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You probably can’t remember the first time you ever drew an object or did some random doodle using a crayon. The reason behind this might be because you did it when you were so little that the memory is just faded out at the back of your mind.

The memories you can probably still recall are the ones where you were tasked to draw in class or the time where you got so bored during a meeting, you just keep on doodling.

In this light, we all have the ability to just simply draw whatever comes to our mind but we all know that if we wanted to, we could become good at it. That’s why people who aspire to be great artists take up drawing classes.

These classes teach you the basic techniques in drawing and help you hone your skills so that your random doodles eventually look like masterpieces.

Lucky for you, there are tons of drawing classes being offered in Canada, especially in Toronto. Read on to know where you can enrol yourself in a workshop or a program.

Toronto School of Art

If Ottawa has its own School of Art, Toronto also has one. Known as the oldest running independent art school in the area, the Toronto School of Art is offering drawing classes to those interested in honing their artistic skills.

This school is located at the Toronto’s Fashion District and has facilities that are conducive for learning and exposure to artistic trends. The classes being offered in this school are mostly designed for adult learners, but there are still classes available for the youth - teens aged 11 to 17.

One key aspect of this school is that the teachers are truly artists themselves who love to teach about traditional and contemporary approaches. Drawing classes at TSA are able to accommodate a wide-range of skill levels - beginner to more advanced.

The school uses methods such as direct observation, perspective drawing, working from the model, and experimental mark-making and material use to strengthen technical skills.

The length of each course ranges from 6 weeks to 12 weeks - depending on what class you choose to take. Here are the courses being offered:

  • Drawing as a Contemporary Practice
  • Drawing at the Starting Line
  • Drawing : Hands, Feet, Faces
  • Experimental Drawing
  • Intermediate Drawing
  • Introduction to Drawing
  • Introduction to Life Drawing
  • Introduction to Portrait Drawing
  • Life Drawing 2: Concepts and Content
  • Life Drawing 2: Drawing Better Bodies
  • Life Drawing: The Figure in Context
  • NEW Sketching in a Blink
  • Perspective Drawing

For those unable to take long-term courses, they can just opt to join workshops being offered by TSA.

Luc Sculpture School and Studios

Another arts school in Toronto is LucSculpture School and Studios.

This school focuses on three major philosophies which guide the way they teach their students: through creativity, they help the individual’s personal growth and wellness, appreciate differences that each person brings, and appreciate mother earth and that we are all one.

All the teachers in this institution are based in Toronto which makes it easier for them to conduct classes from time to time. Each teacher also has a specialization and course that will ensure that students only learn from the best in the chosen field.

This school also takes pride in knowing that their teachers are trained and recognized not just by Canada, but by foreign countries as well.

As for drawing classes at LucSculpture, there are a couple being offered throughout the year. There are weekly schedules for classes and here are the ones being offered:

  • Drawing Basics: Love of Drawing
  • Drawing for Terrified Beginners
  • Cartooning and Illustration Class
  • Drop-in Figure Drawing
  • Portraiture Curriculum

But for those who only want to join workshops, the institution also has several workshops available. Here’s a list of a few of them:

  • Primitive Art Workshop
  • Encaustic Painting Workshop
  • Watercolor Workshop
  • Portraiture Painting
  • Drawing Workshop: Spirit Trees

They have several workshops being offered each month, so drop by their website every now and then to check if one suits your interests.

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Located in the largest Canadian city, the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is one of the biggest museums in all of North America. This museum features over 90,000 works that range from contemporary art to collections by Canadian indigenous artists.

But one key aspect of the AGO is that it has its own open concept, integrated studio - The Anne Tanenbaum Gallery School. This school offers a wide range of courses that aim to teach students how to draw, paint, sculpt, photograph, print, and write.

For those who choose to enrol in this school, you can have access to their galleries for additional inspiration in between classes. Not only that, they also offer workshops and courses for all ages and interests.

