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Danse de Salon (Samba de Gafieira - Tango - West Coast Swing - Forró - Bolero)

Cours particulier à votre mesure! Vous voulez apprendre le Samba de Gafieira ou Forró pour danser comme un Brèsilien? Ou vous voulez apprendre le Tango Argentin ou le West Coast Swing? Tous niveaux! Professeur bien calme et tranquille! Aussi chorégraphie pour mariage!

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University student offering hip hop or breaking lessons in the Ottawa area

With any dance style, it's a step by step process. Therefore, I like to take it slow and build up to tempo. Once you get comfortable with the new moves, I will make a mini choreo for us to do. If your goal is to bring out that cool move on the dance floor or wanting to just learn how to dance, I will always bring something new for you.

Ana maria
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I am personal trainer with Certification in spinning class and route cycling, and special exercises training for the seniors. I live in the city Edmonton

I work based firt in the objective of the athlete and specific needs given a physical program to achieves the principal gol. The principal you have to enjoy and be stimulated to feel great I feel very satisfied when the people is motivated with my lessons.

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Experienced dancer wanting to share her passion for movement, specializing in bollywood and hip hop styles.

I like to start off my classes with some stretching and a basic warm up. After that I move in to choregraphy and take the time needed to answer any questions and assist my students the best I can. I then finish off with a second round of stretches.

Campbell River
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Young award winning dancer with a decades worth of experience teaches beginners and intermediates the ways of popping and animation along with some old school and new school hip hop out of Campbell Ri

My classes are always focused on and based around fun, because if you aren't having fun you aren't dancing. A lot of skill in dancing comes from the knowledge you learn and not actually your physical moves, I always make sure to leave my students with physical and mental knowledge after every class.

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Young Clogging Instructor in Tillsonburg, Ontario willing to teach individuals how to Clog Dance

My teaching methods are fun and new. I like to teach students by dancing with them or showing them the choreography first then dancing with them after. A typical class would be an hour, teaching and learning new dances.

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Experienced Dance Instructor and Competitive Choreographer looking to instruct either group or individually

I like to get to know my students and what sparks there passions. I always ask them what they think their weaknesses are and we go from there. I explain to my students that constructive criticism is a good thing to learn and to never take feedback personally. I think my dancers need to be confident and happy with their performances. I also stress the importance of practicing at home.

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Learn dance style hip-hop ,poping with great energy.just for fun and excercise

My teaching methods is simple learning dance is not that tough you just need to move your body according to music

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I'm international artist of folk Dance Bhangra and I have 6 years of teaching experience in the dance field. I'm a choreographer and a dancer as well.

My teaching methods are straight forward and I start from basics then move forward and I teach the dance in group.

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Enjoy your life with Nazanin .Dancing and fun times with each other

First I start by warming up and streching and then start to teach movements base on music .

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Dance like nobody's watching, We dance to express and that will impress others.

I start with streaching and warm up exercises before dancing. I teach step by step method of body movements and after that I correct the expressions.

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I want to show you how to dance great and beautiful buddy!

I like to talk with the people and after that, I like to show them how move their body to make the others proud of them. I will show you all you need to know about Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, Hip-Hop. In this hour I’m going to explain you the history of al these danse. Are you ready to start a incredible experience? - The king of the night will be you.

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Former competitive cheerleader of 13 years gives private lessons in the Pickering area.

I base my classes on the idea that cheerleading and tumbling is 80% mental and 20% physical. I've always trained specific muscles needed to succeed in every tumbling aspect as well as jumps, stunts, and dance. It's important for me to create a private lesson based on your level of skills and position within stunting.

(2 reviews)
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Passionate dancer looking to teach ballet, modern, and/ or jazz dance to children

I teach to the individual’s ability, willingness, and personality - it’s the student that matters so I use different methods of different students

Val Marie
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Enthusiastic and passionate individual wishing to share uniquely designed dance experiences for anyone interested in improving both their physical and mental health

I prefer to meet individuals where they are at and building on skills overtime. Encouraging self esteem over performance...skills will develop with time, patience and hard work but if one is cutting themselves down and being self critical and therefore more likely to quit and thus not achieve their goal.

Danielle stephanie
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Sport &Dance I'm a dynamic teacher and I can wait to teach you!! Hurry upcome see what you could learn :)

my teaching methode are easy and Fast. We will learn and touch everyting only dancing! Health and Nutrition its also an important part in my methode to teach.

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Enthusiastic and charismatic dance instructor and choreographer with 20 years experience in Montreal, Quebec!

I only teach good technique to protect the dancer's body. I am have structured classes but am always flexible to allow more or less time for students to acquire a skill. Warm and cool downs are a must and creative input is always welcomed.

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Learn amazing latin choreography while burn calories and have fun. Get fire!

I base my Trainings in a basic philosophic: Not diet, no pain, but fun, health, resistance! You can get shape while you ate ????

Paris 11e
(11 reviews)

Birthday animation at the student's home, all styles, in Ile de France

You want an animation that makes your guests dance or your child's guests at a discounted price? I propose a flexibility throughout the Ile de France for a rate of 100 euros for less than 30 people and 150 euros for more than 30 people.

