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Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering. I teach all Electrical Engineering related topics, including circuit analysis, control systems, machine control and design, power electronics, and many more!


In the last 13 years, I have had several teaching roles. During this period I have had the chance to teach several high school and undergraduate subjects. My previously experiences include
•Private tutoring, where I’ve had the chance to experience one-on-one teaching and understand the strength of a direct and fast feedback loop between teacher and student. This experience has provided me with the skill to recognize and adapt to the individual traits and learning strategies of each student.
•UFRN tutoring has provided me with exposure to a teaching higher complexity, undergraduate level subjects, often in a classroom environment. This opportunity has allowed me to find strategies to engage students in a time-constrained setup while covering the scheduled material and addressing coming doubts.
•UofT TAships, where I’ve held positions as a tutorial TA, as well as a head lab TA, has allowed me to gain experience in the specific teaching and assessment methodologies adopted at the University of Toronto, and further my classroom experience. These experiences, have allowed me to develop a set of principles which guide my teaching practice. These principles are discussed below.

Connect Knowledge - Understanding the students’ previous knowledge allows the teacher to connect what has been taught to previously understood concepts. These connections are a pleasant experience for the student at the same time as it strongly solidifies the new concept in their mind. This strategy can also be leveraged for completely new concepts, by presenting it from different points of view (in case of engineering concepts: graphical, algebraic, conceptual, physical, etc...), with each new standpoint providing the said connection with the rest of the material.

Inspiring curiosity - Can be a powerful tool. Leveraging interesting phenomena and development of the concepts taught, allows the teacher to instigate the students to pursue further knowledge. As the students actively seek to understand the material, as opposed to having the concepts passively imparted to them. Curiosity also results in a fun experience, reducing the stress typically associated with undergraduate programs, and leads students to spend more time on the subject outside the classroom, resulting in a deeper understanding.

Balance between taught and thought - It is extremely important to provide the students with the opportunity to critically arrive at their own conclusions about the taught subject. This too, inspires a sense of pride and ownership over the material and enhances the student experience and knowledge retention, These experiences provide the students with a sense of ownership over the studied concept and allow the teacher and the university to access a pool of out-of-the-box creativity, which at times can prove incredibly valuable.

Incentivizing collaboration -Collaboration between the students can provide a valuable setup in which effectively, the students often teach one another, multiplying teaching time, while providing a more relaxed environment while doubts can be more simply clarified. As the students teach each other, they are often forced to elaborate and clarify their own knowledge, are exposed to little doubts and provided with the opportunity to reiterate and solidify the concepts. A collaborative setup can also provide the opportunity for social interaction, enhancing undergraduate experience and providing strong student networks which prove to be extremely useful during life after university.

Constant assessment - Frequent assessment provide the students with the opportunity to face small misunderstandings while keeping a lower pressure environment. This also results in students spending fewer times with misunderstandings which can lead to further confusions in following concepts in the material.

Listening to the students - Regardless of however long someone has taught, I strongly believe that it is possible to listen and learn. It is not uncommon that a strategy that worked with a class or in a specific setup will not be optimal for another set. Listening to students’ feedback allow the teacher to quickly adapt and improve the class effectiveness and student experience.


I received my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil and I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Peter Lehn at the University of Toronto. All throughout my academic life, I have gone beyond my program's usual requirements, both technically and personally, to bring perfection to everything I was involved in.
This, combined with my ability to learn rapidly, yielded me a grade point average among the best 3\% in the history of the program along with graduating with the highest CGPA of my class. Throughout my formation and personal life, I have faced many challenges, each one of which I took as an opportunity to go one step further in my search of engineering excellence and moral wisdom.


Rate for online lessons : $ 50/h
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $50
Lessons offered by Caniggia
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronics
  • Electricity
  • All Levels

Caniggia's Resume


University of Toronto (May 2017 - Current)
• Developed on control systems for AC/DC bidirectional topology ripple mitigation.
• Currently working on integrating electric vehicles magnetics and drivetrains into DC Fast Charging.
• Won several awards as a result of strong levels self-motivation, focus, and work ethics.

UFRN - Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (Feb. 2012 - Dec. 2016)
• Graduated as First Student of the class of 2016.
• Received a “PET-EE” Scholarship which is given to the best students in each program.
• Placed among the best 3% in the history of the program.
• Awarded with Science Without Borders exchange scholarship.


2019 - IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON TRANSPORTATION ELECTRIFICATION, A Drivetrain Integrated DC Fast Charger with Buck and Boost Functionality and Simultaneous Drive/Charge Capability
2019 - IEEE COMPEL, Interleaved Buck-Boost Integrated DC Fast Charger with Bidirectional Fault
Blocking Capability
2018 - IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, Single Input Space Vector Based Control System
for Ripple Mitigation on Single-Phase Converters
2017 - IEEE COMPEL, DC Ripple Regulation of Single-Phase Converters with Reduced Harmonic Impact


Programming: C/C++, VHDL-Verilog, Python, Matlab, MS Office-VBA
Simulation: Simulink, PLECS, PSCAD, Spice, PSIM, Proteus
CAD: Altium Designer, AutoCAD
Languages: English (Fluent), Portuguese (Fluent), French (Advanced)

Honors & Awards:

2019 - Best Poster Award, European Ph.D. School - Power Electronics, Electrical Machines, Energy Control
and Power Systems
2019 - Paul Biringer Award, University of Toronto
2018 - Fellowship, Department Of Electrical And Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
2017 - Edward S. Rogers Sr. Graduate Scholarship, University of Toronto
2017 - Magna Cum Laude (1st of Class), Electrical Engineering Class, UFRN
2013 - Winner, Electrical Engineering challenge of UFRN


Tutor at the University of Toronto:
TA`ed ECE349
TA`ed ECE356
TA`ed ECE463

Private Tutor:
Tutored over 1000 hours of undergraduate and high school courses.

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