Their concept studio offers several drawing courses that might interest you. Here’s a list of them:

  • Introduction to Drawing
  • Introduction to Everything (Mixed Media, Drawing Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking)
  • Life Drawing
  • Art of Drawing
  • Introduction to Comics
  • Drawing Explorations: Portraits
  • Arts & Ideas: Breakfast Club

As you can see from the title of the courses, the school offers a wide variety of classes that don’t just touch drawing. Some of these classes also explore other media that might interest their students.

Artbarn School

Operating for over 12 years now, Artbarn School is a non-profit community art school located in midtown Toronto - similar to Montréal’s Visual Arts Centre.

This school was started by Mary Thelander, Frith Bail, and Linda McMaster in 2005 in the hopes of inspiring artists of all ages to try out various techniques to hone their abilities.

The school has classes designed for all ages and various curriculums that touch different techniques and media. If you want to host an event related to art, the school also offers a lending hand in hosting these events where you get to use up your own creative juices.

Artbarn School also offers scholarships to children can’t afford classes but have a unique talent. Given that the school is non-profit, giving out these scholarships definitely help out young artists.

The school offers several classes for both adults and children. Here’s a list for kids:

  • Drawing and Painting Explorations
  • Drawing for Young People

For adults, here are their two classes:

  • Drawing for the Terrified Beginner
  • Drawing for the Not So Terrified Beginner

Their classes range from an hour to two hours, depending on the class and schedule you choose. There’s only one class per day so it’s not as heavy on the schedule.

Create Art Studio

By encouraging their students’ creative exploration, Create Art Studio is easily a welcoming community art school that encourages positive development.

This community school was started by local mom, Jennifer Thompson, who wanted to spend more time with her children while doing business. In 2017, she went through with her idea and created a space where all ages can explore and learn about art and themselves.

Create Art Studio’s faculty is composed of artists, educators, and customer service professionals who only want to impart learning through the best methods available to them.

There are several classes being offered in Create Art Studio. Here’s a complete list of them:

  • Drawing and Painting
  • Drawing and Illustration
  • Drawing and Painting for Beginners
  • Drawing for Absolute Beginners

A great thing about this school is that it offers classes for all ages and the schedules are friendly to the busy adults. So regardless if you’re the one learning or you’re just going to pick up your kid from class, their schedules may be convenient for you.

Avenue Road Arts School

Probably named after where its located, Avenue Road Arts School has been operating since 1993 and has since become a leader in educating students in the arts. They’re particularly popular for creating a warm and inviting environment for students who want to hone their artistic skills.

What’s unique about this school is that it’s situation inside a grand Victorian House which definitely gives that traditional artistic feeling.

Teachers at this school are all professional artists and educators and classes are relatively small in sizes to really create a conducive class for those who look forward to becoming even better artists - quite similar to Edmonton’s Pygmalion School of Art.

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Here are the drawing classes being offered for adults:

  • Drawing for Beginners
  • Drawing & Painting the Figure & Portrait

As for kids and teens, here are the drawing classes being offered:

  • Drawing (Grades 4 to 8)
  • Drawing & Painting (Grades 1 to 12)
  • Drawing, Painting, & Collage (Grades 5 to 9)
  • Painting & Mixed Media (Kinder to Grade 3)

There are various schedules, depending on which term you plan to enrol - fall, winter, or spring. One perk of this school is that they pick up students from Brown Junior Public School and bring them to the community school.

Finding A Private Drawing Teacher on Superprof

If you’re not particularly interested in taking up drawing classes, then don’t fret! You can just find a private teacher who can give you lessons at the comfort of your own home.

Superprof makes it easy for you to find one. Moreover, you can simply read reviews left by their former students and check whether you’re compatible with their teaching style and personality.

You can trust that these private teachers are professionals and will definitely impart their best practices.


There are tons of arts school in Toronto to choose from. Whether you’re an adult who wants to pursue drawing or you’re just a parent looking to enrol your kid in a drawing class.

All these schools have their strengths which should influence on whether or not you choose them. Just find the right course for you, or your kid, and start that journey towards creating your own masterpieces.

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