Whether you want to pursue art as a career or enrol in a university for art there are some prerequisites you're going to need. For starters, having a passion for art is number one. Art is something you can't just decide to work in. Artists have a passion for their craft and love every minute of it. Simply, having a passion for art won't necessarily gain you a career or enrol you in the university there are some educational requirements you’re also going to need.

We hope after reading this article you understand the prerequisites you need to have to enrol in a university. Artists don’t have a set path, like other careers. It's still important to get the training you need.

Grow your art passion with art school.
Grow your art passion with art school. Source: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Why Should Artists Consider University?

In high school, your tasked with deciding your next path after high school, whether it be working or seeking higher education. You have to decide what the best route is for you. Becoming an artist takes years of practice and commitment to make a career out of it. One of the best reasons to attend university would be for your art career and skill learning. Looking at your art career, most jobs will need a university degree in art to be considered. It’s a basic requirement for most art jobs, so understanding what job you want to pursue is important. If you’re going to need a university degree it's better to enrol in it now.

The other reason for considering university is skilled learning is a huge benefit. Up until high school, a lot of artists are self-taught. In high school your taught skills as well, but it's not as in-depth. In university, you're going to be learning from professionals that have years of experience and knowledge to teach you everything you need to know. You’ll be able to have real-time feedback about how to get better as an artist. Art Programs are also realizing the business side of art for their students. There teaching them how to excel after their art program. These skills can be invaluable for students if they work for themselves. There are a lot of reasons to consider university. Our top 2 reasons are for your career and learning the right skills. Having these 2 reasons are going to help further your art progress and keep you excelling in the industry.

What Courses to Take in High School?

Most universities will require you have some art credit in high school. These art credits are going to mean you should enrol in any art classes your high school offers in either visual or fine arts. Taking these courses will assist you in learning the fundamentals of art as well as helping your skillset. Another option to consider in high school is working on your art portfolio. A lot of art programs are going to require you have a portfolio of work. Enrolling in art classes in high school can help you develop your portfolio. Your portfolio should showcase you’re the best work. This can help art schools decide if they should bring you on as an art student.

In high school, you’re also going to need to take English, although this course is mandatory if you are looking into the university you're going to need to take the academic English course and for college, you need to take the applied English course. Most schools will require a recommend grade in English to be considered for their program. For university, most schools require 80% and colleges require 60%. If you want to apply for higher education here are the takeaways.

Portfolio - Your portfolio is your chance to showcase your talent and skillset. This is where you prove you have what it takes.

Art Credits - Art credits are going to show the university/college you have an interest in art and have to learn the necessary skills and knowledge.

English Credit - Getting a higher mark is going to be beneficial every university/college is going to need you to have a base level English mark to be considered.

Work on your portfolio to showcase your talents.
Work on your portfolio to showcase your talents. Source: Sascha Duser, Pexels

Other Ways to Learn Art in High School

If you’re already taking art courses, but want to learn more there are other avenues to art classes you can take. You could enrol in your local art studio to gain more practice and skills. Another reason is working with an art tutor. These are just a couple of the ways you can continue to work on your artist's skills. Here are all the ways you can practice art.

Taking Online Classes - Online classes have become huge over the last couple of years. You have platforms like Skillshare or Masterclass that offer amazing classes for many different things, including art. The great thing about these courses is there usually taught by an industry professional with years of experience and for a good price. They provide you with more knowledge about art and help you become better. These online classes also have a community around them, so you can meet other artists and stay connected.

Local Classes - Chances are there is a local center that offers art classes. This could be a great way to again, learn more skills as an artist and help you become better. Local classes are good because you get to work with experienced artists who can offer tips in real-time that will help you improve. Local classes can vary in prices. It's best to check the prices of the local classes around you.

Tutors - Working with a tutor can provide a lot of benefits. Working with a tutor means you'll get to work with an experienced art teacher. They've worked with so many people before there going to know the best way to help you. Your tutor will also be working with you 1 on 1. They can actively assess your strengths and weakness to keep you progressing forward. Tutors can range in price depending on their experience level.

If you are looking into working with a tutor Supeprof has 100s of art tutors that are all over Canada. They have the experience and knowledge to help you learn the art the best way. Supeprof also offers lessons online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn art when you want to learn.

Online art classes can also be useful in learning.
Online art classes can also be useful in learning. Source: Cottonbro, Pexels

Become an Artist in Canada

In high school, you have a lot to decide, especially when it comes to after high school. If you have a passion for art and want to make it a career our best advice is to figure out what art career you want to get into and work backwards. Having an education in art is going to help you with your career in art as well as teach you the skills to become better. If you do want to enroll in higher education for art remember to follow our advice; build your portfolio, take an art class and get a good English mark. You should always check with the school you plan on applying to double-check their prerequisites for their program. You could also meet with your guidance counsellor to find the best plan for you.

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