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I am a native Arab speaker from Yemen. I have excellent skills in teaching Arabic for children and adults. I could provide tutoring in learning Arabic and help students in writing their papers. يمكنن

I believe in practice in education, particularly in learning a language. Without practice, learning becomes a frustration to the learner and the teacher. I believe the interaction between the learner and the teacher is an opportunity to enhance the learner's experience. The teacher role is to aid the student in the process.

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An Egyptian who believes in the importance of teaching Arabic and Arabic Calligraphy for the new generations of Arab and Muslim in Kitchener/Waterloo.

My methodology will differ based on the age, but I would like to make the learners to like the Arabic language at the beginning. Based on the age I may use Arabic stories, poetry, songs, movies, cartoon, drawing and painting.

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Certified language interpreter (Arabic/English) based in Kingston, Ontario. I'm available to tutor in person or online! :)

I'm capable of tutoring beginner to advanced levels. If you are just starting to learn Arabic or are already familiar with the language and want to sound more native I'd be happy to assist you! :) I can help you to improve your reading, speaking, listening and writing skills in both formal or informal dialects (Saudi dialect) from basic to complex vocabulary and grammatical structure.

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My main goal is to see my language well taught, spoken and written among generations. On a personal level, I am a writer in addition to teaching. I also prepare language curriculums according to stude

On a personal level, I am a writer in addition to teaching. Teaching school curriculums and Arabic as a second language for non-Arabs, gave me more experience in teaching as well in understanding the language itself. And when it comes to Arabic for non-Arab students, I have the ability to teach the classical Arabic as well the Syrian or Lebanese dialogues.

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An enthusiastic college student who is fond of learning languages in Montreal.

I always try to make a lesson as engaging and interactive as possible. I usually avoid bombarding the Tutee with information that makes him feel lost. My strategy is simplicity which is the key of progress and success. I also give out some tips that helped me in acquiring a certain language.

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Jeunne arabophone à le plaisir de vous enseinger la langue arabe à Gatineau et ses régions

ma methode se base sur la pratique des concepts étudiés réelement et se base aussi sur l'orale surtout la prononciation des mots et sur le vocabulaire tout en respectants régles de la langue arabe qui vont paraitre facile pour vous . Après vous pouver exprimer courament la langue arabe oralement et meme en écrit .

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Native Arabic speaker is the best one who are able to teach

Usually y I put my leaning method based on students level in the language on 4 skills: Reading, Listing, Writing and Speaking. So I have to use methods to improve their 4 skills. I use the videos, Cartoon, Craft, Games, Coloring, Outside the class games, Playing and Singing through groups and sometimes competition.

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Cegepian student gives arabic lessens to child who wants to learn arabic

Ma methide est de commencer à aprendre les lettres au enfants à les montrer comment on peux les prononcer et les ecrires je me bases sur des livres arabes et je peux les faire ecouter des film en arabes pour les aider à mieux comprendre et parler

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Computer Engineer,teaching is my life and I choose Arabic subject because it's my mother language and I enjoy it .

My teaching methods depends on the purpose of studying the Arabic language that let me know the students need and what I can focus on .

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Give Math, Algorithmic, and French classes for high school and college students

For Math and Algorithmic class: I use a combination of Lecture, Analytic, Demonstration and Problem-solving methods For language class: The method is customized to the student needs, pace, and level.

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Arabic language is your gate to know about more than 20 of Arabic peoples Cultures!

My teaching methods are: -1 Inductive method ( Depends on the observation by the student to finally reach the conclusion or conclusion ) -2 Standard method ( Move from judgment on all to judgment on particles ) -3 Method of related methods ( Select texts that are related to the meaning and integrated theme )

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Arabic native speaker who can teach Speaking, Writing, or Reading in a friendly way.

My teaching philosophy is about being a friendly guide rather a strict teacher. I always ask about my students' goals, and then I provide them with the suitable input.

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I always have the passion for teaching. A smile of learning means a lot.

I have the ability to teach ESL students how to speak . I have tought my kids how to read at a very early age. What may make me different is that I have the passion for teaching. And I am sure I can make a difference in someone's life in making them feel confident when they speak.

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Ph.D Urdu lecturer for O/ALevel, F.A/Fs.C, B.A, M.A u can take classes on skype .hourly rate is 25 $

I will teach student urdu language $ literature on skype as per requirement of student or class etc .

