Acting schools are something every new actor will start to consider. It’s a great way to gain experience and gain the skills you need to become successful as an actor. It’s the perfect way to start your career off right as an actor. You're going to have two different ways to take acting classes. Your first option is taking acting classes. Acting classes are good for experienced actors that are only looking to improve on a couple of skills. Acting schools are good for new actors looking to learn everything they need to know. Acting schools are good for new actors because you're devoting a lot of time and money to get better. Experienced actors have already gained a lot of skills needed or have gone to acting school in the past.

Acting is a competitive world. Each year 1000s of new actors just try to make it as an actor with some succeeding and some that don’t. So how do you stay competitive and earn your spot as an actor? It’s getting the training you need. Acting schools are offered all over the world. There are even amazing schools offered right here in Canada.

Acting can be a very competitive job.
Acting can be a very competitive job. Source: Kyle Loftus, Pexels

Why Enroll at Acting School?

Getting the training you need to become an actor should be your first step when you decide to become an actor. At auditions, you're going to be in a room full of professionals you want to be able to sure you have the skill set that will set you apart. Acting schools are all different lengths. Some programs offer an undergraduate degree in acting while others have a 4-month diploma program. You need to look at the benefits of each school to understand the pros and cons. We’ll also list some top acting schools around Canada so you can feel confident enrolling in any of them.

Acting Schools have a Lot of Benefits

Knowledge - As a new actor it's fair to say you don't know anything. Acting isn't as easy as it may seem. Professional actors spend countless hours practicing their craft and learning the skills they need. Actors need to be good at cold reading, voice acting, memoirs and auditions just to name a few. Enrolling an acting school you’ll gain the skills you need to start as an actor.

Practice - Having no experience as a new actor is nerve-wracking. You’ll be nervous starting regardless but having experience can make you feel more confident. Acting schools will have their students practice daily. You'll feel good knowing you have some experience after acting school. You’ll know what to expect and how to adapt.

Connections - Acting schools are taught by industry professionals. Most schools will have teachers that have been in the business and understand what it's like to be an actor. You’ll gain a good understanding of what it's like to be an actor. Teachers can also help you in your career as an actor. They’ll be able to help you find auditions and can introduce you to the right people to help your acting career. In acting school, you’ll also make some lifelong acting friends. It’s important to have a good foundation for people who understand acting.

Top Acting Schools in Canada

Acting schools are all over Canada. We have a lot of wonderful acting schools in Canada. We’ll list our top 3. These schools are found in either Toronto or Vancouver. These two cities are known for their film industry. Of course, you can become an actor anywhere in Canada but by living in these cities, you can have more opportunities as an actor.

Toronto, Ontario: The Toronto Academy of Acting

Toronto Academy of Acting is one of Canada's best acting schools. They offer a short 4-month program that teaches you everything you need to know. They have a proven track record of past alumni that have been successful as actors. Past alumni have been in Wonder Women, Army of the Dead and Degrassi just to name a few. They have a full team of professional teachers that are ready to teach students how to become great actors.

Vancouver, British Columbia: University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is unlike any other acting school. They focus on combining professional acting training, theatre history and arts education. They have a long list of alumni that have been featured in many movies and shows. The University of British Columbia has a professional team of teachers that can help take your acting skills to the next level.

Vancouver, British Columbia: Vancouver Acting School

Vancouver Acting School stands out from other acting schools. in Vancouver, They offer a 6-month diploma course that teaches their students the tools they need to become great actors. They prepare their students for the realities of becoming an actor and how to succeed. Vancouver Acting School is ready to work with you.

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Gain the skills you need as an actor by going back to school.
Gain the skills you need as an actor by going back to school. Source: Mihia Vlasceanu, Pexels

Top Acting Schools Around the World

Every country has a film industry. It’s a billion-dollar industry in places like China, India, the UK and the USA. A lot of film industries continue to grow every year. With the film industry growing that means there more and more acting schools being opened. It’s perfect for new actors because they can learn the skills they need to succeed. It’s not easy starting as an actor but learning from the right school can start you off right. Below is a list of some of the top acting schools around the world.

New York City, New York: Juilliard School

Juilliard School is one of the best acting schools in the world. They train over 800 students each year. Juilliard has a proven track record of successful alumni making them one of the hardest schools to get accepted in. Past students have been Robin Williams, Adam Driver, Jessica Chasten, Jennifer Carpenter and so many other famous actors. They have a 4-year acting program where students will learn the skills they need to become actors.

London, England: Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts is dedicated to teaching its students the tools for success. They offer world-leading training in acting. They also train students of all ages and all over the world. Royal Academy offers a 4-year undergraduate program as well as a diploma program. They are an exceptional school that has a team of qualified professionals that will help you in the right direction.

Beijing, China: The Central Academy of Drama

The Central Academy of Drama is one of China's top acting schools. They have had notable alumni that are well known all over China.  Central Academy of Drama offers a wonderful acting program that teaches actors everything they need to know. They also have a full team of qualified teachers that will take your acting skills to the next level.

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China's film industry continues to rise.
China's film industry continues to rise. Source: Sippakorn Yamkasikorn, Pexels

Start Learning to Act Today

The film industry is growing. There is always going to be a need for actors. People that aspire to be actors need to get the training so they can succeed in the industry. There are a lot of people out there trying to become actors you need to find a way to set your apart. Learning at the right acting school can be a good first step.

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