How much does it cost to learn to dance?

Why are some dance styles more expensive than others?

Does it cost more to teach a beginner or an expert?

The discipline, experience, and even the place need to be taken into account when considering how much a dance tutor charges.

Whether you want to learn ballet, swing dance, hip hop, jazz, or the foxtrot, you should learn more about what affects the cost of learning how to dance.

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The Price of Dance Lessons by 'Type' of Class

With so many places offering dance classes, many aspiring dancers don’t know where to turn when it comes to finding an instructor or dance lesson.

Which are the cheapest type of dance classes?
Learning in a group is often much cheaper than one-on-one tutorials or classes. (Source: Michael Zittel)

There are a lot of places where the prices are fixed and some places only offer beginner lessons. This can mean that these places are often more affordable than private tutors for those who just want to learn the fundamental dance moves or attend workshops to make new friends.

On the other hand, the most prestigious schools and conservatoires are much more costly than beginners’ classes. These places come with tuition fees.

Since the conservatoires offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, it’s hardly surprising that they cost just as much as any other university in the country.

Here are some of the average rates to pay you can expect to pay:

  • Undergraduate degree: Around £9,000 per year (3-year course).
  • Postgraduate degree: £6,000-£8,000. (1 year).
  • Private dance tutorials: Between £15 and £30 per hour.

By choosing private tutorials, you can easily work around your budget by finding a tutor who’s self-taught or a student who’s looking to earn some money while studying one of the more expensive degrees.

Additionally, with private tutorials, you don't have to worry about your class schedule and can enjoy the flexibility of being able to get lessons where and when you want, too.

The Cost of Dance Class Based on Location

The average rate for private lessons will undoubtedly depend on the average salary of those living in your area.

This will also depend on the competition where you live and how many dance classes Montreal and dance teachers there are in the area. Those who live in larger cities will tend to have more choice when it comes to how much they pay. On the other hand, those living in small towns and villages may not have such a luxury.

The average rates for dance tutorials around the UK on Superprof are as follows:

  • Dance tutorials in London: £18
  • Dance tutorials in Birmingham: £19
  • Dance tutorials in Glasgow: £12
  • Dance tutorials in Bristol: £20
  • Dance tutorials in Liverpool: £19
  • Dance tutorials in Sheffield: £30
  • Dance tutorials in Edinburgh: £25
  • Dance tutorials in Cardiff: £20
  • Dance tutorials in Newcastle: £35
  • Dance tutorials in Brighton: £30
  • Dance tutorials in Wolverhampton: £20

Those living in towns where the costs are a little higher can always get dance tutorials online for a lower price. You just need to check for tutors offering tutorials via webcam. This is a great way to get quality courses from the comfort of your own home.

The Cost of Dance Classes by Style

When it comes to dancing, no two students are alike!

Where can I get affordable dance classes?
The style of dance you want to learn will also affect the cost of your lessons. (Source: Gabriel Augusto)

When it comes to private dance lessons, you’ll also need to consider what discipline the student’s after.

Modern dance classes, ballet classes, and jazz classes are some of the most popular styles at the moment. Students interested in these styles may benefit from a competitive market and cheaper lessons.

Rarer classes like rumba, cha cha, bachata, belly dancing, and pasodoble are usually more expensive. When you choosing a dance class, you’re going to have to be willing to open your wallet if you want to pay for a professional and quality tutor.

Here are some example rates for dance tuition in London with Superprof:

  • African Dance: £27
  • Ballroom Dance: £31
  • Breakdancing: £30
  • Choreography: £15
  • Classic Dance: £25
  • Hip Hop Dance: £12
  • Latin Dance: £20
  • Modern Dance: £15
  • Modern Dance: £15
  • Rock and Roll: £44
  • Salsa: £26
  • Tango: £35
  • Waltz: £29

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Of course, these are just average prices and will vary whether you're looking for beginner, intermediate, or expert level classes. An introductory class won't cost as much as private dance lessons for someone working on a routine for a conservatoire audition, for example.

