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Arabic Lessons in Canada

If you want to add an impressive item to your resume, a foreign language is something you should consider. Whether you want to increase your employability or just expand your skill set, knowing a language other than English or your mother tongue is one way to do so. There are a lot of foreign languages to learn so deciding which one can be a challenge. The Arabic language is one you should take a look at.

You may ask: why Arabic? It is not one of the commonly studied languages like Spanish, Chinese, and French. Well, this is one of the reasons why you should take Arabic lessons. Arabic is one of the most spoken languages in the world. However, in Western countries like Canada, only a few are fluent in this language. This means that demand for Arabic fluency is high while supply is low. You can use this to your advantage whether it be for a scholarship or a job opportunity. Take Arabic lessons and have an edge over others.

The Arabic Language

The Arabic language is one of the top spoken languages around the world. In fact, it has over 300 million native speakers in more than 30 countries. Of that number, 20 countries have it as their national language.

Arabic is widely spoken in the Middle East and is considered as the most spoken language in that region. In addition, it is part of the six official working languages of the United Nations. 

One thing that makes the Arabic language unique is its own non-Latin alphabet. The Arabic alphabet consists of 28 script letters and when written are from right to left.

Why should you learn the Arabic language?

Arabic is a very beautiful language that is spoken widely around the world which makes it an interesting foreign language to study. Learning it could bring so many opportunities. More than that, being fluent in this language also brings a lot of advantages.

High demand of Arabic speakers in the West

With millions of speakers worldwide, Arabic is a language used by many particularly in the East. The West, however, only has a number who can speak this language. Countries in this region such as Canada have a growing demand for those with Arabic fluency. This demand encompasses different fields which include business, trade, finance, and academe.

Because there is low supply, you have a greater chance of getting the spot you want due to less competition. This high demand is the reason why more and more are taking Arabic lessons. 

Job opportunities in the Middle East

The Middle East is a rapidly growing region where business is booming, natural resources are abundant, and investments are constant. Arab nations are among the countries with the fastest growing economies and high GDP. The region is leading in terms of business, trading, finance, energy, architecture, and education. Its growth in recent years has opened many job positions in various industries. 

If you are looking at landing a job in a company in the Middle East, learning Arabic might be the edge that you need. Being fluent in Arabic will look good in your resume as it is a foreign language that is not usually learned. It will also be easier to communicate because you know the mother tongue of the locals. This will lead to easier business transactions and more closed deals. In general, Arabs are friendly and accommodating. Once they know you are a foreigner who can speak their tongue, they will be more eager to help you. 

In-depth understanding of the Arab culture

They say that learning a country’s language is a gateway to understanding its culture. When you learn to speak Arabic, you will also discover the rich Arab culture that includes their lifestyle, cuisine, and music. The Arab nations are known for having a very rich cultural heritage. In fact, they have a lot of contributions in medicine, mathematics, and literature.

When you are already fluent with the language, you will be able to read and appreciate famous literary classics that have Arabic roots. You may have heard of these such as The Book of One Thousand and One Nights or more popularly known as Arabian Nights whose characters like Aladdin and Ali Baba are now household names. This will give you a deeper intercultural understanding of what the Arab nations can offer in terms of heritage and tradition.

Stepping stone to learning other languages

Arabic is a macrolanguage which means it has variations. Other than these variations, Arabic is also closely related to other languages in the region. With this, learning Arabic will serve as your stepping stone to learning other foreign languages. 

These other languages include Farsi or Persian, Urdu, and Turkish. The vocabularies of these languages are somehow similar to those of Arabic. In addition, they also share semantic and grammatical concepts. Once you learn Arabic, learning these other languages will be easier for you as you already have a grasp of how it goes.

Interesting challenge to take on

Learning a foreign language is already a challenge, and more so when that language is Arabic. Why do we consider Arabic an interesting challenge? To begin with, it is not a common foreign language to learn. It also has its own non-latin alphabet which means you have to start from the very beginning because you need to familiarise yourself with its script characters. You can consider it as similar to learning a whole new system.

Arabic lessons will surely exercise your brain and challenge you to exert more effort in learning and understanding the language. It will take time and effort but it will be worth it once you reap the benefits of knowing the language.

Finding the right teacher for Arabic

Arabic is easier when you have the right teacher. To be able to speak a foreign language fluently and properly, you need the right individual to teach you how to. SuperProf has a roster of teachers who are not only good at teaching the Arabic language but are also brilliant at sharing the culture that comes with it.

Not only will you get a good grasp of the language, you will also be able to understand their culture and heritage. This holistic approach will be beneficial to you when you decide to take further studies or land a job that involves the Arabic language. Find the right teacher in SuperProf and be one of the few Arabic speakers in Canada!

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