So many people dream of being able to play  musical instrument. Some dream of being a concert pianist, while others aspire to becoming the next great Jimmy Hendrix.

Unfortunately for most, these dreams never become a reality.

Sometimes, no matter how motivated we are and willing to put in the hard work, the cost for lessons can be a major obstacle for many aspiring musicians. Although learning a musical instrument, like any other sport or activity does require a certain level of investment, there are so many alternatives which don't have to cost you an arm and a leg!

If you find the right teacher to study the violin, then there's no reason that you won't be able to achieve your dreams of becoming a violinist.

Of course, the violin courses and methodology available to you will depend on your age, your level and the level of dedication you are willing to put into your practice.

Evidently, if you are looking to become a concert violinist or would like to study violin at the university level, then you'll need to invest more in attending a conservatory and in training with a very well-qualified violin teacher. Alternatively, if you are just looking to start playing for fun at a more leisurely pace, then you may wish to work with a music student or a less qualified teacher. A complete beginner violinist  will have the greatest number of choices when choosing a teacher. Bear in mind that choosing a teacher is the most important step in starting the violin!

Always remember that value is money- if you feel that your teacher is not suitable for your needs and that you are not progressing as much as you'd hoped for, then there's no point in wasting your time or money. It's better to find an adequate teacher and pay a fair price then to pay very little but to get nothing out of your lessons.

Below is our Superprof’s guide to help you assess the cost of violin lessons and how to find the best deal for your needs, whether you are just starting out or whether you're an experienced violinist.

Cost Of A Violin And Its Accessories

There's no such thing as a  one-size-fits-all violin, so of course prices do vary. The most obvious difference is between the price of violins according to your level.

Cost Of Violins For Beginners

Beginner or ‘student violins’, all violin makers produce models aimed at novice violinists:

Some of the most popular violins for beginners include:

  • Windsor Violin: $50
  • Stentor Student I 1400: $100-$120
  • Forenza Prima 2: $100

Intermediate Violin Cost

For students who have been playing for a few years or university students, intermediate violins are more expensive but have a richer sound.

There is a rather steep increase in price between intermediate and beginner. For example:

  • Forenza Secondo Series 6: $300
  • Stentor Conservatoire: $250-$300
  • Stentor Messina: $500

Advanced Violin Prices

For serious concert violinists and those who are serious about making a career out of playing the violin, they may wish to make the investment for a highly priced violin of excellent quality:

For example:

  • Il Cremonese 1715 Model Stradivarius Replica: $2,500
  • Eastman Master Series Stradivarius: $1000
  • Wessex XV Series: $3,300

Electric and Electro-Acoustic Violins

Electric violins are another alternative with a distinctive sound. These types of violins generally cost above $150. However, on top of this, then electric violinists will also need to pay for a proper amplification system which can cost between $200-$300.

Violin Rental

A great alternative to purchasing a brand new expensive violin, is to consider purchasing a used violin or renting a violin. This is a great idea for your students who are still growing and have not yet reached a full size violin, or for complete beginners who are still unsure about whether they are ready to invest thousands of dollars in a new violin. Some violin shops may allow you to try out the violin for a week or two before committing to a full rental. This is a great idea as it will allow you to get a feel for the instrument without having to make a full commitment. While the cost of rentals is highly variable depending on the location and the type of violin you are renting, this can be anywhere from $30-$200 per month. You should also pay attention to the minimum number of months of rental that you are required in order to rent.

Violin Lesson Prices on Superprof

Superprof is an education platform where teachers and tutors from all over the globe can share their skills and knowledge in thousands of different subjects- including the violin!

If you are looking for a violin teacher, then visit Superprof Canada, enter your subject, and specify your location (or online lessons). You'll then be able to go through hundreds of teacher profiles in your area. You'll be able to select your teacher based upon their teaching methodology, experience, rates charged per lesson and the location of their lessons. Once you've found your teacher, all you'll have to do is send them a lesson request on Superprof, and if they accept then you are ready to schedule your first lesson!

Find violin lessons near me here.

finding a violin teacher will help you start your journey as a musician
Buying a good quality violin is a great investment for aspiring violinists ¦ source: Pixabay - hmcreativos

When going through different tutoring profiles, you'll notice that prices vary according to levels taught by each tutor. If they specialise mainly in classical training or a specific method such as Suzuki, they may charge higher rates.

