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« Perfect! Very kind, very patient. Very knowledgeable about the subject. ... More »
« Perfect! Very kind, very patient. Very knowledgeable about the subject. Takes the time to explain things thoroughly. I understood concepts a lot better with him. »
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Passionate on drones,let us fly high and only sky is our limit. Let me kindle your interest on Aerial Robotics-Ganesh Subramanian-FAA Pilot,Toronto,ON,Canada


I love layman approaches and explaining things using cartoons. My approach will mesmerize you to fall in love over the subject and eventually make you master in that field. Major portion of my teaching will be experienced with practicals and real time simulations.


I did Ph.D in Electronics Engineering, M.E in Applied Electronics and B.E in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Earned my FAA drone pilot license last year 2018. I am also a Google Certified Digital marketer and a professional content writer.


Transportation Fee : $5
Rate for online lessons : $ 14/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $65
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $130
Lessons offered by Ganesh
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Technology
  • Automatic
  • Robotics
  • Aeronautics
  • All Levels

Ganesh's Resume

Education :
Ph.D (Electronics Engineering -2009 to 2016)
M.E (Applied Electronics-2005 to 2008),
B.E (Electronics and Communication Engineering – 1994 to 1998)


✓ Completed Master Diploma in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.2016-2017
✓ FAA USA Drone Pilot -2018
✓ Two pathways at Toastmasters International on Public Speaking
✓ Google Digital Marketing Certification
✓ Certified Digital Content Writer –Henry Harvin Education pvt.ltd, India.

Awards Received

 Best Teacher Award during the year 2004 at Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology, Chennai, India
 Best Teacher Award during the year 2011 at Panimalar Institute of Technology, Chennai, India
 Received cash award and certification of appreciation for the video clip selected during the 10th Anniversary Celebrations of YouTube jointly organized by Computer Society of India, Chennai, IEEE Computer Society, Madras IEEE Professional Communication Society, Madras on May 11,2015
 Presenter award at SEED India 2015 SIIP conference during 3& 4 July 2015 at IIT­M
 Best Staff award among 192 Professors, during the year 2015, jointly conceived by Anna University and Surprise solutions, Chennai for the contribution in a National level competition­ DHONI 2015.
 Young Researcher Award during Eapp2016 at Sathyabama University, Chennai, June 2016
 Best Supporting staff of Entrepreneurship Development Cell of the year 2017, Anna University- Chennai, India, February 2017.
 Dr.Kalam Social Activist Award- World Youth Federation & Anna University, Chennai, India-October 15,2017
 IEEE Professional Achievement Award for the year 2017.

The 11 reviews on Ganesh
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Perfect! Very kind, very patient. Very knowledgeable about the subject. Takes the time to explain things thoroughly. I understood concepts a lot better with him.

Ganesh's response

Hi it was a good experience taking classes to you. Thank you.


Perfect! He's a good teacher. Always makes sure to teach the base of what topics you ask for so he makes sure you fully understand everything. He can go slow or fast depending on your choice.
Worth it !

Ganesh's response

Proper input , punctual.


Perfect! Such an amazing tutor he is. Helped me achieve 94 percent in final exam. Such a dedicated person. I would recommend everyone who are looking for electronics tutoring to take lessons from him.

Ganesh's response

Committed and Hardworker

8 recommendations


Ganesh sir is a very intellectual tutor. He helped me achieve 94 percentage in my final exam. His teaching style is very helpful, also the way he interacts with you during the lessons is really appreciable. I would suggest everyone who are looking for electronics tutoring to have lessons with Ganesh sir .


Prof.Ganesh has always been the one to make learning easier through examples you can easily relate to. His knowledge in his area of expertise is just commendable. Glad to have had him as a guide.


Prof. Ganesh is an excellent teacher. His teaching method is very effective, clear and trustworthy.

Arun kumar

I have worked with Mr.Ganesh in several Robotics research projects over the last 9 years. He is an excellent teacher who makes sure every one of his lessons has a practical approach. He makes learning fun and interactive. I would highly recommend taking his course.


Prof. Ganesh is one of best professors I have had during my academics. He is very methodical and patient. He has a practice approach to make his students understand the concepts.

Arvind Kumar

I have known Professor Ganesh for more than 6 years now and worked with him on several Autonomous vehicle projects. He is a person who goes the extra mile to make sure everyone comfortably understands what he teaches and learn on how to apply them in a real-time application. I was from a different industrial background but he ensured I understood everything he did from the basics and was more than happy to teach something several times in different ways to make sure I understood the concepts. There are only a few professors who make a strong impact with students, he is one of them. I strongly recommend his courses without any hesitation.

