If you have decided to learn Arabic, we want to say congratulations on your decision. It is a challenging journey but a very highly rewarding activity. Arabic is one of the oldest languages globally and the sixth used language in the world.

Currently, more than 400 million people are speaking the language globally. It is always difficult to learn a new language. However, when the language has no relationship with your native language, it is even more complicated.

The word Arabic translates to “nomadic” and it is seen as a language without a Latin alphabet. There are 28 letters in the Arabic language. Furthermore, when writing the language, you move from right to left, rather than left to right like the English language.

The most complicated thing about the Arabic language is that each country has a particular form of the language they speak, which may be slightly different from the one spoken in other parts of the world. Hence, the language gives you insight into their culture, tradition, and background.

An Arab native
Arabic language is peculiar to specific regions where they originated. Source:Unsplash

However, our world is always evolving. Therefore, learning a new language comes with lots of advantages. For example, communicating with clients in their language brings a personal touch to your relationship with them. You don’t need to be a businessman to learn a foreign language.

Despite these enormous benefits associated with learning the language, some people might still wonder if it’s worth their time. Let’s explore some perks of learning this amazing language.

The Significance of Learning Arabic

The Arabic language is the native language of the Arab world. It is the official language of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iran. The ability to speak Arabic fluently opens the door to many opportunities in and outside of Canada. Here are some of them.

  • You can communicate with millions of people around the world

Many people speak Arabic around the globe. It ranks second on the list of spoken languages around the world after the English language. It is spoken in more than 60 countries in the world. It is included in the United Nations official languages. Others on the list are Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and English. The most popular form of the Arabic language is the one spoken by Egyptians.

Are you in Montreal? See how you can learn the Arabic language.

  • It has one of the richest histories

In the middle ages, the driving force for scientific advancement and engineering in Europe was Arabic. Hence, the reason most languages in Europe have Arabic words included in their languages. For example, the English language "borrowed" the following words from Arabic,

  1. Cotton
  2. Sugar
  3. Sahara
  4. Guitar
  • Economic benefits

The Middle East is the home of the Arabic language. It also has the highest number of countries with vast resources. One advantage of learning this language is that you can easily find your foot in the Arab world more than those who don’t speak their language.

Hence, you will find many avenues to benefit from its massive economic resources since you can communicate fluently in the language.

  • Makes traveling easier

When you can communicate fluently in Arabic, it will make your journey to these Arab countries less stressful. Even if you are not fluent, it is better to communicate in the local language than in a foreign language.

More so, communicating in the local language makes the locals trust you more. However, a good number of Arabs speak English. Are you planning o relocate to Vancouver? See why you should learn Arabic.

  • Learning Arabic will make you more valuable

Few people know how to speak the Arabic language compared to other languages such as Spanish, Chinese, French and Russian. This ensures that your language skills is held in high esteem always.

Many people decide to learn the Arabic language for career purposes. If you take this route, you will always have more than enough options for career growth due to the high diversity of the language.

  • Knowledge of Arabic helps understand Islam better

Islam is taught with the Quran. The Quran is written in Arabic. Therefore, understanding Arabic will make it easier for you to understand the teachings of Islam.

  • Higher job opportunities

For those in the West and Europe, the demand for this language skill is very high. This is due to the vast number of opportunities for its speakers.

Government agencies like the Army are looking for fluent Arabic speakers to help them interpret introductory messages to the locals when they go for missions. Furthermore, people in business, industrialists often need translators to help complete business deals.

  • Learn about the culture of the Arabs

When you learn the language of a people, you learn their culture too. Therefore, learning Arabic will assist you in learning the culture of the Arabs. Hence, you will be able to read literature in Arabic.

Here are more reasons to learn Arabic.

Where to Find an Arabic Course in Toronto

Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada and the whole of North America. There are over 300,000 people who have Arab ancestry in Canada.  From the report of the 2016 census, they represent 1.2% of the population.

To communicate better with these people, it would help if you can learn their language of origin. Here are some places to go to learn Arabic in the city of Toronto.

  • University of Toronto

At the moment, there are 10 Arabic courses at the university. These courses will enable you to accelerate your learning process in Arabic. Students are monitored closely, and instructions are given in a step-by-step method. Mental exercises and audio materials are part of the lectures too.

There are many courses that will help you learn Arabic at the university.

Certificates are given to students at the end of each course. In university, there are two certificates. They are issued to students who complete the courses successfully.

  • Toronto School of Theology

This school is affiliated with the University of Toronto. The school is situated in Toronto. Attention is given to the pronunciation of vowels, consonants in the Arabic language. Students of this school will quickly learn basic vocabulary and grammar. That is the best way to learn how to read fast.

  • Damascus Gate School of Arabic

It is regarded as the best school to learn Arabic in Toronto. Irrespective of the form of Arabic language you wish to learn. The classical or spoken dialect is thought here.

This school teaches the Levantine Arabic dialect, which is spoken in Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. This school will have you speaking Arabic in no time.

  • Al Khalil Academy

Teachers at this school go beyond their normal teaching scope to ensure students grasp what they are taught quicker. Here, the school's Moto aims to build an environment that supports students to value hard work and work for success. Studies here are designed to ensure you are not overworked as a student to get the language basics easily.

The program offered in this school is amazing. The school has worked hard to make students overcome sure shortcomings.

How to learn the Arabic language

Learning a new language can be challenging, however, if you take some steps before starting, you will find the journey smoother. Hence, Superprof have come up with a few steps that will make your journey more enjoyable.

  1. Decide on the form of the Arabic language you want to learn

There are several forms of Arabic language taught across the world. An example is a Laventian form spoken in Jordan, which is different from that in Egypt, called Colloquial Arabic. To make it easier to learn Arabic, pick the form of the Arabic language you want to learn.

When learning Arabic, it's vital to start from the basics. Source:Unsplash
  1. Begin with the basics

Although it is not easy, starting with the basics will help you grasp the language faster. The learning process is not different from the way you learn other languages, including English. Begin with letters, and proceed to form words with the letters you learned.  Read more about learning Arabic in Edmonton.

  1. Get a dictionary

Just like the English language, Arabic has a dictionary too. Using this dictionary will help you find a connection between words. In the Arabic language, words are cataloged into three – letters. To search for a word, you need to know the root of the word.  Sometimes, it won’t be the first letter. When you use a dictionary, the learning process will be less complex.

  1. Speak as often as possible

Reading and listening to your instructors won't be enough to perfect your Arabic language skills. It would be best if you spoke, converse in the language often. Although it will be difficult to get someone to communicate with if you are not a native. But you can use online forums effectively for this purpose. Most people prefer to take face to face Arabic lessons by hiring a private tutor to teach them at their convenience. That is why we recommend you identify the learning method that works best for you. See how to cope with the challenges of learning Arabic.

Arabic is a popular language around the world. However, the number of foreigners who are interested in the language is relatively small compared to those who are already fluent in it. There are numerous advantages to learning the language.

Learning Arabic is an interesting journey for anyone. Hiring a tutor from Superprof to teach you Arabic is a good step towards the right direction.

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