Canada has over 600,000 people that can speak Russian. It’s a language that's growing immensely. Lots of Canadian cities are full of Russian culture and have great Russian communities. By learning Russian you’d be able to have more cultural appreciation for the Russian community as well as learn a skill that will benefit you for a lifetime. Learning a second language and more specifically learning Russian you’ll have more opportunities professionally and personally. You’ll also be able to get paid more. The average person that speaks 2 languages gets paid 5% more than someone who only speaks 1 language. This percentage does seem low, but when you add it to your yearly earnings it increases your pay.

After you’ve decided Russian is right for you, it's now time to find the perfect Russian lessons for you. Across Canada, there are numerous ways to learn. You can learn online, in person, in a group setting or privately. There are lots of great ways to learn Russian. Each way will benefit some more than others so it's important to understand each way of learning before making the right choice.

Canada has amazing Russian lessons in every Canadian city.
Canada has amazing Russian lessons in every Canadian city. Source: Maarten Van Den Heuvel, Pexels

Methods of Learning Russian in Canada

# 1 - Learning Russian Online

Online learning is becoming more and more popular. A lot of tutors, local classes and even universities are using online learning platforms to teach students. Learning Russian online can offer the same benefits as in-person there are a just few differences. Online learning means you get to learn from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to worry about commuting to your lessons. You can just open your laptop and be ready to learn Russian. Online learning also can sometimes affect the price. The prices for tutors or local classes can be lower because of less overhead costs. Online learning does have a different feel to it. It doesn't feel like in-person learning, but after getting more comfortable with online learning it would be great to learn Russian Online.

# 2 - Learning Russian Privately

Private learning is going to be one of the best ways to learn Russian. It’s more common in tutoring, but also can be an option for local classes. Privately learning means you have the teacher's full and undivided attention. The teacher can actively access your strengths and weakness to keep you professing forward. The teacher can also create a personal lesson plan that's meant for you. If you’re struggling with Russian lessons or need more time the teacher will be able to help you through it. Privately learning Russian has a lot of value, but you can end up paying more. You need to look at the pros and cons. You're getting a lot of help learning Russian when you learn privately.

# 3 - Learning Russian in a Group

Group learning is a fun and exciting way to learn Russian. You’ll be able to have an interactive class as well as meet new people. Group sessions can also be cheaper compared to private lessons. Learning Russian in a group is going to be taught by a local class most likely. Most tutors teach privately. Learning Russian in a group allows you to have people to practice with. You’ll get to practice your Russian inside and outside of the classroom. Group lessons are a fun and cost-effective way to learn Russian. Group sessions can have their downsides, you won’t be able to learn in the best for you. The teachers have to adhere to your needs and everyone else. Learning Russian in a group can be a great option.

There are so many great places to learn Russian in Canada.
There are so many great places to learn Russian in Canada. Source: Armin Rimoldi, Pexels

Places to Learn Russian in Canada

Every city has Russian lessons. We’ve listed 5 different Canadian cities that offer phenomenal Russian lessons. We’ve also listed places to learn Russian right in these cities. Of course, we couldn't list all Canadian cities, but hopefully your around or live in one of these Canadian cities. If your nervous about staring it's completely normal. Everyone else, even your teacher is feeling the same. Once you complete your first few Russian lessons you'll love going to class. Check out these places below.

Learn Russian in Toronto

Toronto has over 100,000 people that speak Russian making it one of the largest Russain speaking cities in Canada. There are lots of great classes to learn Russian in Toronto you just need to find the right class. With Toronto having so many options to learn Russian it can be confusing where to start. The best option available to you would be to try out the class before signing up. A lot of classes will offer their first session for free. You can also check out this below we've listed down below.

Hansa Langauge Center - They are a well-known language center that teaches several language programs including Russian. Hansa offers classes online and in person. They’re ready to meet your needs and help you learn Russian. Hansa Learning Center has a full team of qualified Russian teachers that will be able to help you learn fast. They have fantastic reviews online from past students that make Hansa stand out.

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Learn Russian in Calgary

Calgary has a small Russian community with only 9,000 people speaking Russian Calgary, but this doesn't mean they don’t have any Russian classes. Calgary offers lots of Russian classes in all different methods, such as online, local classes, tutoring and at the local university. You can also find a couple of Russian meet up groups to help you learn the language and learn their culture.

Language Trainers - They are a popular language school that teachers numerous languages including Russian. They offer classes online or in-person giving you options when learning Russian. Language Trainers prioritize their clients first. This means you can learn anywhere and anytime. They're committed to creating an easy and enjoyable experience with them. All of their teachers are qualified teachers with the experience and knowledge to teach you.

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Learn Russian in Montreal

Montreal is known for being prominently dominant in English and French but Montreal is home to so many other languages including Russian. Montreal has one of the largest Russian communities in caanda with over 70,000 people speaking Russian. They have lots of great options for those looking to learn Russian.

Ecole Russe Gramota - They’ve been teaching Russian since 1995. Gramota has a full team of qualified teachers that can help you learn Russian effectively and efficiently. They are not only a Russian language class but they also educate people about Russian culture. They pride themselves on being one of the top Russian language classes in Montreal.

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Be able to speak the language in Moscow,Russia.
Be able to speak the language in Moscow, Russia. Source: Vierro, Pexels

Learn Russian in Ottawa

Ottawa is another Canadian city that has a small Russian speaking population, but they have phenomenal Russian classes that can help you learn Russian. Ottawa has lots of Russian events that happen all year such as the Russian Heritage Festival. Attending any of the events would be a great way. Learning Russian takes time and effort, but with the right tutor or teacher, you'll be ready to learn. Start with GEOS Language Plus to get started.

GEOS Language Plus - They offer numerous languages to learn and study right here in Ottawa, but they also offer classes abroad including Russian. You’ll get to travel to Moscow or St. Petersburg and learn Russian in its native country. Check out things to do in Moscow to get excited about learning Russian.  It would be a wonderful experience to learn Russian as well as experience the Russian culture. They send over 55,000 students each year all over the world. They have amazing teachers that teach you, Russian.

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Learn Russian in Vancouver

Vancouver has a lot of great Russian classes. They have all different methods of learning Russian such as online, in person, privately and in group classes. Vancouver has a lot of great Russian events to check out. These are events are perfect for anyone interested in learning more about Russian culture. These events are also a great way to practice your Russian. Vancouver has so many great places to check it out. We'll list one of the good ones below.

International House of Vancouver Modern Languages - They have a fantastic Russian language class that offers lessons privately or in small class sizes. They keep their classes to 10 students maximum so they can effectively work with everyone. Their teachers are native language speakers so you can ensure you're learning the correct way. International House focuses on everyday conversation skills so you can feel confident taking your Russian outside the classroom.

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Start learning Russian in Canada

Canada has wonderful places to start learning Russian. If learning Russian is something that's been on your list now is the time to make that first step. We've given you great places to learn Russian the rest is up to you. You’ll be providing yourself with so many great benefits that will last you a lifetime such as making more money and having more opportunities. Start learning Russian in Canada today.

If your learning to learn Russian from a tutor Superprof has you covered. Superprof is one of the largest tutoring platforms in the world. They have 100s of Russian tutors all over Canada that are ready to teach you, Russian. Superprof tutors have the years of experience and knowledge to teach you, Russian, in the best way possible. They also offer lessons in person and online giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn Russian when you want to learn.

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