North America's population consists of mainly three countries: the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico with a total of 538.7 million inhabitants. North America is the second richest continent on the planet tailing just behind Europe.

Yet these three geographically massive countries are home to more and more people who are living below the poverty line and do not have easy access to high-quality education.

In the United States, for example, the education enrollment rate is close to 96%, with 2o% of those children living in low-income households. These pupils do not or will not have access to long-term studies in the future or are in a situation of academic failure.

School dropouts are more likely from those who are suffering from academic failures. 

In 2012 alone, 1.3 million Mexican children were out of school.

The North American tutoring market is based on tens of millions of students who are having academic difficulties during primary and secondary school age. 

However, many reliable sources of scientific and journalistic literature have proven in many ways that private tutoring only surged in popularity during the last 15-20 years. Before this, it was a stand-still with not many parents seeking the help of personal instructors.

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Monograph of remedial teaching in North America

Until recently, the personal education market in North America had not been very popular among parents and students.

Educational policies have gradually become more important, and the countries governments have stepped up efforts to encourage private teachers to give more remedial classes for struggling students.

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study sessions at a cafe
Students all over North America benefit from educational policies encouraging tutoring to ensure academic success. (Source: Visual Hunt)

This may be due to the fact that even in 2018, the school systems are turning are turning their backs on children who are from poorer social classes or impoverished ethnic minorities.

Schools and teachers tend to pay more attention to rich kids who can bring more funding to crumbling schools. 

The same proves to be true in the "Old Continent", where we can notice a trend of extreme fondness for private tutoring in many European countries to overcome the shortcomings of the National Education Systems.

In the United States of America, educational support has developed at a rapid speed in response to federal government incentives to permit students with major academic struggles progress.

Indeed, the famous "No Child Left Behind Act", signed by the United States Congress in 2002 under the administration of President G.W Bush.

The official incentive of the project:

"The project announced the public funding to academic institutions that would improve the school performance of their students. Those for whom the results would decline, would no longer receive regular federal funding."

For some, the results are debatable while for others, this law has encouraged the emergence of extra school support and homework help. It is important to state that beginning in 2015 there were many criticisms about this act and it was replaced at the end of that year with another law, Every Student Succeeds Act.

The previous bill would have benefited more African-American and Hispanic students who have academic problems. 

In Canada, the market for home-based tutoring seems to have grown much faster, a UNESCO study shows:

"The number of formal tutoring institutes grew between 200 and 500 percent during the previous 30 years."

According to Mark Bray, the writer of this UNESCO study, "about 24% of Ontario parents with school-aged children had recently hired tutors, and 50% of all Canadian parents claimed they would hire a tutor if they could afford to do so."

The UNESCO study shows that in Canada, 9.4% of parents who responded said that their children were taking remedial or refresher classes after school hours, during the weekend, in the evenings and in the summer holidays: 8.4% said that their children had previously taken remedial classes in the past. 

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Asian students in Canada
Asian children who move to the major Canadian cities take advantage of private tutoring centres. (Source: Visual Hunt)

In Canada, private home-based tutoring in the country's major cities such as Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, attracts mostly immigrants from Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China.

Educational support classes in North America, however,  remains minimal in comparison to East Asian and former Soviet bloc countries where private tutors are more sought out.

We will now mention some organizations that offer tutoring classes (remedial classes, refresher courses, homework help and evening classes)...

North America, Europe and Asia are not the only continents that are seeking the help of private tutors. South America and Africa have been following the trends to instil confidence in pupils and ensure academic success.

What does the tutoring landscape look like in South America?

North American tutoring businesses

Moving forward from an informal "cash in hand" and local economy to a declared professional business, North American supplemental instruction tutoring has seen the growth of companies that are now international or have rapidly branched out throughout their national territory.

International Organizations

  • Kumon: Now present in Mexico, the United States and Canada, Kumon is a Japanese private tutoring company, founded in Osaka in 1954, that has over 4 million students worldwide taking remedial courses in basic core subjects such as math and foreign languages. The Kumon name is one to be trusted.
  • Oxford Learning Centre: with several agencies throughout Canada (in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Saskatchewan), the United States and some countries in the Persian Gulf. They offer tutoring and support classes in mathematics, the sciences, exam preparation, homework help and personalized programs adapted to students with learning difficulties. Their slogan is one that engages students and fills them with a desire to learn, "Never Stop Learning."

