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The average price of private lessons is $25.

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Private Tutors in Calgary

One-on-one tutoring is becoming more and more popular, not only for students in need of assistance with their subjects but also as a way to learn new and valuable skills. Around 4.66 billion people have access to the internet worldwide, creating fabulous opportunities to gain new skills and enjoy lifelong learning.

Tutoring is one of the oldest teaching methods dating back to ancient Greece. During this time, the sons of the wealthy were educated in small groups or individually by tutors such as Socrates and Plato. Today tutoring still plays a large role in education, and tutors can assist you in various ways.

How can a tutor help you?

  • A tutor can help with specific academic subjects: Tutors who are subject experts assist students who are battling with specific academic courses. These tutors can provide additional explanations, a new approach, or a different perspective on the subject. Often a student gets lost if they cannot keep up with the pace of the classroom teacher. All they need is a little extra time and another explanation to grasp a concept and gain confidence.
  • A tutor can offer mentoring and coaching: Some tutors are academic coaches, and they help students with things like study skills, self-mastery, and time management. These tutors aim to help a student achieve their maximum potential in all subjects. 
  • A tutor can assist with exam preparation: Many students use tutors specifically to prepare for exams. A tutor can teach specific exam techniques, go through practice papers and simulate exam conditions. This results in students who are confident and well prepared for the exam.
  • A tutor can teach you new skills: Tutors are not only a great way to learn academic subjects. Tutors with specialist skills, such as music or language skills, provide private or small group lessons to people who want to learn these skills. Online tutoring with a native speaker is a great way to learn a language. You can also use a tutor to learn skills that help you with your business or career.
  • A tutor can help you learn computer software programs. Using an experienced tutor is a great way to master new software as they give you shortcuts, tips, and tricks.

The benefits of using a private tutor

#1 You can pick a tutor who makes you feel comfortable. The beauty of using a private tutor is that you can find someone who you can relate to. Perhaps someone with a similar background or interests as you. Having one-on-one lessons allows a tutor to get to know you well, understand your needs, and focus on your specific problem areas.

#2 You can choose the pace of learning. Having a private tutor allows you to schedule as many sessions as you need and to focus on a section until you are completely comfortable before you move on.

#3 A private tutor provides customized lessons. An experienced tutor will structure lessons to suit your learning style and desired outcome. There are four different learning styles. You may learn better using one in particular, or perhaps a combination of learning styles works best for you. Visual learners enjoy lessons with lots of images, while auditory learners use verbal repetition to absorb information. Kinesthetic learners learn best while moving, and tactile learners benefit from doodling while listening.

#4 A private tutor gives you flexibility. You can arrange lesson times that fit in with your lifestyle, choose how often you would like to have lessons, and how long each session will be. If, for any reason, you need to reschedule, you can easily pick up where you left off. Using a private tutor allows you to choose a lesson duration and time that optimizes your learning.

#5 A private tutor builds confidence. One-on-one lessons give students the confidence to ask lots of questions without feeling foolish. The support, insights, and encouragement that a private tutor provides also builds self-esteem that helps with motivation when practising a new skill.

#6 A private tutor gives you location options. If you find a tutor nearby, you can have lessons in person at home. Alternatively, if your home environment is not the best for learning, you can meet at a convenient venue nearby.

#7 You can have private online lessons with specialist tutors located worldwide. The internet allows you to search worldwide for experts in the subject or skill you want to learn. As long as you speak the same language, they can tutor you.

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Calgary is a vibrant business-friendly city with a growing population and stable economy. It ranked in the global Top 10 Most Attractive Cities for Workers and is the Canadian city with the highest concentration of high-tech workers. Calgary's wonderful lifestyle attracts people from all over the world, and over 120 languages are spoken in Calgary.

With such a large pool of diverse, highly skilled people, it is not surprising that there is a large selection of excellent private tutors available. 

Superprof makes it easy for you to find the perfect tutor for your requirements. You can browse for tutors in Calgary online using your computer, tablet, or phone 24/7.

Simply enter the subject you would like to learn, and your location and Superprof will give you access to thousands of the best tutors near you. More than 1000 subjects are taught by Superprof tutors, across many disciplines, including:

  • Arts and Hobbies
  • Professional Development
  • Computer Sciences
  • Languages
  • Music
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Academic Subjects
  • Sports

Superprof provides information on a tutor's location, experience, and price, as well as details on the type of tuition they offer. The 100 percent authentic reviews from other students will make it easier to find a tutor whose teaching style suits you.

When you have found a suitable tutor, you can use Superprofs online messaging system to chat directly with the tutor on the platform. Superprof also has a calendar function making it simple to schedule your lessons.

Now that you know how easy it is, it’s time to learn. 

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