Apps are really gaining an exceptional reputation when it comes to learning languages because they offer a cheaper, more interactive and often more fun way to learn the alphabet in another language, and the new words and phrases which stem from it.

Hindi is one of the top languages of the world, being the second most commonly spoken language on Earth. That's just one reason you should learn to speak Hindi using an app, a class or a Hindi language online teacher or private tutor!

Why Choose Apps To Learn Hindi?

As already mentioned, one of the biggest bonuses to using apps or online dictionaries as a learner is that they are often free or come at a small fee. Some apps, meanwhile, require in-app purchases to unlock certain features, but these are usually minimal in the grand scheme of things, especially when you consider how much you could be paying for a language course or for travel in and out of a city.

Furthermore, apps are just so convenient.

Probably 90% of us have handheld smartphones with the ability to download apps from our app store, thus learning a language online, so installing an app is a no-brainer. It takes but seconds to complete, and you could be learning new grammar and vocabulary in a matter of minutes!

Whether it is to learn Chinese, learn English or learn how to speak any language for that matter - you'll find an app for it!

Apps are super easy to download and some are free.
In this new digital age, most of us have laptops, tablets and smartphones on which we can download apps. Photo on

Common Apps For Learning Hindi

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is a website that offers free lessons in Hindi, including how to learn Hindi common phrases, like 'how are you?', 'my name is ...', 'do you speak English?' and many more useful expressions like learning the days of the week and how to tell the time in Hindi.

The Hindi version of this 'Rocket Languages' series is called 'Rocket Hindi' and the top level subscription includes 24/7 lifetime access, a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee, free upgrades for life, personalized progress tracking, flashcards for each lesson, 25 Advanced learning techniques, benchmarking and Hindi Certification tests, 24/7 forum and email support, as well as a 20CD pack + online access.

All of this is available for just over £230 but you can also opt for the basic free content if you so wish until you feel the need to upgrade.


DuoLingo is a very popular award-winning language learning app that boasts the ability to help you learn Hindi online by spending just five minutes a day going over its mini-tutorials. The addictive free app enables students to earn points for correct answers, race against the clock and move up levels. All of these aspects combined to make DuoLingo an exciting way to learn a new language like Hindi the "language of India".

As well as Hindi, you can learn German, learn Japanese, learn Arabic, learn Italian and many more languages.

Translate Apps

We shouldn't underestimate the power of a simple dictionary or translation app to help us to get by in conversation and to learn basic Hindi phrases. Just think, if you got really stuck when on your travels in India, as a last resort you could pass the other person your phone with a dictionary app open and ask them to type their request or question for you to interpret. This could introduce you to a whole new set of expressions!

Plus, with some apps being so advanced, they can detect spoken language and translate the speech instantly into English, almost like having your own personal translator or having subtitles during a foreign film!

Some of the best apps of this type are

-Speak and Translate - Translator
-Hindi Translator Offline
-Hindi Dictionary + 

All of these apps are free to download from the Apple and Android stores but advertise in-app purchases. If used to your advantage, these can be like language lessons in themselves.

Learn from taking Hindi classes online.

Hindi Movie Apps

It's not always as easy as you think to change the language on a DVD into the Hindi language, or to find movies on Netflix broadcast in the official language of India.

As such, movie apps are a great way of getting a taste of the Indian culture and hearing native speakers speaking in their mother tongue fluently and in context. Listening is one of the best ways of absorbing Hindi words for beginners and can teach you much about the Hindi language, including grammatical lessons, different greetings, ways to pronounce words, which words are male or feminine and other lessons on phonetics.

You Bolly: Bollywood Movies

This popular app, available on Android and Apple, boasts the largest collection of ad-free Bollywood Hindi Movies, all 100% free.

You don't have to be a movie buff to enjoy the movies on offer here, nor do you need to be a fluent Hindi speaker. The moves often tell a whole story on their own! The main features and benefits of this app are:

-Bollywood Movies are streamed free of cost.
-You do not have to create an account.
-All of the movies are Advertisements free.
-Movies are streamed in one part
-Also has Punjabi Movies for Punjabi lovers.
-Dedicated section for Kids movies
-Dedicated section for Bhakti movies for the religious person inside you.
-eMail the direct movie link to watch it on your computer for free.

