Post-secondary education is not a right, it’s a privilege, or we would make it a compulsory educational requirement in Canada. However, the more educated a country is, the better it fares economically in the long run. It also means the more educated get better jobs, at higher rates of pay, and therefore pay greater income tax.

A win-win for both society and the individual, right!?

Here are a few other benefits for university/college educated Canadians:

"They tend to be more civically engaged. They actually engage more with their neighbours. They are more involved parents. They're more involved in their communities. They tend to have better health," lists Erika Shaker, director of the Education Project at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, citing international research in which other possible explanations were weeded out. "They smoke less. They read to their kids more."

That’s quite a list of benefits. Clearly, advanced education is essential for both the individual and the country in which they live.

So how do we encourage our children to make the most out of their educational career and become thriving, functioning members of society?

As the saying goes, “nothing succeeds like success.” The best way to ensure your student continues their education is to make sure they experience academic success in elementary and secondary school. If they struggle at all academically or want to maximise their intellectual potential, private tuition is the best idea to encourage student success.

University and college is a wonderful rite of passage, where students grow academically and mature as people. Source: Visual Hunt
University and college is a wonderful rite of passage, where students grow academically and mature as people. Source: Visual Hunt

Supplemental instruction from either home tutoring, peer tutoring, tutoring centers, group tutoring sessions, or an online tutor are all available options.

How do we ensure our kids get into university? First, they need to complete high school and receive their graduation diploma.

The Importance of the Grade 12 Academic Year

Grade 12 is the last year of high school, and its six courses plus the mandatory Grade 12 English mark are forwarded to the universities and colleges students apply for post-secondary education. That means whatever the student's average mark is in those seven courses, is the deciding factor in whether they are accepted into the program of their choice at university and college.

It’s a lot of pressure.

Grade 12 students are some of the most stressed-out kids in the country.

The most competitive post-secondary programs like business, medicine, and pre-law all require mid-to-high 80 averages to be accepted.

One-on-one tutoring isn’t just for kids who struggle academically. It’s for those who need marks in the 90s, which is no mean feat. Individual tutoring gives students an incredible leg-up. The best tutors will do this for you:

  • They will tailor individualised lessons specifically to you.
  • They will investigate and address your weaknesses and exploit your strengths, so you do as well as possible.
  • They will provide you with the academic skills necessary (often not taught in school) to learn each subject well and perform exceptionally on tests, mid-terms, and exams.
  • Study skills taught will include note taking, homework help, test preparation, practice tests, exam review, and standardised testing review.
  • They will use everyday language to demystify terminology and will use concrete examples to teach complex concepts, making them easier to understand.
  • They will get to know you personally and mentor you. Private tutors (like math tutors) encourage you to push yourself and succeed when you think you can’t and celebrate you generously when you do.

Check for  good private class here.

Should You Employ a Private Tutor During your Post-Secondary Years?

Students currently registered in uni/college can get a tutor in any subject they desire.
Students currently registered in uni/college can get a tutor in any subject they desire. Source: Visual Hunt

As you progress through high school math and all the other subjects, you will start to see the areas where your abilities and talents lie. In the last few years of high school, if you employ a tutor, they can help you hone your skills and specify your course load, so you are prepared for the university program of your choice.

The benefit of hiring a tutor in high school and then again in university/college is they will be able to support your academic performance and enhance it.

Having someone in your corner, able to understand and get the best out of you is invaluable. This kind of support and insight will enable you to pick the right post-secondary program and then excel in it once you’re there.

Focusing on your where your skills lie and honing your ambitions after high school, is critical as so many students drift through both high school and university. They will take the courses that interest them, or the ones that their family or peer pressure dictate will give them the ‘best job.’ Yet, this time is the opportunity to find out what you like to do and investigating all the possibilities.

We realize it is hard to know what you want to do for the rest of your life when you are between the ages of 17-22. Studies indicate that we change careers up to six times in our working career. So, whatever we end up taking in university, it doesn’t mean we are married to it for life.

The important thing is to learn the discipline, study skills, and self-direction to be able to pivot and make decisions that are right for us in the long term.

Tutoring Services Can Be the Difference Between Passing and Dropping Out

University or college is so much easier for students who are tutored!
University or college is so much easier for students who are tutored! Source: Visual Hunt

OK, let’s say you’ve made it into university or college to the program of your choice. You’re excited, nervous, and not a little intimidated by all the new things you are learning, AND you’re living on your own and having to take care of yourself for the first time. It’s a big adjustment for everyone who experiences it.

What if things those first few semesters of post-secondary don’t go perfectly?

What if your courses are more difficult than you expected? And your motivation is less than you need to succeed. How can we make sure you get the most out of your university experience? Or worse, what if you are failing and you’ve got to take immediate action, or your university education will be coming to an abrupt halt too soon?

Let’s look at the possible factors as to why things have not gone well in your first year:

  1. The workload is more than you anticipated, and you are failing one or more courses.
  2. You’re having financial problems, and that is taking your concentration away from your studies.
  3. Your major/courses are the wrong fit. You chose what was safe or recommended but didn’t consult yourself in the process.
  4. High school did not prepare you adequately academically to be successful, particularly in the more challenging courses like calculus, algebra, chemistry, anatomy & physiology.
  5. The professors are not available for academic support, and the teaching assistants are also unhelpful.
  6. You must work at the same time as you study and there aren’t enough hours in the day.
  7. The school environment does not fit your needs. Too big. Too remote. Too few support services.

Now is the perfect opportunity to hire a tutor. Your first objective is to pass. Even if the courses you have chosen will not be part of what you study in the future (if you have selected the wrong major). You can at least use them towards your degree.

How do you find a tutor in university or at the college level? It’s a bit different than when you were in elementary or high school.

Firstly, you oversee your tutor's choice now, not your parents. Start with the student resource center at your university/college. They often advertise on-campus tutoring programs or can refer you to peer tutors who are available in your city.

Or you can try the many online tutors that are available via Superprof or elsewhere. The benefit of online tutoring is two-fold: it’s generally cheaper than home tutoring or tutoring within learning centers, by about 30% or more. There’s also no travel involved. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

The virtual learning environment can expose you to fantastic tutors from around the world. Sometimes, with no appointment. Some even provide free online tutoring for the first hour to see whether you are a good fit for each other.

Who knows, you may become so adept at your courses that you consider becoming a certified tutor yourself once you master your post-secondary program. Tutoring is a great part-time job or a full-time vocation that can bring you financial security and be a meaningful career.

The tutoring jobs are out there! The tutoring industry is expected to reach revenue in the billions globally in the 2020s. You’ve seen what a difference tutors make, and the money there is to be made, either part-time or full-time. Leap! It’ll be worth it.

Have a look at these articles if you are considering hiring a tutor in elementary school or secondary school or you are wondering how to find the best tutor at every academic stage.

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