“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

A lot of couples think about their friends and family when it comes to planning their wedding. The same goes for their wedding photography.
Whether you want studio photos or you’d prefer photos from the day, the goal is the same; get photos that you like. To help you, here’s some advice on the best places for wedding photos.

Things to Keep in Mind

Organising a wedding photoshoot should be an enjoyable part of planning your wedding day. Wedding photography is for capturing the best moments of the event so that you can put them in a beautiful photo album or up on your wall. This is why where you get your photos taken is important.

Where can you do your wedding photography?
Think carefully about where you'll be happy taking a white dress! (Source: Pexels)

For successful wedding photos, you need to focus on the details as they’ll ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Firstly, you need to think about the lighting where you’re getting your photos taken. After all, light is what makes photos work. No light, no photos. This doesn’t mean that you need natural light as a professional wedding photographer can always use a flash but natural night tends to work better in photography.

The bride and groom should also think about colour. You don’t want colours that are too bright as they’ll distract from the bride’s dress, which is usually white. That said, you still need a place that looks nice. Similarly, you need to think of somewhere you can get to while wearing a wedding dress.

You don’t necessarily need to get these photos on the day but you probably don’t want to get your dress covered in muck from a dirty path. After all, separate photoshoots are normally done before the day of the ceremony.

You can always ask for advice from your photographer. They should know some good places to get photos or at least the criteria and they might even suggest a few places for you to choose from.

The important thing is that you feel comfortable with the places that you’ve chosen. It needs to be somewhere you can accurately capture your love for one another. Capturing your feelings is more important than the surroundings.

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Doing the Shoot on the Day of the Wedding

Some couples decide to get photos of the bride and groom, the wedding party, and the guests on the day itself. Whether it’s for budgetary reasons or just because you’re already dressed for the occasion, if you find the right moment on the day, you can get your photos done then.

Between the prep, the ceremony, the speeches, the meal, and the dance, it can be difficult to find a peaceful moment to get photos of just the two of you. Again, work this out with your photographer if you want to get some photos together on the day.

Can you get location photos on your wedding day?
If you're getting married near some beautiful locations, you always do a photoshoot on the day of your wedding. (Source: Skitterphoto)

However, in terms of where to do it, you’ll need to find the perfect place that isn’t too far from the venue. This might be a park, castle, neighbouring woods, a field full of flowers, or just under a nice tree. If you’re doing your photos on the day, consider this when choosing your venue.

Finally, you’ll want your photos to be of you happy and relaxed so don’t squeeze in a photoshoot into an already busy schedule. If it’s going to be too difficult, schedule it for another day.

Of course, if you schedule wedding photographs on a different day to the wedding ceremony, expect to pay more as you'll be paying for the photographer for another day.

Choose Places that Mean Something to You

Where you met, where you had your first kiss, your favourite park, etc., choose places that mean something to both of you where you have a lot of happy memories or a place where you like being. These are the perfect places for your wedding photos.

Where should couples get their wedding photos?
Make sure you choose places that are special to you rather than cliché locations. (Source: sh112)

Again, talk to your photographer about some of these places and they can suggest which of them will work best as photos. They may also find a way to bring different places together as a theme.

Even if they’re not the most aesthetically-pleasing places, the fact that they mean something to you is the most important. Furthermore, you’ll feel very comfortable in them and this will show in all your photos.

It’s much easier to look happy in photos when you are. A good photographer will let the wedding couple do their thing and capture a great candid photo when they're looking their happiest.

You might want engagement photos from the exact place you got engaged or where you had your wedding reception. After all, you probably chose your wedding venue because you liked the place!

Beautiful Landscapes for Wedding Photos

You’re probably looking for beautiful photos that you can hang up in your home. The nicer the place, the nicer your photos will be. Some places look good from almost any angle.

Take castles, for example. There’s a fairytale-like quality to them and you can get tonnes of photos from different parts of the building and around the grounds. While it might be a bit cliché, castles make for great wedding photos. Similarly, you might want it for your venue.

Fields of flowers also provide a romantic setting and there are very few people who don’t find flowers beautiful.

The seaside and forests also work great for romantic photos. However, think carefully about the shots you want to take as some locations may seem like they'd make the perfect wedding photos but in practice, if you didn't have a beach wedding, you mightn't want to get your wedding dress covered in sand, especially before the big day.

On the other hand, if you've had a destination wedding, you might already be in the perfect place to get some fantastic photos or footage for a wedding video or album.

Focus on Your Passions

Your wedding photos should be in places that evoke feelings. These places can give your wedding photos personality.

Where are the best places to take wedding photos?
Try to incorporate your passions into your wedding photography. (Source: Aperturastudios)

For example, if you both love cooking, photos in a farmer’s market might do the trick. Maybe you love horse riding and would like your photos taken in a stable. Ideally, you want something that you’re both passionate about.

In the cinema, surrounded by classic cars, in an old library, surrounded by animals, on a golf course, etc., there are plenty of places that can show off your passions and love for one another. Similarly, you won’t need to decorate these places.

Don't get photos of you holding hands if you're not that type of couple. You'll want to pose naturally and the best wedding photographers will ensure that you look happy and comfortable in your wedding pictures.

Professional photographers can capture great pictures of newlyweds doing what they love or sharing special moments to put in their wedding album.

If you have any photo ideas, discuss them with your photographer.

Travel to Get Photos

While this option isn’t for everyone on account of the cost, you might want to consider going somewhere special to get your wedding photos. You could even get photos taken on your honeymoon in exotic surroundings.

It’d be hard to get bad wedding photos in Venice, for example. Gondolas, canals, Venetian streets, the whole place is inspirational. Of course, you’ll need to hire a photographer there or pay to fly one out!

Similarly, you’ll want a photographer who can speak English well. The photoshoot will quickly become irritating if you can’t understand one another. You won’t have this problem if you go closer to home. That said, you could get some wonderful photos in Rome, Paris, Seville, or Prague.

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Choosing Original Places

Even if your wedding takes place in a traditional setting, why not get some wedding snaps in interesting places?

A fairground, on the train, an old abandoned building, whatever you like.

You can get some original photos. Similarly, you’ll end up with something that will always make you smile when you look at it.

You might also get some original photos from just letting the photographer do their thing. Experimenting with analogue photography may also yield some interesting results. That said, it’s harder to edit these photos afterwards.

Of course, before you try and be original, try to be yourself! Spontaneity is the best recipe for good photos!

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