There are apps which enable you to watch movies in other languages, like Hindi.
With Movie apps, you can stream Bollywood films and catch up with all the big stars. Photo credit: haileyse_ada on

The app confirms that the videos listed are sourced from YouTube and are uploaded by various YouTube users.

Eros Now

With Eros Now, a free to download app offering in-app purchases, you can choose from the biggest Bollywood, Hindi, Tamil and regional Indian movies, TV shows, and music videos.

As well as the basic app, you have the option to upgrade to Eros Now Premium for complete access to the massive video and music catalogue, including movies with subtitles and the ability to download movies to your device for offline playback.

Eros Now features:

- Watch from the biggest catalogue of movies, TV episodes, music videos, music, originals and short videos
- Continue watching titles that you were watching previously
- Listen to curated music playlists and individual music tracks
- Save your favourites movies, songs, albums, playlists and music videos to your personal profile collection
- Bookmark movies to watch later in your Watchlist
- Share your favourite Eros Now moments
- Use Stickers in iMessage

Eros Now Premium features:
- Full movie and TV catalogue
- Movie subtitles
- Movies in HD
- Download movie titles for offline playback

IndiaTVShowz - Bollywood App

IndiaTVShowz gives you access to the latest Hindi Bollywood movie trailers, music videos, promotional clips, movie reviews, celebrity details & more, all delivered in high definition HD quality. The only application that provides such a large and varied collection of Bollywood/Hindi cinematic videos, they are constantly updating the content.

Categories include Bollywood latest Movies Trailers, Hindi Cinema Songs, Bollywood Movies details, Bollywood Celebs details, Bollywood Gossip channels, Hindi News channels, Daily Shows channels, Devotional channels, Sports channels, Cooking channels, Automobile channels, Travel, Health, Pop channels, Comedy, Kids channels,

The primary features of this app are:

-Watch latest videos
-Featured videos
-Movie details - release date, cast, director, synopsis, etc
-Celebs details - birth date, movies, videos, synopsis, etc
-Add/Remove Playlists
-Add/Edit/Remove Playlist videos
-Autoplay video
-Play video via Airplay/Google chromecast
-Share video via Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS & WhatsApp
-Playlist is great way to see and play top trailers, top music videos
-Schedule view to see all movies upto a year released and whats coming soon
-Play video in Fullscreen
-Daily show videos
-Bollywood news
-Movie news
-All India news

You can also use some great language learning websites to perfect your Hindi.

Top New Apps Hindi

uTalk Classic Learn Hindi 

For just £7.99, you can start speaking a new language almost instantly with this language learning app. With uTalk Classic, learn the essential words and phrases you need to get talking, build confidence and make friends wherever you go in India.

Similarly to other language apps, this one is fun, engaging, motivating and will make you want to learn. It's especially good for pronunciation as it enables you to record yourself and to learn by repetition.

Plus, it features nine beginner topics: first words, food and drink, colours, numbers, parts of the body, telling the time, shopping, phrases and countries.

Chat and Date - Indian Hindi Dating 

You may not wish to date someone you meet over the Internet, but apps which allow you to chat to others across the globe are good for improving your conversational skills.
Dating apps are often tailored to your personal preferences, but how about one that will find you someone who speaks Hindi too? Photo on VisualHunt

It will all depend on your feelings towards online dating, but if you are an intermediate Hindi speaker and wish to meet someone who is a native speaker or has Hindi as their second language too, then you might be interested in an online dating app that is designed for Indian men and women.

Of course, as with all apps, you are not obliged to meet up with your suitors in person but it could still be a great way of sparking an interesting conversation in Hindi and to potentially meet someone with whom you would be happy to meet face to face and continue your blossoming friendship or relationship!

Don't forget to have a look at the best podcasts to learn Hindi.

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