You can suggest new places other than the learner’s house for private tutoring. whether for a guitar tutorial, assistance with homework,  or any kind of academic support.

Why not have mathematics or english tutorials, or even guitar tutorials elsewhere?

This article will suggest new ideas for where to have your one on one tutorials, perhaps away from schools and parents, in more creative and fun places to hold your private lessons. 

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 Why should you try doing lessons outside of your home? 

Consider how as a private tutor you can best serve your student so they can benefit from your personalized service, and so they can develop to their full potential.  A focus on your students needs will be important in your teaching approach. Tutor jobs usually specify your availability to teach whether in person with one on one private lessons or on-line.  Online tutoring jobs are more and more in demand with busy schedules but above all, tailored academic support and mentoring for the student is what’s important. 

In some instances students may not work well in a traditional school system, where they don’t find learning interesting.  They may not like school and therefore start to lag behind in their homework. Consider having your academic support tutorials in an unusual and interesting place.  Assist and adopt new study strategies to help the student reconnect with a desire to learn and progress in a given subject.

Now all you have to do is find students for private lessons and find tutoring jobs in Toronto or for that matter any teaching job in Canada.  

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Where should I tutor?
Teach your student to enjoy learning and to trust their own abilities!

Whether you’re teaching primary, secondary, or even adults, taking your tutorials out of their usual place can have many benefits:

  • Making it Fun: Learning is easier at any age when it’s “fun”!  You can adjust your methodology depending on the place you’ve chosen to have a lesson.  Whether you’re providing supplemental instruction, catch-up tutorials, or helping your student achieve academic success in a subject making it fun is half the battle.  
  • Somewhere new: To keep things new and refreshing it does help to change your pace and place of study. Why not have a private guitar lesson in the park. 
  • Better attention: A new place or time of a lesson can make a difference.  Bringing something new to your private tutorials, can also pique your student’s interest and they may be more apt and interested in paying attention. 
  • Building the Student’s Confidence: At times family expectations may work on a , students confidence and nerves. If the parents are always present or expect too much from their child, it can have a negative effect and hinder their progress. You could always suggest or offer tailored private tutoring sessions.

Private Lessons at Home

Although private tutorials usually take place at the student’s home, you can however also offer to  provide online tutoring from anywhere. 

Some students prefer the comfort of their home or a familiar environment where they feel safe and are most at ease in their routine. Some prefer not to have an actual private tutor present in the home. These students may most likely prefer and benefit from online private lessons. As a private tutor there are many possibilities of how and where to teach.  Convenience for parents: As a private tutor you can organise with parents the most convenient time and place to give private tutoring for their child, whether in their home after school or online with their child after diner.  So should a parent need a math, algebra, english or history tutor for their child, it will also depend on the comfort and convenience of the parents.  

In any case, as a private tutor you need to  get creative and suggest new places that will help your student learn!   Adaptability is key to being an effective educator, teacher, and especially for private tutoring.

Private Lessons in your Local Library

Is there a better place to learn than a library?

How do I organise games for one on one classes?
Why not try organising a treasure hunt as a fun way to learn for your students?

How about organising a real treasure hunt in your local library?  What better place than a library or for that matter a local museum when teaching a private lesson,  and making it a fun and creative way to teach history, science, cultures or languages. The possibilities are endless and fun for your tutor job!  

Libraries and, or museums are exactly where you should be placing your well-written adverts for private tutorials so that students, parents or other educator can find a private tutor.

However you need to remember that libraries are not the ideal places for lively discussions or heated debates. However, some libraries now have dedicated places or rooms for discussion and exchange and are still great places to hone your academic skills!

Whether you’re a history tutor or geography tutor, or any kind of subject private tutor, what better place to find plenty of useful books and resources to assist you in your lessons!

The library can also be a calm quiet place for you and your student  to review for midterm exams, or end of year test preparations. 

Private Lessons in a Bar or Café

 Language tutorials whether for German, Arabic, Italian or French can easily be held at a Bar or Cafe. 

Can I teach Spanish in a café?
Holding lessons in an informal discussion in any language in a fun relaxed way.

What better way to learn a foreign language then while having a drink at the local bar or over an italian cappuccino at the cafe?  A relaxed and fun environment can help foster discussions in a foreign language and a fun way to learn grammar and can also aid in comprehension when using the language in a real and practical context. So for all you language tutors, private tutoring at a cafe or bar can help your students to progress more quickly and gain confidence in their spoken language abilities. This “relaxed” side of a private lesson can still be one of the most effective ways to teach your students another language in a fun practical and  constructive way.  

Will you be teaching a beginner’s language tutorial? You can easily teach new vocabulary all around a café! If there is a French café in town why not let your students order there in french?   Actually using the language in a practical way can help motivate them to improve and help them aim at being bilingual but in a more casual and fun environment where the language they're learning can be applied to real life situations!

In Summary: 

  • Pique your student’s interest by suggesting new and novel places to  encourage fun and interactive learning!
  • Use your student’s house as a “base”  for more formal private lessons according to the  students preference. Always working with your student's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Libraries encourage study can improve study motivation with their studious environment.
  • Letting your imagination run wild: parks, cafés, bars, museums,  etc. A private tutor can suggest many different and stimulating places for private lessons. 

Special places need to remain special, so don’t let them lose their charm by overusing them.  To help keep your student’s interest piqued, holding your private lessons in special and different places for private tutoring will help you to avoid the routine and boredom of  formal tutorials. Remember to choose places that match your student's interests and learning styles that will also complement your private lessons in subject and speciality

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Let us know some of the unusual places you’ve held tutorials!

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