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Known as the capital city of Alberta, Edmonton is sometimes called Canada’s gateway to the North because it has important links such as roads, rail, and air transportation. It’s also far north up Canada’s large cities.

This city began as a fur trading for Hudson’s Bay Company. Since then, it has evolved into a city filled with tourist, cultural, and sporting attractions that host several dozens of festival each year.

Edmonton is filled with galleries, theatres, and festivals that showcase how rich the arts and culture is in this city. Two of the main tourist attractions is the Fort Edmonton Park and Rogers Place where you can see some of the biggest musical acts in the world.

You can also see an exhibit at the Art Gallery of Alberta and find out that this city is also filled with artists full of passion and ideas.

Without a doubt, it’s a great city to nurture your love for the arts. That’s why, there are also tons of drawing classes being offered by a wide variety of institutions and academies.

Read on to know more about these classes.

The Artra Art School

Known as Alberta’s Academy of Realist Art, the ARTRA Art School offers a warm, cozy environment for students who want to study art in their second home.

People of all ages can get high-quality education from this institution, given that their instructors are all professionals and passionate about their craft. Each class is relatively small in size to fully accommodate students’ needs. Another advantage of their small class size is that they are also given thorough guidance.

This school offers courses for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners. If you’re definitely into realism, this school should be the top choice for you.

One of the main techniques being used by the teachers in this school is the visual language which is ideal for those who learn better with demonstrations. They believe that students learn better when they can clearly see what they need to do to achieve the best results.

They offer courses during all terms - fall, winter, spring, and summer. They offer courses in both drawing and painting where students can learn realism.

Edmonton City Arts Centre

The Edmonton City Arts Centre is one of the proofs that the city gives value to arts and culture. The city’s arts centre offers several arts, crafts, cooking, and hobby programs that are being taught in several locations all over the city.

Those living in Edmonton can easily go to their website and check out what programs suit their interest. Some of the programs include dance, cooking and baking, music, crafts and handwork, and photography.

As for drawing classes, this falls under visual art programs. Adults can take up their visual art program where classes on painting, drawing, or mixed media is available. Here’s a list of drawing classes being offered under this program:

  • Basic Drawing Skills
  • Drawing & Painting with Mixed Media
  • Drawing 1 & 2
  • Drawing and Painting Bootcamp
  • Drawing on the Basics
  • Workshop: Drawing Portraits
  • Drawing the Figure
  • Drawing the Portrait 1 & 2

These classes usually take up 3 hours on weekdays and are usually conducted at the City Arts Centre.

The arts centre also offers classes for children and the youth. Here’s a list you can check out:

  • Art Explorers
  • Art Masters
  • Art Start

These classes touch on cartooning styles and techniques so that kids and teens can create their own comic books and strip. Each class will accommodate different skill levels suitable for their pace and their interests.

If ever you’re in Ottawa, you can visit a similar arts centre that offers various classes and workshops.

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Artelier Studios

The Paint Spot recently created an avenue for aspiring and practicing artists to learn old and new techniques.

This Edmonton-owned and operated fine arts materials shop has been supporting artists in Alberta as early as 1985. That’s why when they saw an opportunity to offer a space where these artists can make art comfortable, they’ve come up with the Artelier Studios.

Several classes are offered all throughout the week and there are even more daytime programs for students. As for night classes, there are also some being offered that are independent of their store hours.

You can either come as an individual or be part of a group who wants to hone and practice your creative skills.

There are tons of art classes being offered in Artelier Studios and currently, there are two drawing classes available: Paint Spot Demo: Drawing with Markers and Paint Spot Demo: Drawing with Pens.

These classes use different media and are scheduled on different days for January. There will be more classes in the upcoming months so stay tuned for updates on their website.

Metro Continuing Education

As a unique part of the Edmonton Public School Board, Metro Continuing Education offers various programs for elementary and high school students, as well as adults.

These programs cover a wide range of topics and offer lessons on learning new skills or improving them. They also offer government-funded LINC and ESL classes for those who want to learn English as a second language.

For adults, they offer programs under the adult continuing education program wherein classes in art, business and leadership, personal finance and law, health & wellness, and cooking are being taught. There are more being offered - just visit their website to see a complete list.

In relation to drawing classes, there are several being offered under the art program. Here’s a list of classes:

  • Figure Drawing for Beginners
  • Introduction to Drawing

As of the moment, there are only two classes being offered. As a prerequisite, those who want to take up these classes must bring their own materials. To get your hands on the list, simply contact them for more information.

Canvastone Studio

Canvastone studio is a studio owned by Penny and Terry MacInnis. These owners each have their own sets of experience with Penny being nominated several times for being an excellent teacher and Terry spending many years teaching at university.

Each of them have their own specialty and continually improve their skills as time goes by. Given that they’re both educators, one can expect that the learning experience in this studio is conducive and great for students - whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

The studio also offers a trial period where parents can let their children try out two classes and see whether their kids want to pursue studying with them or not.

A lot of parents have already posted their testimonies and have been giving praises for these teachers.

They offer three major classes in relation to the media they each pursue. The three major classes include painting, soapstone, and drawing classes.

Their drawing classes were just recently offered and can be added in conjunction to the classes they currently take. If they only want to pursue drawing, it could also be a stand-alone class.

These classes are offered every two weeks and suitable for ages six and up.

If you’re looking for a different family business offering drawing classes, you can visit La Salamandre Art Centre in Montréal.

Pygmalion School of Fine Art

Operating since 1992, this school has consistently been offering quality education that emphasizes technique, individual guidance, and a small class size. They offer their classes in a huge studio setting so that students can have a comfortable place to work in.

In this school, students are being taught theories and fundamentals so that they can better learn the techniques and develop their own skills in drawing, painting, and sculpting.

By June, students get to display their best artworks at the annual student exhibition. Students are free to choose what artwork they think is the best and can use this exhibit as a way for them to start their artistic journey towards more exhibits and galleries.

At the Pygmalion School of Fine Art, they have classes for children, teens, and adults. They also offer spring break and summer camps just in case students don’t want to pursue long-term classes.

In relation to drawing classes, there’s a Drawing Only for Kids class. Their “I Am An Artist” summer art camp is also a great way for teens who just want to freely do art as they please. These camp is more on the exploration side of things where students can enhance their drawing skills at their own pace.

In Toronto, the Avenue Road Arts School also offers similar classes. If you happen to visit the area, you might want to check this school out.

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Pro’s Art School

Gene Prokop started his own art school after he felt that there should be more emphasis on academic techniques in art schools. He started Pro’s Art School in the hopes that he will be able to teach others the various skills and techniques necessary to create the exact mood and drama that every artwork deserves.

This art school focuses on realism and naturalism - with techniques that he had acquired all throughout his years of experience. He also teaches in various parts of the world including Buenos Aires, Quesnel, and Kelowna.

The school has live-model drawing classes that invite several renowned artists in class - similar to The Drawing Room Studio in Ottawa.

Pro’s Art School offers Edmonton Art Workshops that feature drawing and painting using different styles and techniques. These include portraits, landscapes, still life, and Alla Prima. This is perfect for those who want to hone their skills outside classroom schedules.

Finding a Private Drawing Teacher in Edmonton

If taking up classes in schools or academies in Canada is not your thing, you can simply visit Superprof and look for a private drawing teacher.

You can have classes conducted at your own pace, wherever you want with your own private teacher. At Superprof, you can check out their rates and the reviews of former students so that you can see who is the most suitable one for you and your level.

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