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Physics Lessons in Canada

When one mentions the word physics, the first thing that would probably come to mind is “geniuses”. People have the notion that physics is for geniuses because for one, they think it is a difficult subject matter. Some even cringe at the idea of taking physics lessons. One probable reason for this is that physics is often associated with math and science.

While physics involves science and math, there is more to it than these two. Physics is a vast branch of knowledge and encompasses a lot of industries. Even if you have little to no plans of taking a physics-related degree or covet a job in the field of science in Canada, taking physics lessons would be highly beneficial to you. Because physics goes beyond theories and numbers, you will gain a great stock of knowledge and skills that you may use in whatever field you want to specialize in.

What is physics?

Physics is considered as the most basic branch of science and the most fundamental one. It is considered as fundamental because it is where all the other branches of science stem from. In a nutshell, it is the study of basic principles that govern the physical world around us. 

Physics discusses the interaction between objects, force, and motion. It explains the laws of nature and how certain phenomena happen. To put it simply, physics tells us why the things around us are the way they are and move the way they move.

Why do people find physics hard?

More often than not, people tend to avoid physics courses and lessons if given the choice. Some would rather opt not to take physics classes especially if they feel that they do not need it. There is the idea that physics is hard. Moreover, they think that it is limited to the scientific field and won’t come in handy in other fields of expertise.

Some students who have had physics classes are afraid to push themselves to take further studies. This may be because they find concepts and theories in physics hard to grasp and understand. One common misconception is that physics is for geniuses because it involves scientific concepts and a lot of numbers. While concepts and theories are important in physics, the key is to understand them and not just to merely memorize.

Why should you take physics lessons?

Learning physics opens a world of vast knowledge and possibilities. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider taking physics lessons.

Deeper understanding of everything

Everything involves physics. From the can opener sitting in your kitchen counter to the car you drive to work and the phone you use to communicate, physics is involved. Physics is where everything began and all the other branches of science are rooted in it. Chemistry, oceanography, and even astronomy all have roots in the fundamentals of physics. It is the basis of everything which also includes modern technology, scientific tools, and instruments.

Through physics, you discover why the world is the way it is. Inquisitive people and those who love to wonder will find physics an interesting course because it explains the things we see and even those we cannot. How particles of matter react, what blackholes are, why the sky is blue, and why light travels faster than sound are among the questions that physics can answer.

Knowledge that encompasses different sciences

With a broad scope, physics encompasses different studies of science. It has a lot of sub-branches under its wing with each having its own principles, theories, and practical applications. Among these sub-branches include thermodynamics which tackles heat and energy, particle physics which focuses on particles that make up matter and radiation, and electromagnetism that studies electronically charged particles.

Physics is ever growing and there is something new to learn everyday. Dedicated scientists and academicians continue to expand knowledge on these topics through research, analysis, and experiments. Rest assured that you will keep on learning and expanding your knowledge on things when you take physics lessons.

Problem-solving and analytical skills

The great thing about physics is that it encourages and challenges people to think. Physics is not bound by context and practices inventive thinking and critical analysis. By studying physics, your analytical skills will be put to the test. Expect your brain to be stimulated by the theories, concepts, applications, and problem-solving that you have to face. 

With each session, your analytical and quantitative skills will be honed. Logic and versatility that lets you adapt in whatever situation you are in are among the core skills that will be tested and sharpened. These skills are highly important regardless of the discipline and industry you decide to take on in the future.

Enhanced mathematical ability

Math plays an important role in physics. Without math, physics is just plain theoretical. Application happens when numbers, formulae, and equations are already involved in the picture. Math helps in determining results and finding solutions in physics.

In learning physics, not only will you expand your knowledge but you will also boost your mathematical ability. Dealing with numbers will be much easier. Since there is application of math daily like in measuring ingredients for cooking and doing the groceries, better mathematical abilities will be very useful in your day-to-day life.

Career opportunities

Contrary to what most people think, the career opportunities of those who study physics or have a physics background are not limited to science-focused industries. In fact, a lot of opportunities await them. A diverse market is on the lookout for those with skills in physics. 

Canada has a lot of employment opportunities in different fields. Whatever field you choose, you can apply the things that you have learned in your physics classes. In engineering, whether civil, mechanical, or industrial, basic principles of physics are fundamental and applied on the field. Those who venture into public service and work for the government may also apply the theories they have learned in physics. Business and finance makes use of these principles too. Physics also plays a big part in technology and infrastructure.

Finding the right physics tutor

Physics lessons can be fun and easy especially when you have the right tutor to guide you. Your physics tutor must master the right mix of theoretical knowledge and practical approach. How your tutor tackles these lessons will affect your learning process.

SuperProf looks into these aspects to ensure that our pool of tutors are efficient and of the highest standards. Sign up now and discover the wonders of physics!

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