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Art is a constant agent of transformation and is indeed the soul's drive to health. - Cathy Malchiodi

As we all know, Canadian winters, even in the metropolis of Toronto, are harsh and sometimes unforgiving. Adjusting from balmy almost tropical summers to temperatures clocking in at -22 C can take a toll on your body. While the country has one of the world’s best healthcare systems, considering alternative means of health can do wonders for your general wellness.

For the most part, art is generally regarded as a form of therapy that can address emotional concerns. But more than emotional health, taking art classes can also play a role in a person’s mental and physical wellness. Research has shown that drawing, painting, and other forms of art expression lend positive benefits to the human body.

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Doing Art Can Improve Your Memory

There are very few things more annoying than forgetting to accomplish important tasks. Whether it is forgetting to buy toilet paper or missing an important appointment, having shotty memory can add even more stress to an already stressful day.

Taking art class has proven to do wonders on a person’s memory. According to research, concepts that are drawn are more easily remembered by the brain than when they are written. Exercising your creative juices by picking up a paintbrush can improve the relationship between your brain’s visual, semantic, and motor aspects. More coordination = stronger memory.

Art and Bilateral Coordination

There are a few unfortunate souls that never got to play outside. More often than not, these people have a problem with coordination.

Bilateral coordination is the body’s natural ability to coordinate its left and right parts in order to accomplish tasks. Whether it is using both hands at the same time or syncing the use of the legs and arms, bilateral coordination is very important in our day to day lives.

Aside from generally clumsy people, those who have special needs also have problems with bilateral coordination. Taking art classes can improve the way a person uses their limbs. Experts often prescribe art therapy for those who have special needs for this very reason.

Anxious? Depressed? Consider Art!

Like Montréal of Quebec, Toronto is the crowning glory of Ontario. However, given its grim weather, reports of depression in the area are at staggering peaks. According to statistics, 1 in 5 Canadians suffer from a form of depression or anxiety at present. To put it in perspective, that is 8.6 million people having to live with this disease.

Aside from going to therapy or seeking the help of a psychologist, taking art classes can play a role in curbing the effects of depression and anxiety. Cancer patients are often encouraged to take on art as a form of a hobby. For those with chronic illnesses, art classes have noticeably improved their moods and have helped them develop healthy coping strategies through art.

Prevent Alzheimer’s with Art Therapy

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease affect 44 million people worldwide. These conditions affect patients’ ability to recall, communicate and function properly in society. It is a debilitating disease that not only takes a toll on the physical body but also on a person’s and their family’s mental health.

Because painting, drawing, and other forms of art expression boosts memory, it also plays a hand in preventing the development of these conditions. Art is essentially exercise for the brain. The more you engage in art, the healthier your brain becomes.

Happy and Content: Art and Dopamine

There is a reason why people just want to be happy. Happiness can affect a person’s physical and mental health. It can affect their careers and home life.  When a person is happy, it is easier to be healthy.

At its very core, happiness can be attributed to the release of dopamine in the body. Studies have shown that viewing and creating art urges the brain to release dopamine. With that said, art classes can be your ticket to happiness.

Explore the Thriving Art Scene in Toronto

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Art means differently for different people. Asking five different individuals what art means to them would produce five unique answers. For some art is painting, for others art is performative. There are people who don’t consider film as a form of expression, while others hail graphic novels as the highest form of art.

The same can be said when defining an area’s art scene. Nevertheless, if there is something most people can agree with, it’s that Toronto is one of Canada’s hubs for art and the area’s art scene is thriving.

The art scene in Ontario, especially in cities like Toronto and Ottawa, is currently on an upswing. More and more galleries are opening in the area. These galleries are more willing to take bolder, more purposeful chances in order to elevate the art world in the country. The energy is palpable and thriving.

Culture Trip: Where to Go in Toronto

Wanting to get inspired before enrolling in an art class? Below are a few of the newest galleries in Toronto that would ignite your creative juices.

Gardiner Museum and the Royal Ontario Museum

In discussing art in Toronto, there s nothing wrong with starting with the tried and tested. The Gardiner Museum is a ceramics museum that features both international and local ceramic artists. More than installations, the museum offers ceramics classes for those who are interested.

The Royal Ontario Museum, on the other hand, is the country’s largest museum. Similar to the Museum of Vancouver in British Columbia, it is home to art, world culture and natural history exhibits from across the globe.

Liss Gallery

More interested in photography than painting and illustration? Liss Gallery should be a part of your to-do list. The gallery’s collections include pieces from photography heavyweights including John Lennon, Ronnie Wood, and Bob Gruen.

Gallery Gevik

Indigenous and inuit art can be as contemporary as counterparts from across the globe. This is the truth that led Phillip Gevik to opening Gallery Gevik. Located in Hazelton Avenue, GAllery Gevik is dedicated to featuring artists that represent the heart and soul od the country the best.

Yorkville Pop Art

If you are looking to be shocked and intrigued, the Yorkville Pop Art is the destination to be. Not for the faint of heart, this establishment features anything and everything pop art - from large-scale Andy Warhol installations to more modest cityscapes.

Taking Art Classes in Toronto

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There is no denying how Toronto is a good place to be especially if you want to take art classes or are considering an art tutor. Similar to Edmonton and Calgary in Alberta, the art scene in the area is thriving. If you want to immerse yourself in beautiful pieces, Toronto is the place to be.

Currently in the market for an art class that would suit your interests? Below are just a few to consider.

Ceramics at the Gardiner Museum

If you are interested in creating sculptures than paintings, you should consider the classes offered by the Gardiner Museum. The museum holds clay classes for adults. These lectures are often taught by world-renowned ceramic artists. What more can you ask for!

Drawing and Drinks at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Art doesn’t necessarily mean a stuffy day at the museum. With the drawing and drinks class offered by the Art Gallery of Ontario, you get to learn a new school while enjoying a glass of wine or two. This four-week course is a great introduction to the inner workings of illustration as a form of art.

Glass Blowing and More at the Harbourfront Centre

Only have the weekend to indulge in art? The Harbourfront Centre offers short classes that are perfect when you only have Saturdays and Sundays to relax and take on a new hobby. The establishment offers glass blowing classes every weekend. For a small fee, you would be privy to the history of glass blowing as well as hands-on hot and cold glass blowing techniques.

Urban Photography at the Toronto School for the Arts

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. So why not take a thousand pictures! With the Urban Photography classes offered by the Toronto School for the Arts, you can! This six-week class would develop a new appreciation for the unique beauty of Toronto.

Art Tutor From Superprof

There are various art classes you can take around Toronto. But that doesn’t mean that in searching for the best one, you have to leave your home. We at Superprof have developed a means for you to find an art tutor that would fit your learning style and quelch your desire to learn art. Our roster of tutors has been carefully vetted and qualified. This means that whoever you choose you would get bang for your buck. All you need to do is visit our website, look through our list of qualified tutors, select a tutor, and schedule a class - as easy as apple pie!

Search through our roster today! Who knows? You might be the next Leonardo Da Vinci!

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