Paris 4e
(88 reviews)
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Professor of Cuban salsa, Puerto Rican, Colombian, bachata, merengue, Paris, home study courses

Teacher Puerto Rican salsa since 2013 in various cultural centers and associations, Matthew was able to acquire a pedagogy refined through the years that allow him to convey not only his knowledge but also a pedagogy based on personal creativity and focus on oneself by the belief in the opening of our own potential and our originality we can all bring to the dance.

(33 reviews)
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Oriental Dance and Latin Dance (Salsa, Bachata, Samba) with Catherine Tadger :)

Discover a new concept of dance that combines Oriental dance, Latin dance (salsa, bachata, merengue, samba, kizomba, bolero), body language and theater techniques and interpretation. In this innovative and unique course you will free your body and explore your creativity by creating a new style of dance. Ask our special prices for students (es) and job seekers! Soon ...

Paris 16e
(13 reviews)

Dance Lessons: (Hip Hop, House, Contemporary Dance), Workout , Training Class

I am a dancer and teacher. I started at a young age to study different styles. Ballet - Jazz - Oriental Dance. And later, I discover Breakdance, Popping, Hip Hop, Dancehall, House Dance, Waacking and contemporary dance. My training started in a dance school and I then traveled in search of knowledge. I attended dance events, workshops and competitions in different countries.

(10 reviews)
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Dancer / Choreographer pro gives classes in Paris and urban dance suburbs (break dance / house dance / popping / locking / Hip-hop my style)

Hello everyone, my name is Florent I am a professional dancer of urban dance for more than 10 years. Autodidact since my youngest age, this allowed me to have very solid bases by soliciting particularly the sensations for a very fast and profound result. I do a professional training at the Just Standing School.

Paris 7e
(7 reviews)

Classical / Modern Dance Teacher graduated from the VAGANOVA ACADEMY gives classes in dance / pilate / Stretch / Fitness / private coaching at home.

Classic Ballet Coaching and Stretching / Fitness, which emphasizes discipline, respect and self-improvement. My method is based on personalized dance and fitness classes, involving ground bar, pilates, stretches, relaxation, muscle building. Whether for a professional dance career or as an improvement to the overall progress of your fitness.

(55 reviews)

Kizomba Teacher at the Dance School Paris Salsa Academy, I give home classes to help people improve and gain confidence

You want to discover the Kizomba because everyone around you talk about it and curiosity begins to boil inside, you're a beginner, intermedium Dancer or confirmed, or you are passionate and you just want to improve your skills and learn new techniques, you've come to the right place ...

(18 reviews)

Initiation to Latin dance, varied rhythms, salsa, bachata, kizomba with or without experience in dance.

I am a Marketing student and a contemporary dance dancer, I will show you the entrances and exits of the floor, coordination and simultaneous choreography, basic positions, resistance and flexibility. Progressive training, breathing and proper care of the joints is the most important !.

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Professional Belarussian dancer with 15 years of experience specialising in vogue and hip-hop teaching in Melbourne.

I am a strong believer that everyone has something to say and I can help them to express themselves. I cater to individual requirments by adapting my teaching methodology based on the individuals needs. I can help to develop the strengths of a persons dancing.

Paris 19e
(5 reviews)
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Argentine Tango tuition All levels - Closed and open - Enjoy Prom

A methodology to have fun and dance in the ballroom, while having a solid foundation. I dance the tango for 20 years and I have traveled extensively (8 in Buenos Aires and travel a hundred trips to Europe and the United States) to develop my dancing. I teach tango since 2004, as well as to guide for guidance (e).

(5 reviews)
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Qualified and experienced teacher of Salsa and Latin Dance gives private lessons (at home / at home) in Paris and South Suburbs

Hola to all and all, I teach Salsa and Latin Dances in several schools in Paris. I am Spanish and I teach Cuban Salsa / Mambo, Bachata and Chachacha. For beginners, intermediate and advanced. Dynamic, patient and pedagogic. Private lessons, choregraphies for weddings, shows ...

Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
(11 reviews)
1st lesson is free!

Individual dance lessons or in small groups modern Jazz, Bachata, African dance, Burlesque Girly or any level and any age

Dancing lessons are all levels and all ages. Ideal for an initiation, playful fitness, preparing a big event or just for the fun of learning to dance like your favorite stars. The duration is usually 1:30 starting with a warm-up, then learning the basic steps and choreography. The burlesque classes are perfect to learn how to seduce for women of all ages.

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Perfect! Having courses with Acsah is an excellent experience for me. She is so passionate, talented and friendly. She knows perfectly well how to improve your dance and motivate you. Honestly, I can only encourage you to try a class with her. I'm sure...

Sonia, Student
1 month ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! I have an online course experience with Preeti. She is very pedaguogue, patient, pleasant and really involved in her teaching. She has excellent choreographic and musical choices. It is a real pleasure to have dance classes with her and it is not a...

Sonia, Student
2 months ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Antonio is a great dancer and gave lots of helpful corrections and tips. Focused on basics of rhythm and grooves, then tried out some choreography.

Em, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Lena has very good ballet technique and is a very good instructor. We did a lesson over Skype. Would like to continue taking classes with her.

Em, Student
4 months ago
(3 reviews)

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