In the United States

  • Sylvan Learning: Organization helping students with learning difficulties. School support classes offered for homework help, mathematics (algebra, trigonometry, geometry) etc.
  • School City: Based in Santa Clara, California and trusted by many states all over the US. The formula created by this learning organization offers the opportunity for students to take online courses in all involved cities through a network of personal computers. Check it out!

Canadian Tutoring Organizations

Since Canada is a bilingual nation, there are options available for both French and English speakers. Here are some alternatives for the French-speakers in Quebec:

  • Je réussis (or "I succeed" translated in English): based in Montreal, Quebec the largest French-speaking city in Canada. This organization offers private tutoring for French-speakers.
  • Succès Scolaire ("School Success if translated to English): is the largest and #1 tutoring service in Quebec offered to native French-speakers. The school is present in Ontario, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Gatineau, Montreal, Laval and Longueuil. 600 qualified teachers have already taught more than 15,000 students since 2006. The aim of this company is to give children the desire to review, to acquire more helpful concepts, to provide intensive and regular work to keep occupied and continue learning.

Now for the Canadian majority of English-speakers:

  • Skooli: a Vancouver-based tutoring company offering online and at-home private education to students from elementary to university levels. Find a private educator to help with mathematics (calculus, algebra, geometry, statistics), foreign languages, humanities and sciences. They are mostly known for being an online tutoring company but they also offer private one on one home tutoring sessions in many major cities across Canada if at-home education is what you prefer.
  • ICAN Education: praised for their effective methods and support programs, the 9 Greater-Toronto area locations offer remedial help for students of all ages. The iAchieve program is designed for students from grades 1-8 who are following the Ontario school curriculum. iExcel offers secondary school students extra school support in English, Mathematics and Science.

Note that Quebec is not the only area in North America that offers tutoring services in the French language, start-ups are are starting to establish themselves in the United States. This is the case with private tutoring company Acadomia, French tutoring in Florida has been available since March 2016.

Also, Superprof has recently settled in the offices of the FrenchTech in San Francisco, California after having purchased its Spanish competitor MiProfParticular.

This type of extra school support offered at home seems to be ubiquitous in North America, just like remedial teaching in the Asian continent!

Different types of Academic Tutoring offered in North America

The personal education market has diversified somewhat with time and the evolution of web technologies, particularly with online tutoring.

Private sessions with a personal educator have traditionally been taught in the comfort of a pupil's own home, delivered on a weekly basis and often behind the scenes of the informal economy.

With the development of educational policies, academic success has gradually become a major interest to governments.

An educated society is a skilled population (say economists) of engineers, doctors, teachers, researchers and innovators. All of these occupations are ones with responsibilities that make any countries economy and society grow. 

Private tutoring is often viewed as a medium to achieve academic success, access to prestigious schools and graduating with honours. It's not for nothing that big jobs are often reserved for graduates of higher education!

In recent years, the digital revolution and the internet have changed the home-based tutoring market: in North America, online tutoring websites have rapidly expanded offering academic support sessions at very affordable prices, even free tutoring is sometimes offered!

Where can you find school support in North America?
Online tutors save students from overcrowded classes and the education systems errors by providing personalized learning sessions. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Nowadays, a Canadian, American or Mexican private instructor can create his own online course site to offer his services and reach a user from any place in the world.

Online education platforms linking struggling students with qualified private teachers are becoming more and more popular at a worldwide level. This has modernized the private tutoring market and changed it forever.

Educational consultants and school support agencies can also offer a partnership with American based public and private schools.

The best tutors provide one on one tutoring sessions to improve study skills and fill the gaps of personalized support that schoolteachers cannot. Private tutors intervene and help students with academic difficulties reach their scholastic goals.

Students who seek the help of extra educational support progress more rapidly.

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