Ottawa has a small Russian community but that doesn't mean there aren't any great places to learn Russian. Ottawa offers numerous Russian language classes that can help anyone willing to learn. Learning Russian can be a fun and exciting process. You'll be giving yourself a new skill set that will benefit you for a lifetime. You just need to find the right place to learn Russian.

The question a lot of people start asking about is Russian easy or hard to learn? The easy answer here is yes Russian is hard to learn, but anything new is hard. Learning Russian will require a lot of practice and commitment, but with the right tutor or teacher, you'll be learning Russian in no time. According to the FSI or Foreign Service Institute, you can learn Russian in 44 weeks. The FSI compares English to other languages and analyzes how hard the language will be to learn for English speakers. Russain isn't the hardest language, but it's not the easiest. 44 weeks isn't a lot of time. It means in less than one year you could be fluent in Russian. Your first step is finding a great place to learn Russian in Ottawa.

Learning Russian doesn't have to be hard.
Learning Russian doesn't have to be hard. Source: Ivan Samkov, Pexels

The Benefits of Learning Russian in Ottawa

We’re always told learning a second language is great for us. The big benefit people always bring up is you’ll be able to earn more as a bilingual (someone that speaks 2 languages). This is true. People that can speak 2 languages can earn 5% more than someone who only speaks one language. 5% doesn’t seem like a lot but when you compare it to your total income for the year it definitely adds value. But increasing your income isn't the only benefit to learning a second language and it's not the only benefit to learning Russian.

Working/ Study Abroad - A lot of us dream of working or studying abroad, but the language becomes an issue. Of course, you can do these things without knowing the language, but your time will be much harder. Russian is the official language in 5 countries and is spoken in 16 different countries. Learning Russian will put you one step closer to travelling or studying abroad.

Culture Appreciation - Learning Russian doesn't only mean you learn the language. As you learn Russian you’ll also learn about their culture, music, food and history. You’re going to have a better understanding of the Russian culture and be able to appreciate the Russian culture.

Gateway to More languages - Russian language is very familiar with other languages. Once you start understanding Russian you’ll be able to understand other languages such as Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian, and a few other languages. Russian is a great stepping stone to learn more languages.

Imagine speaking Russian right in Moscow, Russia.
Imagine speaking Russian right in Moscow, Russia. Source: Artem Beliakin, Pexels

Places to Learn Russian in Ottawa

Around 10,000 people speak the language in Ottawa. This does seem small compared to other Canadian cities, but Ottawa does have a lot of wonderful Russian communities. If you're looking into Russian events there are many different festivals to check out and take part in. One of the more popular events is the Russian Heritage Festival. It’s free to attend. At the Russian Heritage Festival, the public can learn about their music, food, culture, dances and crafts. Learning Russian it would be perfect to attend this event. You could practise your Russian skills with tons of people that speak Russian. With Ottawa having a good Russian community there are lots of great places to learn to speak Russian.

Berlitz Learning Centre - Berlitz is a popular language school that’s known all over Canada and the world. They offer lots of different languages to learn including Russian. Berlitz offers classes online, in person, privately or in a group setting giving you lots of options to learn Russian. They have a proven learning method that excels their students in learning Russian. Berlitz Learning Centre has a great team of teachers ready to help you learn Russian.

GEOS Language Plus - They offer numerous languages to learn and study right here in Ottawa, but they also offer classes abroad including Russian. You’ll get to travel to Moscow or St. Petersburg and learn Russian in its native country. It would be a wonderful experience to learn Russian as well as experience the Russian culture. They send over 55,000 students each year all over the world. They have amazing teachers that teach you, Russian.

Superprof - Supeprof is one of the best tutoring platforms known all over the world. They have 100s of Russian tutors all over Ottawa. Their Russian tutors have the experience and knowledge to teach you, Russian, in the best way possible. Superprof offers lessons online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn Russian when you want to learn. Most Superprof tutors also offer their first session for giving you the chance to try them out before making that cost commitment.

The Best Way to Learn Russian in Ottawa

We’re always searching for the best way to do things. Whenever we want to learn something new we immediately turn to the internet and start searching for the best way to learn something. But the internet is full of information, too much information sometimes. It’s not uncommon for people to endlessly search for the best way to learn something, but never actually start learning. Learning with a tutor or a teacher is the best way to learn Russian. Learning on your own isn't impossible but you will run into issues.

Issue #1 - Your first issue is finding the right information. You want to be able to learn the right information. By searching for things online you may come across bad information, but you won't be able to tell if it's bad. Another issue is pronunciation. You can read a Russian word, but how will you know to pronounce it correctly? Hiring a tutor is the best way to instantly alleviate these issues. Your tutor will be an expert in the Russian language with years of experience and knowledge behind them. You can trust you're getting the right information. Your tutor will also be able to help you work on the pronunciation. This way you can learn right the first time.

Issue #2 - Your second issue is accountability. It can be hard to learn something on your own, especially learning a new language. You need to put in the time and effort to become fluent in Russian. There are going to be days when you don't feel like practicing or studying. Your tutor will be able to hold you accountable. On the days you don't feel like learning your tutor will be right there with you. They can help keep you stay on task and stay motivated. You're also going to have dedicated time each week so you can keep progressing forward.

Issue #3 - Your third issue is practice. Studying the Russian language and using the Russian language are two entirely different things. You need to know the language but also feel comfortable using the language. Practicing on your own can be hard. It's even harder if you don't know anyone that speaks Russian to practice with. Hiring a tutor means you can practice the Russian language anytime you see your tutor. You won’t have to worry about speaking Russian.

Learn Russian the easy way by working with a tutor.
Learn Russian the easy way by working with a tutor. Source: Edmond Dantes, Pexels

Start Learning Russian in Ottawa!

Now is the time to learn Russian. If it's something you've thought about for a long time it’s time to make that first step. Learning Russian will give you more opportunities professionally and personally. You’ll also be able to make more money, learn more languages and work or study abroad. Learning Russian doesn't have to be impossible. Start with a tutor so you can start learning Russian the right way.

Every Canadian city has access to great Russian lessons check out Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal to learn more. You even check out Places to Learn Russian in Canada for a complete guide.

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