Sarath Babu

I know Ganesh sir for more than 6 years. He was my professor in undergrad. He's very passionate about what he teaches. He's always available for students with any questions we have. All his lectures are informative and fun filled. I would highly recommend for all other members to attend his class.


Prof. Ganesh helped me grow in my career. During my college days he formed a team to build robot for the Singapore Autonomous underwater vehicle competition held by IEEE Singapore I was happy to work in his team. He guided us all the way from scratch till we build the complete robot. One of the best professor I had. Thank you prof.

Ganesh's interview

QUESTION 01 | 05
1) When and why did you develop an interest in your chosen field?
Ganesh — Teaching is my passion. I took teaching as my career during my school days itself. Teaching isn't just an extraordinary method to find whether we have an enthusiasm for educating, however it can furnish us with an experience that is significant for our scholastic achievement and our resume. The understudy who gets mentoring help isn't the one in particular who is learning. Coaching different understudies in perusing, composing, and study aptitudes, just as course ideas and speculations, can assist us with solidifying our insight in these zones.
By disclosing course hypotheses to other people, we will find that we increase further comprehension of ideas that can assist us with advancing our scholastic investigations. Correspondingly, by helping understudies with their composition, examining, and association, we can refine our aptitudes in these territories.Turning into a mentor can likewise furnish us with important relational, correspondence, and listening abilities. As a coach, we should have the option to clarify different ideas in a huge number of approaches to accord with every understudy's learning style. By perceiving and tending to the individualized manners by which understudies learn, we will create solid relational and listening capacities.
QUESTION 02 | 05
2) What makes you passionate about your subject?
Ganesh — My energy is working with students who are battling scholastically. I mentor a gathering of first-graders once per week in perusing and composing. I love helping students make associations in subjects they struggle to understand.
QUESTION 03 | 05
3) What do you like about tutoring? What makes you a "Superprof"?
Ganesh — It's actually what they state, It is dubious where life will take you, I've been fortunate enough that life has carried me to the Restore Ministries after school program in the city of Elizabeth to fill in as a mentor. I function as a low maintenance mentor, and I love it.
I trust I can have any kind of effect in a youngster's life. As a mother, I know how troublesome is to keep an all-day work, stay aware of the house errands, and in particular bring up a youngster. I recall the days, my mother and stepfather worked throughout the day, so I need to do my tasks without anyone else. My mother was anxious to help me when she got back home from work, yet the sluggishness in her face was pathetic, so I generally said I didn't require any assistance. Even though I realized how to do all my schoolwork, I understood that I needed to impart my scholarly accomplishments to my mom, I needed her to see that I was doing very well in math. I required her help and consideration.

I am extremely certain that this after school program is valuable for youngsters whose guardians work and don't have the opportunity to be included in their kids' training. I likewise accept youngsters can show improvement over what they want to, so I like to assist them with finding that. Numerous kids lose inspiration for school since they are coming up short in 1 or 2 subjects. At the point when I see that incident, I guarantee them that an awful evaluation doesn't characterize what their identity is, and on the off chance that they concentrate hard, they will comprehend the subject and improve grades.
I likewise disclose to them that they can ask me a similar inquiry on many occasions if that is what will take for them to comprehend the material. I know a considerable lot of their folks are working all day and don't have the opportunity to check their schoolwork or tasks, along these lines, I like them to realize that there is someone there for them. This attitude makes me a Superprofessor.
QUESTION 04 | 05
4) Do you have any role models; a teacher that inspired you? Please explain.
Ganesh — Yes, my role model is Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, who was the former president of India. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam always used to say he would like to be remembered as a teacher. When he became the President in 2002, he made no compromise on his penchant for teaching. He grabbed every opportunity to teach students, especially children, wherever he went. Administering a pledge on national development to the youth was his passion.
In an exclusive interview to The Hindu on the occasion of ‘Teachers Day’ on September 5, 2013, the former President said: “If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me.”
Minutes before his end came on Monday, Mr. Kalam was teaching students at the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong.
“Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, calibre and future of an individual...youth have a dream and also they have a pain. The pain comes out of their dream; they want to live in a prosperous, happy and peaceful India. This type of student’s environment ignites me and leads me to interact with young minds,” he said in the interview.
QUESTION 05 | 05
5) What are your keys to success?
Ganesh — Clarity, Commitment, Confidence, and Competence

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