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The average price of Computer programming  lessons is $14.

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Study Computer Programming in Canada 

What is computer programming? 

Computers have revolutionised our modern society.

Indeed, there are few people today who do not have their own computer. We use it to contact relatives, pay bills, use a search engine to find the definition of a word or use image processing software to create a flyer. The computer has become the rhythm of our lives.

However, we are not all equal in mastering and understanding this revolutionary tool. Some people need a computer course to learn the basics and the logic of a computer.

Others know the basic rules of how to use this machine. They know how to open and use a web page or create tables, for example, but want to deepen their computer skills. They want to learn how to program. A computer is a machine that does not have human intelligence, but rather artificial intelligence.

The role of computer programming, and therefore of the programmer, is to give orders to the computer to tell it what to do. What is called "instructions" in computer language, takes the form of files that constitute the source code. Programming is therefore about knowing how to write this source code.

There are several programming languages, all adapted to a particular use. For example, PHP, Python or Java. Knowing these languages through programming courses or java courses for example is not enough in order to truly master programming. Indeed, you have to follow a whole procedure and respect a precise order. This is what the algorithm will be used for.

Before you start programming Html and want to learn to code, you have to determine the reasons why you want to follow this direction. Taking a programming course because it is fashionable is not necessarily a good idea.

For example, you may want to create your own website so that you don't need a programmer. Or you may want to understand better how a web server works. Or you may want to create software.

These are perfectly acceptable objectives for starting private lessons in this field.

Getting started in programming can be scary because it seems complicated at first. However, a teacher on Superprof will be able to introduce their student to this environment, teaching you little by little the essential elements to know.

Taking private programming lessons allows you to learn about different computer languages.

Among them, the C language is one of the most widespread because it generates very fast code, due in part to its very powerful generator.It is also used because it is a very portable language: it can be used on Linux, on Windows, on OS/390... Among others!

C was conceived in the United States in 1972 in order to develop the Linux operating system. It is a compiled language, which means that it is described by a text file. This file is called the source file. This language is one of the easiest to learn in office automation courses. It is also a must for any budding computer scientist who wants to learn to program.

The Java language (to be distinguished from javascript) is also one of those that has excellent portability because its compiler is not specific to a machine. Its syntax is also close to the C language. Learning Java programming with a private teacher allows you to create mobile applications or programs embedded in web pages.

C++ is an intermediate-level programming language, which is the basis of Firefox, the Adobe suite and Winamp. It was initially intended to provide an improved version of the C language. It can be used to develop applications, video games or servers.

Learn to code with a private teacher in Canada

From the first hour of lessons (usually free on Superprof), the teacher will give an introduction to computer programming. They will quickly assess their student's levels and be able to adapt their lessons accordingly. 

The profiles of each tutor are highly varied, so every student is bound to find a teacher that is suitable for their specific learning needs. 

For example, there are many engineers who offer computer courses to students. Some introduce students to the basics of computing (using basic software, learning to format, etc.). Others offer pure programming courses (graphic interface, embedded software development, etc.).

Students can also work with teachers who can participate in the follow-up of a project or give excel courses. Teachers can provide valuable and insight for students looking to create their own website. 

There are also teachers who are highly knowledgeable of the professional web programming world. Some of them learned coding by setting up their own start-up and have really specialised in the field.

The diversity of Superprof's teachers allows everyone to find the one who will truly meet their expectations.

Nevertheless, whatever the teacher's background, a passion for web development is a common characteristic. As well as a real taste for sharing their knowledge. These two qualities are essential if one wants to teach in the vast field of computer programming.

By browsing through the ads of programming teachers on Superprof for free, you can select a tutor suited to your personal needs and objectives. 

Don’t wait! Find your tutor today and enter the fascinating world of programming! 

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