Additionally, location plays a role. Teachers in larger cities such as Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver tend to charge higher prices than violin teachers in smaller cities.

Violin Lessons Near me: How much do they cost?

In general, in larger cities, the average rate for violin lessons is higher.  However, depending on your level, this does not necessarily mean that you will pay more for violin lessons.

The reason that prices tend to be higher in larger cities, is because there are generally more music schools and conservatories with teachers with a higher level of expertise, so these tend to drive up the average prices for lessons. However, if you're a complete beginner or still a novice violinist, the good news is that you'll still likely find a teacher offering reasonably priced lessons. Don't be afraid to start lessons with university or conservatory students with some teaching experience, as these can often be the best teachers for young aspiring violinists.

If you’re already a seasoned musician looking for help with entry exams, you will require a teacher with a certain level of expertise who will likely charge much higher rates.  They will also offer more rigorous lessons and expect you to maintain a regular violin practice in order to achieve your goals.

Let’s have a look at the prices for violin teachers in Canada: 

  • In Toronto, you can pay around $60 per hour for an experienced violinist or $25 an hour for $25 an hour for a student violinist
  • In Calgary you can pay $65 for a conservatory teacher, or you can pay $40 for a lesson with a university student
  • In Montréal, you can pay $60 per hour for a Suzuki teacher, or $30 for students.

As you can see, there's a huge variation in rates based on location and level of experience. So you'll be sure to find a teacher based on your own personal needs and budget on Superprof.


Children are taught how to read music and recognise differences in pitch at well as learning to play their instrument
Violin lessons for youngsters are especially focussed developing musicality and musical ear training ¦ source: Visualhunt - juhansonin

The cost of private online violin lessons can add up quickly, so, are there any other options?

Violin Group Lesson Prices

When first starting out, taking group lessons is a fun way for students to learn in a relaxed and creative environment, and may also be less costly then private lessons.

Getting over your stage fright by performing with a group will improve your overall confidence
From violin group to philharmonic orchestra: music centres are a great place to learn to perform! ¦ source: Visualhunt - cseeman

Superprof offers an option for group lessons in all subjects including the violin. You may also find group lessons at a music school, university or local schools, and music academies or conservatories. For more advanced players, you may also wish to enrol in a musical ensemble, orchestra or quartet.

By playing in a group, this offers you a chance to perform in front of others and to share your skills and creativity. You may also wish to play with different instruments in a musical ensemble which is an extremely fun and rewarding experience for every musician.

Can You Learn Violin Online Free?

When you are really on a tight budget, is it still possible to learn the violin? Here are a couple of tips that help you to advance your violin skills while on a budget.

  • Superprof's First lesson free: Many tutors on our platform offer their first lesson for free. This is a great way to get to know your tutors before engaging in lessons over the long term.
  • Make the most of internet resources: youtube has a wealth of free video channels with step-by-step tutorials to help you gain critical violin skills. You'll also be able to find thousands of violin blogs for beginners and experienced violinists written by violin teachers.
  • Check out exercises and sheet music:  You'll be able to find pieces you've always wanted to play and technical or theoretical exercises for every level. Many of these resources are free or cost very little!
  • Violin and the equipment may be pretty costly, so consider buying used equipment on platforms such as Kijiji. Just make sure that you are buying something of adequate quality before committing to purchasing.
  • Violin Apps: There are a growing number of musical apps and violin apps available that are available, and that are often completely free or require in-app purchases. These apps help you to tune your violin, learn the basics of musical theory, as well as practical themes such as how to hold your violin and your bow correctly. Check out your Apple, Windows, or Android App store for a suitable app for your needs.

Although attending a classical music concert or an orchestra isn't always free, there are thousands of free performances in major cities in parks and street corners. Also, check out Youtube and your favorite music blogs to watch violinists performing in real life.

It's important to be familiar with violinists playing in order to  picking up the correct habits and skills to play the violin. 

When you are on a tight budget, Youtube is your best friend when it comes to finding great content and to explore different types and styles of violin. Not only can you stream concerts with some of your favorite artists, but you'll also find a wealth of video tutorials, reviews and recommendations that will help you to progress without having to pay a hefty price.

If you are really serious about progressing, then the best thing to do is to hire a violin teacher that will be able to guide you and inspire you to progress! Although the cost may be an obstacle for some, it doesn't have to be when learning the violin!

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