Embarking on a weight loss journey is never easy. As your efforts and lifestyle changes slowly lead to results, staying motivated on the way to achieving your goal weight can be increasingly difficult if you’re going it alone.

Too many people are able to list the fad diets and bizarre weight loss routines that they have tried and failed, but this is because of the nature of weight loss regimes – they’re hard work, and so people create over-simplified un-proven methods which appeal to those looking for a regime which is both easy and seemingly achievable.

The reason so many people attempt to go it alone is that weight loss can seem like a very personal goal as it relates to working on one’s physical state, however, when it comes to sticking to a plan, it is far more difficult to be held to account when you are acting as your own trainer than if you are sharing your journey with another person.

It’s no surprise, then, that those who attend weight loss groups lose five times more weight than those who plan and monitor their own regimes.

They say that a problem shared is a problem halved - it’s a proven fact that you’re more likely to succeed in your health goals if you involve someone else in your journey, so what’s available in terms of weight loss support?

When it comes to support networks for losing weight, there are many to choose from. Whether you’d prefer to follow a certain diet, or you’re counting calories, it’s likely that you’ll find a group session you can attend on a regular basis.

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You will be more successful in your health goals if you share it with someone else
Losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint - you don't have to face it alone ¦ source: Visualhunt - Tanvir Sajib

While group coaching can be incredibly successful, some people prefer to share their journey in a more personal way. Finding a one on one wellness coach can be an effective way to increase your chances of success as well as having a weight loss programme which is tailored to you. As a type of life coach, your wellness coach will be able to guide you as you set achievable goals and help you overcome each difficult stage and obstacle of your plan.

If you’re interested to learn more about the role of life coaching and how It can aid weight loss, read on!

Life Coaching Definition

Put simply, life coaching is a type of talk therapy which is used by many individuals to help them improve or transform their lives in some way. A life coach acts as a consultant who focuses on helping others with how to become who they want to be by giving them a new perspective on life and using their expertise for empowering people to be the leaders of their own success.

People may hire a life coach Glasgow to help with their personal or professional lives. For instance, if someone is looking to advance professionally, they may sign up to career coaching, executive coaching, business coaching, leadership coaching or corporate coaching, whereas those in need of help with their personal development may look for personal coaching services such as wellness coaching or even relationship coaching to help them move forward.

Regardless of the type of coaching they provide, life coaches work to give their clients the ongoing encouragement and motivation they need to persevere and succeed in their transformational changes, ultimately fulfilling their goal.

Through using coaching techniques and teaching their clients strategies to keep their progress on track, life coaches provide both guidance and support as they empower each client to be successful in achieving what they set out to do.

So, what about life coaching for weight loss?

Weight loss coaching can take many forms. The most common type of weight loss coaching is group coaching sessions which people attend to learn about making healthy choices and finding a regime that suits their needs as well as meeting others they can relate to.

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Succeed in your weight loss with a life coach
Life coaches help people achieve their goals and dreams ¦ source: Visualhunt

For those who are less inclined to attend group coaching courses, there are individuals who specialize in providing one to one consulting services for those looking for effective and rewarding weight loss coaching programs.

And if you’re short of time, there are also plenty of online coaching services which focus on helping people to succeed in their wellness goals.

Finding a life coach London is not always easy. As the client, it is your responsibility to find a coach that is suitable for you and your personal goals. When it comes to weight loss coaching in particular, there are a few things to look out for when looking for a weight loss coach.

According to Women’s Health, these are some red flags to look out for when considering weight loss coaches:

  1. Someone who is not certified: If they don’t have any relevant training or qualifications (such as a nutrition or coaching certification), there is an increased chance that their advice will not be backed up by science and their services may, therefore, not be at all effective.
  2. Someone who does not understand your needs: For those who live with medical conditions, receiving advice which is tailored with their medical needs in mind is paramount.
  3. Someone who takes your training to the extreme: Extreme regimes often do more harm than good, and even though they may be effective, fad diets can harm your body more than you think.

So, there are many aspects to life coaching to consider, but being cautious in a market that is difficult to regulate is key.

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Weight Loss Coaching: More Than a Diet

When it comes to losing weight, many people set out on researching the best dieting methods and exercise regimes for results that last, however, weight loss coaches realise that losing weight involves a lot more than sticking to a strict menu.

The reason that so many people struggle with losing weight is that once you have made the decision to shed the pounds, you need to stick to it until you get where you want to be – it’s not something you can dip in and out of if seesig tangible results is what you desire.

You weight loss regime will become a part of your daily life and influence every decision you make – the transition from 0% effort to 100% effort on a 24/7 basis is the reason so many people become overwhelmed by the challenges posed by their regime.

Make healthy choices which help you toward your goals
Learn to love your healthier lifestyle ¦ source: Pixabay - silviarita

This is where weight loss coaching and support groups come in; creating a plan of action that suits your needs, goals and lifestyle can make a huge difference when it comes to taking on a new diet and exercise regime. In addition, the stresses that come with switching to a completely new lifestyle cause many people to fall into comfort eating, which can create a vicious cycle which renders any success in weight loss almost impossible – this is yet another reason why finding a life coach Leeds for your health needs will increase your coaches of lasting success.

By shifting the focus from transforming your lifestyle all in one go, to thinking about how you can introduce healthy decision-making into your current lifestyle will make your weight loss goals seem far more achievable.

So, contrary to what many people might think, success in losing weight requires not only a healthier lifestyle, but a healthy mindset that promotes it and a good, constant source of external motivation to keep you on track.

For this reason, in addition to nutritional advice, wellness coaching can also include:

  • Tailored fitness plans
  • Mentoring
  • Progress tracking
  • Healthy recipes
  • Tips on staying motivated

Methods Used by Weight Loss Life Coaches

Weight loss coaching is more than going on a supervised diet, it’s a holistic approach to improving your overall health with a view to helping people lose weight.

So, what can you expect from your weight loss coaching sessions?

Every life coach works differently, but here are a few examples of what your sessions may involve:

  • Setting goals: In your first few meetings, your coach will be keen to learn about what you hope to achieve so that they can help you create a plan of action which suits you. They will likely also talk to you about your confidence in certain areas in order to identify your strengths and decide how they can be used to your advantage.
  • Diet and exercise plans: These will form the basis of your weight-loss plan and will be designed around your needs, goals, lifestyle and preferences. It is important that you enjoy your lifestyle transformation as best you can, so if you’re averse to going to the gym, your life coach Birmingham will advise doing more of a form of exercise that you enjoy, instead.
  • Finding your motivation: Embarking on a weight loss journey is, above all, a mental challenge, which is why it is paramount that you are able to stay motivated throughout it. One method that weight loss coaches advise is sharing your journey with other people, whether you tell your friends and family about your goals and keep them updated on your progress, or join clubs in which you can find new friends and inspiration for wellness. Whether it’s an exercise class or running event such as parkrun, or it’s a healthy cooking class, the biggest motivator is enjoyment.

In answer to the question of the benefits of life coaching for weight loss, there are many positives which include physical as well as mental results, and having a mentor on-hand who can advise, empower and motivate you will make all the difference.

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