Dance fitness classes (like Zumba, for example) are sometimes classed as sports classes and can be more affordable than traditional dance classes. Furthermore, the dance instructor can offer group classes which result in cheaper classes for each student.

Whether you’re looking at an intensive dance workshop, preparing a show, or getting ready for the first dance at your upcoming wedding, you need to consider the type of dancing you need to learn when thinking about the cost of private dance tutorials.

Don't forget that there are also some very specialised ways to dance. For example, if you're getting married and need some Argentine tango or ballroom dancing lessons your big day, you should consider learning to dance with a tutor who offers wedding dance lessons and teaches couples routines for their first dance. This is also a great way for couples to get used to dancing with each other and have a lot of fun on the dance floor.

Children can also get private lessons. However, when children are learning to dance, it's important that they're taught by someone who can keep their dancing lessons interesting and fun. They probably won't care what experience their tutor has, which dance school they went to, and they won't give a hoot that they run an award-winning workshop in the summer!

If you've got a passion for dancing but two left feet and just want to be more confident at dance parties, you can always opt for more casual tutorials.

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The Price of Dance Classes Depends on the Tutor

The more qualified a tutor is, the more you can expect to pay them. While some tutors will teach all levels, others will only focus on a particular level. Beginners can expect to pay lower prices than those studying dance at a higher level.

How much do private dance tutors cost?
A tutor with experience performing will charge more than one without. (Source:

Of course, you can always negotiate the hourly rate with tutors on Superprof. Nevertheless, tutors are well within their right to increase their rates once the student’s level has increased since their needs change and the level of dance instruction will require more from the tutor.

If both the student and the tutor are at an advanced level, you can expect to pay a premium for your tutorials.

When it comes to a tutor’s hourly rate, these are some of the factors that you need to consider:

  • Musical career
  • Knowledge of dance
  • The equipment they bring to class (portable dance floor, dancing shoes, etc.)
  • Styles of dance they’ve mastered
  • Education as a dancer
  • Whether or not they've danced as part of a dance company or dance troupe
  • Musical skill and the instruments they play
  • Student feedback and testimonials
  • Reputation
  • Where lessons take place (in a dance studio, their home, or at your house)
  • Career as an educator or choreographer (were they formerly teaching in schools, etc?)

To find dance lessons at a good price, you need to think about more than just how well your tutor can move. Some students make the mistake of working with certain self-taught tutors who haven’t the necessary teaching experience. This can result in students making little to no progress and feeling like their tutor doesn’t listen to them.

That’s why the tutors with the right qualifications can demand more money; they’ve proven themselves as capable educators and dancers.

These are some of the credentials you should look out for:

Make sure you get your dance lessons from the right tutor!

Discounted Dance Classes

Would you like to learn to dance for a good price?

No problem! There are plenty of ways you can get your dance lessons for less!

What are the cheapest ways to learn to dance?
If it's just for a bit of fun, learning to dance shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. (Source: Haste LeArt V.)

You can get dance lessons in leisure centres and gyms, for example, as well as at schools, colleges, universities, and conservatoires. There are scholarships and loans available for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and you should check if there’s any funding or benefits available for you.

Certain places will offer discounts if:

  • You’re a student
  • You’re a child
  • You sign up several people at once

When it comes to private dance tutorials, you can get discounts the following ways:

  • Get classes for a year
  • Get longer classes (an hour and a half opposed to just an hour)
  • Get dance classes as a couple
  • Get group classes
  • Get dance classes with your whole family
  • Get beginners’ dance classes
  • Do an intensive dance course

Over 92% of tutors on Superprof offer the first hour of tuition for free as a taster to see if the student and tutor are right for each other. This is a great time to work out what you want from the tutor and how regularly you want to attend their classes. It’s also a good opportunity for the tutor to gauge your level as a dancer and see how many lessons you’ll need.

So grab your tutu and your ballet shoes!

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