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Experienced Arabic Language Teacher for primary and middle school students. Arabic is my native language

I assess the level of the student to get to know what his/her level is at. Then I plan my lessons to take the student to the next higher level. I use demonstration tools to simplify the concepts and make the lesson easier to grasp.

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Arabic literature idioms expressions culture conversation travel phonetics vocabulary games movies songs

I obtained - Bacalrios of Education 2007-2011 - Diploma of Teaching Arabic as foreign language 2015-2013 and currently i am doing a TAFL (Masters in Teaching Arabic As foreign Language)2019 (Methods) As curriculum author I am fully aware of all Arabic teaching techniques which will enable me of designing teaching methods that serve the reason why my students want to study Arabic.

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Arabic native speaker looking to tutor people interested in mastering the Arabic language

My teaching methodology is trying to involve my students in motivational exciting situations that increases their willingness to speak to me and interact in Arabic When I taught English and Arabic, I divided my classes into groups of students with diversified abilities and gave them tasks to accomplish, which catered for each person in the group as the exercises where diversifies in difficulty...

Prince Rupert
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Native Arabic Speaker, I'm fluent in English so I'd teach students Arabic language

As an ambitious person, I totally understand the need of students to learn new skills or languages. I'm a grahic designer, with a bachelor's degree from the American University of Culture and Education.

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Arabic/English Interpreter-California-Bachelor degree- Levant Dialect- 5 years of experience in Translation

I finished my school in 2009 and went to Birziet University where I had a degree in English Literature minored in Political Translation. Then I took several courses in security and economic translation. Also, I worked for Grow-up in Language Institute as Arabic Teacher as second language.

West Vancouver
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Arabic is one of the most popular languages in the world, it's the language of Quran, language of many scientifics, language of lovely musicals. With an open heart, I invite you to learn my mother ton

My methodology consists of being a good role model, a friend and a caring about person during a beautiful journey of knowledge, I give online lessons, I can adapt to the students needs and my hours are flexible :) المهم هو ان تتعلموا و تعلموا

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One of the privileges granted by the academic life is the opportunity to interact with young and bright minds. As a professor, I feel myself honored to take part in their journey of acquiring knowledg

My teaching philosophy is based on both my educational background and my industrial experience. In the following are the principles I would like to apply as an educator: • First of all, a teacher had to play the key role of inculcating curiosity in learning.

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Syrian professor of Arabic on Paris & region

Hello, I am a professor Syrian and gives individuals the Arabic language "dialect or classical" and Middle Eastern Arab culture on Paris and the Paris region. I have a good experience, excellent articulation, acute, clear voice, and a very good general knowledge including literature, history, philosophy, social sciences and politics.

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Native Arabic teacher (Egyptian) for All Levels and all Ages !

Native Egyptian teacher with international experience in individual and group tutoring. About the classes: CUSTOMIZED LESSONS (Beginner to Advanced): Classes are designed to meet the specific needs of each student. DYNAMIC CLASSES: use of videos, music, news, etc.

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Graduate student of Arabic gives courses in ARABIC MSA and Levantine Dialects online

Graduate student of literary Arabic and Levantine dialects at the University of Cambridge (final score: first with distinction) offers courses of Arabic language and culture in Montreuil (93100, France) or on Skype. Levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced.

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Joyful Syrian boy gives really good Arab classes at home in Barcelona!

I am a Syrian boy of 24 years. I am a responsible, dynamic and eager to teach person. I try to get my students motivated to learn. My way of giving classes change depending on the capabilities and needs of my students. I try to make classes interesting and enjoyable.

Paris 16e
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Native arabic speaker gives arabic courses all levels

Arabic: Native Speaker Literary arabic: studied throughout schooling (primary to scientific preparatory classes) Issue preparatory classes, I obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration and I am currently a student in Master in Business Development at Novancia Business School. I'm also a Project Manager at GDF SUEZ.

New York
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Arabic is one of my favorite languages. It is rich and "exotic"

Each student is different. I prefer to listen to every learner to tailor my lessons based on his/her needs and goals.

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Persian Language, Efficient way of learning with a 18 years experience professor

The pleasure of learning the language of poetry Persian Cultural Association Course reasonable price Franco-Persian HAMRAHI 078 74 39 934

Cuautitlán Izcalli
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Native Arabic, Oral Expression, Written and understanding of literature, differences between Arabic accents.

I like to teach in a dynamic and easy way, the teaching will be fluid and you will understand the lessons in a short time, I will dedicate time and I will put the necessary and personalized attention.

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