More students now than ever and at at every age, are opting for private tutorials for a variety of reasons.

As the demand for private tutoring increases, so has the private tutorials market in Canada.

Teaching private tutorials at a student’s home is a good way to teach both primary and secondary school children while earning some extra money.   Once you've found students, deciding where best to teach them is your next step!

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Where do most of the tutors at Superprof  hold their private tutorials?

Where should you teach your student? At their home? Your home?  Or Online?

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Advantages of Private Tutorials at the Student’s Home

Most students prefer the tutor to come to their house for private tutorials. Sometimes it can be hard trying to encourage a child to sit down and do there homework. Having to convince them to take a bus ride or walk further to a tutor's home maybe even less motivating for the student.

Which room should you teach private tutorials in?
You can decide to teach in any room that's comfortable and suitable for lessons. (Source: ErikaWittlieb)

With the tutor coming to them, they just have to get out their pens and books and wait for their tutor to arrive.

This type of academic support is useful for any and all of the different subjects including maths, physics, biology, chemistry, English, French, Spanish, German, etc.

From a practical point of view, the student doesn’t have to waste time on public transport and they can study in a suitable safe environment conducive to learning.

However, parents will have to pay slightly more than the tutor’s normal rates, it will have to be calculated taking the transport costs into account.

Private tutorials at a student’s house are also a good way to make students feel more "at home" or relaxed . Some students struggle with studying in an unfamiliar environment and to make your life and your student's life easier, you want to make them feel as comfortable as possible and being in their own home may be to everyone's advantage.

So how can you help a student who’s struggling before their first tutorial’s begins? Make the location convenient!

Well one advantage of travelling to the student’s house is that you have the option to also teach primary school children who’d otherwise need to be taken to your house or take public transport on their own. Those who are very young probably wouldn’t be able to travel easily or safely and most parents prefer lessons at their home. 

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Some Disadvantages of Teaching at the Student’s House?

Sometimes you’ll be expected to travel long distances, especially if you live in one of the larger cities in Canada.

How far should private tutors travel?
Consider travel time and cost, getting to your student's house might not be worth it.  (Source: Didgeman)

If you earn $20 or $35 an hour, it can quickly become half that amount once you’ve considered how much travelling you’ve done, the cost and the time to get there. So you should consider these factors before agreeing to take on students that may be too far and expensive to reach.  Try to find students in your own local area for teaching.

Secondary school students tend to have busy schedules especially when they are in their final years and studying for their High School diploma GED or the finals for their AP or IB Diplomas.  They may not not be available during week day hours but these students are some of the ones most in need of private tutoring lesson for additional support.

Private tutorials need to work around the student’s busy and hectic schedules. As their private tutor, you may be expected to offer tutorials during evenings, weekends, school holidays, and bank holidays.

In other words, a private tutor tends to work usually when everyone else is not. Academic support is a way to help a student improve their grades, understand certain aspects of their classes better, help them in reviewing for exams and doing test preparations. It's a vital support function that students may be in need of to help them succeed academically.

Tutors aren’t miracle workers so how do you teach a student who has literally no interest in learning?

Sometimes tutors have to be creative and  try a different approach!!

You could consider teaching your classes outside in a relaxing public place like a library, cafe, etc. Of course, if your student’s an adult, a quiet pub could be ideal. French lessons would be ideal in a french cafe perhaps! Pourqois pas!

Can you teach private tutorials outside?
If the weather's nice why not try taking your tutorial outside! (Source: cocoparisienne)

It’s much nicer learning any language in a nice café or outside in the sun when the weather allows. How would you plan for your first lessons outdoors?

Academic Support Lessons at the Tutor’s House

In some cases, tutors can provide tutorials  in their own home. While most people think that home tutoring takes place in the student's house, in some cases, it can be better to get help with  academic support lessons at the tutor's house because they can set up a dedicated classroom in their home.  But this will depend on the students age and comfort level and other considerations they may have and is at their discretion, should a tutor decide to offer this option for private tutoring.

Private tutors living in big cities should have no trouble finding students throughout the school year.

What about those living in smaller towns or in the country?

How do you teach online private tutorials?
Even if you live in a remote area, online tutoring lessons are a great option. (Source: 12019)

In smaller population towns in any of the provinces in Canada,  finding a private tutor can be quite difficult because there may not be  many tutors in their area,  and especially for rarer subjects. It can be even more difficult in the countryside or remote areas of Canada to find one on one private tutoring.

Teaching academic support tutorials online is another way to do it. Naturally, such lessons must be planned meticulously...

Online Tutoring Lessons

Whether you live in a big city like Toronto, on Vancouver island,  or in Halifax,  you can give tutoring lessons anywhere in the world via webcam. All you'll need is a reliable internet connection, your laptop, and a webcam and microphone. Online learning is particularly convenient for students living in remote or rural areas, where it may be more difficult to find a private tutor, or just for the sake of convenience and preference!  Online learning means that both the tutor and student can meet for lessons, from the comfort of their own homes.

Getting started as an online tutor can require some time and preparation.  Make sure your internet connection is fast and reliable, if not consider upgrading it for better reliability during your lessons. Remember that although laptops may have built in microphones and webcams, it may not be of sufficient quality for online lessons. Ensure that your equipment is of good quality for providing online lessons before you begin.

How does online tutoring work and how am I paid for my lessons? 

Discuss with your students beforehand the easiest and most convenient way to pay for lessons. Most tutors find that the most convenient way to get paid is through PayPal or direct bank transfer.  Sending a cheque is also an option, but takes more time and less convenient.  Now with automated banking and direct online payment options its much easier.

Consider creating your own tutoring website, and incorporate a direct payment system where students can pay for tutoring lessons in the same way that they would pay for other online products or services.

Online tutoring is a great option for many subjects and particularly true for tutoring in foreign languages, where you may wish to have lessons with a native speaker. What better way to learn French than from a native Parisian living in Paris!

Subjects such as Mathematics,  Chemistry, Biology,  online tutoring is a great option with plenty of useful online resources for math tutors to use in addition to, and to reinforce lessons.   There is even software available to assist you in correcting  and grading your students' homework and assignments online.

For students that need extra help with study skills and keeping up with all of their classes, an online academic tutor can provide invaluable support and advice, while allowing them to utilise their study time more efficiently. This extra support can help them feel more confident and motivated and can be an important factor in helping students feel supported throughout the course of their academic journey. An online tutor can provide this invaluable support, and at the student's own convenience.

Choosing the right tutor is an important decision for students.  They search for the best tutor that will meet their needs and that can best help them achieve their academic goals, so bear in mind that a majority of tutors on Superprof offer their first lesson for free, and it's is a great introduction.  Make sure that you are providing the best tutoring lessons by discussing and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your students and help them to set academic goals and outcomes to attain.  They will find your private tutoring lessons invaluable in the pursuit of their academic goals!

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