Japan is known for its incredibly rich culture and insanely delicious foods. Japanese are so polite, the transportation is never delayed, and in terms of geography and culture, there is so much diversity. There are so many things to mention that make Japan so special. 

Japanese is a wonderful language that gives access to the safest place for everyone who'd wish to live. The country offers various career opportunities, entertainment. and the wealth of culture.

Japan is the leading country in terms of technology and design. And Vancouver’s Japanese schools will help students to master the fascinating Japanese culture with their stimulating classes. 

Japanese school in Vancouver, Canada offers small group and private Japanese classes for both children and adults. Vancouver, and some Canadian cities such as Ottawa, will provide lessons that aim to let students possess Japanese speaking skills and practical knowledge.

The language needs true commitment when you decide to learn it. It is necessary to practise regularly until the Japanese become a valuable part of your daily lives.

Japanese courses in Vancouver and some Canadian cities such as Calgary are taught using a communicative approach and unequalled knowledge and learning. 

Vancouver's language programs are in high quality which focuses on all fundamental systems.

Japanese classes in Vancouver and some Canadian cities such as Edmonton will help students to master the Japanese writing system and teach students to speak the language effectively and fluently.

If you already have a little knowledge of the Japanese language, Vancouver's free language assessment will measure your capabilities and place you at the level that is suitable for you.

Learning Made Accessible 

Vancouver Japanese classes and some Canadian cities such as Montreal are composed of certified native Japanese teachers. 

They have completed a 420hours teachers training course in the Japanese language and they also have much experience in teaching the language.

All of their teachers can provide the best teaching methods for students, for them to be able to learn and develop their Japanese language skills.

Many exciting school activities and local events for international students. 

Most of their previous students have always succeeded in higher education after they completed the Japanese language programs in Vancouver and some Canadian cities such as Toronto.

Students who aim for tertiary schools such as college, universities and business schools will gain special support. 

They will be able to participate in universities seminar, supplemental lectures, and entrance per-tests examination. JLPT test support is also included in their program.

Obtaining knowledge of another language can raise your chances in your career and can also provide useful information in cultural dissimilarity.

Japanese classes in Vancouver will help students to develop fluency and a strong foundation in the language so that they can communicate easily with native Japanese speakers in day to day situations.

Communicative Teaching Approach

Japanese schools and classes in Vancouver use a method called the communicative teaching approach which focuses on communication that is interactive among students. 

Students will be having various pronunciation drills and exercises that are an essential part to develop the language skills of the students. They are encouraged to participate, exchanging personal insights, and join in a discussion for a learning experience that is diverse.

Vancouver offers small classes with a maximum of ten students to make sure everyone will.be attentive and active in participating during the class.

Along with native speaker instructors that are credible and have deep language experience in teaching Japanese. Using the communicative approach, students will be able to use the Japanese language in daily conversation.

Students will receive support and encouragement from their Japanese language instructors to ensure that they will be able to speak the language in various situations with confidence and with ease. 

instructors will target a daily practice for students to let them improve quickly in this knowledge in pronunciation, grammar and structure and vocabulary.

Japanese Language Programs in Vancouver

hanging pieces of wood with Japanese writings Source: Unsplash

Short-Term Program

The main focus of the program is for students to learn about Japanese culture and conversational skills.

It is designed for learners or students whose aim is to make their Japanese language listening and speaking skills to be at an advanced level in an instant.

The program focuses on pronunciation, conversation, and speaking. it will help students improve their conversation and communication skills with the Japanese people.

The class also includes listening skills, grammar, writing, and reading. Students will learn a variety of Japanese expressions and phrases that are often used on a daily basis.

Besides, students will also learn about Japanese manners, fine arts, history, and culture through different kinds of activities including watching sumo tournaments, classes in Japanese Washi paper-craft, cooking ramen, workshop experience in making sushi and a lot more fun activities which you can experience when you travel in Japan.

The program provides a fun learning experience and environment. Students will improve in the Japanese languages while having fun in a short period.

Full-Time Intensive Programs

Japanese schools in Vancouver have spent several years developing a long term program for those students who want to pursue higher education in a Japanese school. 

The program will let international students obtain Japanese language proficiency to solve their life's daily issues.

The program includes The General Japanese Courses which is designed to improve the Japanese language skills of the students as quickly as possible.

Even beginners in the Japanese language can make progress and be an intermediated level upon program completion.

General Japanese Course

  • Learning correct intonation and pronunciation
  • Write and read Katakana and Hiragana
  • Learning phrases and words used in a daily conversation 
  • Learning to express your opinion in an easy way
  • Learn to describe your personal experiences
  • Learn to speak the Japanese language using proper grammar and tenses in a polite way
  • acquire necessary vocabulary in daily life and be able to use kanji
  • be able to write a short essay about your everyday life
  • Can read a brief Japanese article 
  • Can understand Japanese costume, traditions and culture
  •  Learn grammar and speaking with pronunciation that is accurate 
  • Read and analyze charts and graphs written in Japanese

Higher Education University Courses 

It is a program designed to make an advancement if you want to pursue higher education such as vocational schools, universities. and in college.

Upon program completion, students will.be able to : 

  • write a composition about a given topic
  • speak Japanese about daily situation
  • read long Japanese sentence
  • utilize grammar in a polite way
  • Learn proper intonation and pronunciation
  • learn academic Japanese for college and universities 
  • improve listening skill through watching movies and news programs 
  • talks about different kind of topics
  • expressing personal opinion effectively
  • improve your ability to communicate in Japanese with fluency and accuracy

Other Japanese Classes

woman writing Japanese words Source: Pexels

Daily Speaking Course

Learning to speak the most convenient Japanese words on a daily life basis. It is suitable for all Japanese levels and to those learners who want to live in Japan in the future.

Business Course

Learning the most useful Japanese skills in terms of business matters. It is suitable for all Japanese levels and to those learners who are planning to have a career and work in Japan.

JLPT Course

Learning vocabulary and grammar for the JLPT examination. It is suitable for all Japanese level who desire to pass the JLPT examination

JLPT or The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is the most widely and traditionally accepted test to certify your level proficiency in the Japanese language. 

It includes all of the primary skills and serious learners of the Japanese language are encouraged to take the JLPT test. Also for those who want to study and work in Japan.

Customizable Course

Learners can customize their Japanese classes by leaving a comment while they book their classes. Japanese language teachers will prepare the class suitable for every student's needs.

International Education for International Students

Vancouver, Canada is the right place for international students who wish to learn the Japanese language.

Choosing the perfect school is essential when you study abroad. Vancouver's Japanese language schools welcome students around the globe with passion and warm hearts. International Education in Vancouver values and supports every international student as a person.

From dedicated service and support to small class groups, the city is committed to helping international students improve in the chosen Japanese language classes.

Vancouver Japanese language schools have sorted various programs to enhance students' speaking abilities and Japanese language skills.

Lessons and classes are in a friendly environment that helps students focus on their learnings. Both students’ and instructors' interactions are essential so the city of Vancouver often holds events and small gatherings to make them feel comfortable with each other's company.

They also offer several events that students will enjoy. Such as Christmas parties, and Japanese food dinners and BBQ.

everything that you need to learn is provided by the Japanese language classes of Vancouver. Such as basic features of the Japanese language. 


Learning the Japanese language will improve your self-discipline, concentration, and memory. If you can successfully become fluent in the Japanese language, then any other language is a piece of cake for you. 

Since you will be learning a language that is most valuable in the world, it really requires your ability to think in a logical way, while training your memory and self-discipline.

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