Math has never been a popular subject for most students in school. It’s a problem subject for most students in school and math still can be a problem for older adults. Math can cause a lot of issues for students from frustration to lack of confidence in the classroom. As a teacher or student, it’s your job to help your students overcome math and find ways to motivate them. There are a lot of different ways to help motivate your students and it's also important to help them overcome the mental blocks math can face.

Math is a vital skill for all of us to have in the world. Math can play a part in almost everything we need. We need it and we need students to understand math. You’ll find most students that complain about math class often stop pursuing math as soon as they can. They write off math for the rest of their life. You also find other students that say they just need to pass this class to move on, which as a teacher or tutor you don't want to hear from your students. Helping students overcome the challenges of math will help them excel throughout their studies as well as outside the classroom.

Students need the motivation to keep learning math.
Students need the motivation to keep learning math. Source: Pixabay, Pexels

Make Math Fun

One of the things you can do to motivate your students is to make math more enjoyable. There have been numerous studies on the correlation between a student enjoying the class and the understanding they’ll have in that same class. Students need to enjoy what there doing. They’ll be able to focus more in class and want to continue to learn.

Math isn’t seen as a fun subject, so what can you do as a teacher? Your first strategy for math making math class more enjoyable is applying math to the real world. Using examples that don't relate to your students can easily cause a disinterest. Students want to see the usefulness math will provide them in life. Using examples that relate to the students will be able to enjoy more of the class. Another strategy to make math more enjoyable for students is using visuals. Using visuals in the classroom can make a big difference in how students view math. Math is often thought of as symbols and numbers, but by using visuals you help students use their creativity in math class.

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Math Websites

Using a math website for yourself as a teacher or tutor can be a great way to help you prepare for lessons. It can also be a great way to motivate students to study math outside the classroom. Assigning math homework from math websites can be a way for students to enjoy math. There are a lot of math games out there online that will keep students in tune in learning. They’ll love going online to study math. Math websites can also be used in the classroom to help teachers or tutors teach math lessons. Math websites have great illustrations or examples that can be beneficial to students.

Aplus Math - They are a perfect website for teachers educating students about math. The website offers worksheets, where you can create your own to print or students, can solve them online. There are flashcards that you can customize your lessons or use the pre-existing ones. Lastly, for teachers, Aplus offers different math games to help you bring some enjoyment into the classroom.

Math’s Fun - It's a website the perfectly understands the value of having math enjoyable. Students can visit the website to have numerous options for different math games and puzzles. Students will love visiting the site and can also help students learn. Aside from having games the website provides explanations around different math problems. Students can visit the website if they're still having trouble with math problems and learn new ways of solving them. Math’s Fun is for a variety of students at all different levels.

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Math websites can be a great tool to help students.
Math websites can be a great tool to help students. Source: Andrew Neel, Pexels

Different Math Strategies to Learn Math

Math can be difficult to subject which means it can be hard to teach. As a teacher or tutor your always looking for ways to help your students learn the best. You want your students to understand the subject matter in math. There are multiple strategies to help your students learn math. Having your math lessons that are more enjoyable is going to help your students stay interested as well as understand math lessons better. Here are some examples to help your students enjoy learning.

Real-World Examples - It can be a great way to help your students learn. Instead of making up problems that have no relevance to students use an example of something they would understand. If you are teaching to younger kids, use a relatable reference and the same goes for teaching older students. Using real-world examples the students can easily see the relevance in learning the subject.

Visual Implementation - Using visuals to teach math can offer students a lot of different benefits. We often don't see math as creative, but this can be far from the truth by using this method. Student only really sees math as symbols, but by using pictures it incorporates a whole new style of learning.

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Overcoming Mental Blocks for Math

Math can be frustrating at times. Students may either not understand the problem or can't get the right answer. As a teacher or tutor, it's your job to help your students overcome these issues. Giving students the confidence to solve problems can be the solution to helping your students. Using a couple of exercises to help with mental blocks is a great way to help students during math lessons. Here are some solutions.

Take a Break - Sometimes students just need to focus on something else. If a student is struggling with a problem for a long time there going to keep getting frustrated. This only causes them to think unclearly and won't be able to solve the problem. Have your students focus on something else before going back to the problem.

Small Steps Forward - Students can often try to think of the whole problem from start to finish. It’s important to break things down for students to solve one part at a time. They’ll be able to gain confidence in each section they solve. It can help them see the problems as small manageable chunks rather than one massive problem.

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Understanding math and confidence go hand in hand.
Understanding math and confidence go hand in hand. Source: Cottonbro, Pexels

Motivate your Students in Math Class

As a teacher or tutor, there are lots of different ways to help keep your students motivated. Math can be an unpopular subject for students to want to learn. Having different methods to help your students stay interested and enjoy math can make a difference. They'll be able to understand the material better.

Working as a teacher or tutor in Canada you always can be learning to help your students. At the end of the day, you want to see your students succeed. Using motivation in math class can help your students succeed inside and outside of the classroom. Start motivating your students in math class today.


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