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Photography in Canada is a medium or art in bringing photographs to its artistic potential. It is a practice of taking wonderful images through the lens of the camera. Every picture produced on a photographic film has its own story to tell. Whether its a happy moment or a lonely one, you will feel the emotions reflected a photograph.

With that, you can say that photography is a lot of fun. However, it will make it even more enjoyable if you know how to work with your camera and capture photos professionally. That said, there are numerous opportunities in Edmonton the capital city of Alberta that can help enhance your skills in photography.

Now, let’s discover some of the institutions in Edmonton and what are the courses and options available to help you learn and understand the fundamentals of photography.

Experience Fun Workshops at Burwell School of Photography

Burwell School of photography (BSOP) is one of the most recognized institutions located at the heart of Edmonton City. Founded by Paul Burwell in 2007, the school aims to provide unparalleled photography education not just to the Edmontonians but also to everyone who has a passion for taking photographs.

Over the years, Burwell School expanded its course offerings and excellent instructors to offer a large selection of workshops and photography classes. These programs are for beginners, amateurs, or even seasoned professional photographers.

The institution has world-class photographer instructors who have a passion for sharing their knowledge and experiences with their learners. They will teach both creative and technical skills to enhance your own vision and style of photography. Furthermore, you will enjoy a combination of classroom theory and hands-on learning when you take a photography course at the Burwell School of photography.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the photography classes and workshops offered in BSOP.

Digital Photography for Beginners

The Digital Photography Course for beginners here in Burwell School is suitable for those who have some experience and want to learn more about their cameras. This program will help them get comfortable with their DSLRs and teach them how to use menu settings and various buttons.

By taking this course you will learn:

  • The difference between manual and automatic modes
  • How a digital camera works
  • How to compose better photographs
  • Instruction on aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, lighting, flash, and composition
  • Software considerations
  • Advance method for controlling your digital camera
  • Accessories available for your DSLR

Moreover, you will expect six hours of classroom instruction if you enrol in this program. Aside from that, there are also hands-on exercises and assistance from the instructor. At the end of this program, You will receive a certificate of completion and feel more comfortable with your camera in hand.

Photographic Composition

The photographic Composition class is for anyone who would like to make their captured images more interesting and compelling. This course will bring you beyond taking snapshots and will turn you into a photographic artist.

Here are some of the topics covered during this class:

  • Effective composition guidelines
  • Colour harmony
  • Use of leading lines
  • Creation of strong focal points
  • Proper positioning of subject matter
  • Eliminating distractions
  • Beyond the rules of thirds by understanding Fibonacci
  • Elements of line, space, tone, colour, shape, form, and texture
  • Proper use of negative space, foreground, and visual balance

By taking Photographic Composition class, you will have 12-hours classroom instruction and a lot of hands-on practical exercises. Besides that, you will receive a photographic composition coursebook and a certificate of completion after the program. Nevertheless, before you can enroll in this course, you have to complete the BSOP Digital Camera Fundamentals class or an equivalent course.

Wedding Photography Class

If you love to take wedding pictures, the Wedding Photography class at Burwell School of photography can help you do well. There is plenty in this course that will help you take pictures with the confidence and skills that you need.

On top of that, the BSOP instructors will walk you through the wedding from the start until the end. Beginning with the proper techniques to better communicate with your groom and bride as well as perfect planning to maximise the potential for great photos.

During this course, you will learn and experience photo shooting with natural light and flash photography. Moreover, proper posing of a Groom, Bride, groups, and couple are also illustrated in this class.

To know more about this course, here are some of the essential things you will learn during classes:

  • Introduction to wedding photography
  • Equipment consideration for wedding photography
  • Planning for the portrait sessions
  • Understanding light
  • Traditional and modern poses
  • Photographic compositions
  • Portraiture versus photojournalism

Photography Classes at Canadian Photography Learning Centre

Take photography at some of the famous photography schools. Source: Pexels.

The Canadian Photography Learning Centre (CPLC) is another great institution in Edmonton and Montréal that can teach you how to take amazing photos. Their classes are designed to provide their students with all the tools they need to pursue a career in photography.

Whether you are a hobbyist, novice photographer or a professional one, CPLC has a particular class for you. With that said, here are some of the featured courses at the Canadian Photography Learning Centre that can help you discover more about your skills in capturing spectacular images.

Using Manual Mode

The key to capturing wonderful images lies within the manual mode of your camera and that is what this course is all about. At the end of this program, you will be experienced and knowledgeable in:

  • Adjusting and controlling shutter speed
  • Manipulating ISO
  • Using and changing the white balance
  • Working with aperture settings
  • Auto exposure
  • Reading histogram
  • Effective use of Autofocus
  • Navigating image playback

Creative Vision

Creative Vision course at CPLC is for any photographer, at any level, and with any camera who wants to bring their photography skills to the next level. The instructors will teach you the theory, let you see examples, and afterwards make you do it. In this class, you will discover:

  • How to add emotional impact
  • How to find inspiration when you’re lack of it
  • Achieve your artistic goals
  • The principles of design and how to use them
  • How to tell a story with your photographs

Once you finish this program you’ll be able to see photography differently. You’ll start to capture ordinary things through a creative lens and turn it to extraordinary images. You need to remember, that in photography, you don’t just click, you create!

Learn the Fundamentals of Photography Through Online Lessons

Bring all equipment before you to start your photography lessons. Source: Pexels.

Do you want to learn about the fundamentals of photography but don’t have the time to do so? If that’s your case, online photography classes are available to the rescue. This option is best for people who are busy working but still want to know more about cameras and photography.

In taking photography lessons online, you can choose a teacher from other parts of the world. You may get the service of the best photographer in Ottawa or one of the great photography instructor in Toronto. Another good thing about online classes is that it can be taken at any time of the day and on any days of the week.

With the help of a computer and a strong internet connection, you can now learn photography without travelling to places. However, particular areas may be difficult to teach online. With that said, you should attend a regular class for those areas that are hard to tackle through the internet. You can take that during your vacant time though.

Furthermore, an online photography class is just an option to learn essential things about your camera and the fundamentals of photography. But, if you want to experience hands-on courses, you should find time to enrol in a photography school and learn different tricks and techniques through workshops and more.

Get the Help of a Private Photography Teacher

Besides regular photography classes and online lessons, getting the help of a private photography tutor is also a great way to learn how to take amazing photographs.

You will have a one-on-one lesson with the best photography teacher near you and in your most favourable time. With that, you will have more focused lessons that may lead to faster learning and improvement.

Furthermore, your teacher will provide customised lessons according to the areas that you want to master and the one that you need to improve. Thus, you can skip the lessons that you already know and focus on the areas that are hard to grasp.

Nevertheless, finding the right tutor for you is not an easy task. Good thing there are countless skilled and knowledgeable tutors in Superprof that can provide the lessons that you need. They have novice to experienced photographers who can teach you a simple yet effective way on how to study photography.

Superprof has also experts in a certain photo technique such as:

  • Long exposures
  • Depth of field
  • Photo touch-up in post-production or post-treatment
  • Mastery of sharpness and soft focus
  • Black and white photo
  • Manual mode
  • Automatic mode
  • Family photos
  • Nature photos
  • DSLR, etc.


Photography can be a highly profitable career if you understand the technique and will be able to create unique content. The institution mentioned above is just some of the schools in Edmonton that offers photography courses to help you understand more about cameras and the fundamentals of photography. But if you want a more focused approach, start finding the right tutor now and begin your journey towards your dream career.

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