lungs 
  • Learn to control volume and pitch 
  • Learn different styles of music 
  • Learn to sing in key 

Singing instruction in Canada

Once you’ve made up your mind and decided to take up singing lessons, you’ll have to decide what kind of lessons and where you’d like to take them. Lucky for you, there are so hundreds of options for every level and price point. 

Check out the Canadian Music Academy, which offers lessons to students in music theory and a number of musical instruments including guitar, piano, wind instruments, drums and singing! With certified teachers offering lessons in Ontario and Quebec, you’ll be sure to find a suitable voice coach for your needs. Allegro music is another well known organisation that offers music lessons and singing instruction for levels and styles of music. 

If you’d like to practice singing at the professional level, you may also wish to study singing or musical theory at the university level. There are a number of music schools and colleges across Canada offering this kind of instruction. Acadia University School of Music in Nova Scotia is one of the best known music schools in Canada. The school has wonderful facilities, including a digital recording studio, electronic keyboard lab and digitally enhanced classrooms. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in musical theatre productions, operas and festivals with other music aficionados. If you’re living in Alberta, you may want to check out MacEwan University program offering a Bachelor of Music n Jazz and Contemporary Popular music. 

Finding the right singing teacher 

By taking lessons with a voice instructor, not only will they help you to determine your vocal range, but you’ll also benefit from instruction in musical theory such as scales, chords and timing. You’ll be able to learn how to read notes and how to control your volume and pitch. Depending on your own interests and level, you’ll also be able to find talented teachers that can help you with songwriting, to work on your style and musical expression, as well as on musical composition. 

Finding the right instructor that will not only help you to develop your singing capacities and knowledge of musical theory, but that will keep you motivated and passionate about singing is essential if you want to make the most out of your singing lessons. 

Here are some questions you’ll want to ask yourself before you choose the right singing teacher to work with: 

  • What experience they have? 
  • Do they have reviews from former or current students? 
  • What is their teaching methodology? 
  • What rates do they offer? 
  • What did they study? What qualifications do they have? 
  • What style of singing do they teach? 
  • Do they have any performance opportunities? Do they organise concerns or rehearsals? 
  • What materials will you need for the lesson?
  • How will they evaluate your progress? 
  • How much practice time do they recommend? 
  • What age and level do they teach? 

There are many ways to find a great teacher. You may wish to ask around your personal network if someone you know can recommend a great teacher. You can also check schools, community centres or music schools in your local area. One of the best ways to find a vocal teacher near you is to join the Superprof platform. You’ll be able to search for hundred of talented vocal teachers giving lessons in your area or online. Each teacher’s profile shares information about their teaching methodology, their experience, whether they offer group or individual lessons, the rate they offer etc. You’re bound to find a great tutor suited to your specific needs on Superprof. So don’t wait any longer to develop your singing abilities! Join Superprof today! 

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