Are you good at French or Italian, enjoy playing the guitar or piano, or have studied mathematics or science at university?  Then you should consider becoming a private tutor. 

 Whether you're an undergraduate looking to earn some extra cash, or thinking about becoming a teacher in the future, then tutoring is a great option. Tutoring services are offered by many industry professionals after school or outside of their working hours as they realise the value of sharing their knowledge with learners.

Tutoring may be an attractive idea to you, but if you're new to the world of supplemental education, then starting out can be somewhat daunting. So, whether you're a student yourself or you have lots of experience in your field and would like to share your knowledge, here are some top tips for those new to tutoring that can help you get started.  

This article will tell you what you need to know about private tutoring jobs, how to find clients and how to establish a good teaching relationship with them,  as well as how to structure your lessons, and the steps you can take to get the most out of your job as a private tutor!

How to Become a Tutor

Let us put you on the right path to a successful teaching career
Feeling lost and have no idea where to begin? Here are the first steps in helping you on your way to a new academic tutoring career ¦ source: Visualhunt

[/caption]When  giving one on one, individualised lessons, it is always important to remember that you are providing a valuable service. As a private tutor, in order to best serve your students, it’s important to listen carefully to their personal goals as well as being sensitive to the lesson feedback so you can respond accordingly to their needs.

You must first build a relationship of trust with your students in order to help them progress and ultimately achieve their goals. Making sure to communicate effectively through the whole learning process to  maximize the students learning potential. 

 A good relationship with your students helps to put them at ease,  enabling you to get to know them better , and to develop more personalised learning programmes for each student. 

The majority of private tutors hold professional qualifications or  have first-hand experience in their chosen field or topics, or are currently studying it in university. Its your personal choice depending on your experience, qualifications and interest in deciding what subjects or skills you may enjoy tutoring. 

However, just keep in mind that your qualifications will have an influence and will determine your earnings potential as a private tutor. There are a number of important qualities you'll need to succeed as a tutor.

 Procedures for Becoming a Private Tutor

In Canada and most countries you don't need to have any particular degree for peer tutoring - just a good level of knowledge in your subject is sufficient to become a tutor.   

There are no legal requirements that may prevent you from becoming a tutor, however, if you plan to teach young children in Canada, a Criminal Record Check obtained through the various Provincial and Regional Offices may be to obtained before becoming a tutor. 

Having a Criminal Record Check certificate is also something you can mention in your tutor profile and will make you more attractive to parents of younger children. It may put parents at ease when searching for a tutor for their children.  It may also show your dedication and commitment to education. For all volunteers and educators this is a standard and a normal requirement when teaching or caring for young children in Canada.  

To legally earn money as a tutor, it will be necessary to keep track of your earnings and also you should plan on how you intend to set up as a tutor. Whether you decide to become self-employed and build up your own tutor business, work for an agency or use an internet tutoring platform to help you start earning money as a tutor.  

A Self-Employed as a Tutor

Planning on tutoring as an individual (rather than as part of tutoring companies or a business), then you may need to register as self-employed

A  self-employed tutor means that you must keep track of your earnings and declare or fill out your own self-assessment tax return at the end of each tax year. This is to make sure that you pay the correct amount of tax based on what you earn.

If you are planning to tutor from home you may be interested in getting a public liability insurance. Liability insurance protects you in the case of injury or damage claims that may be linked to your work as a home tutor. Having insurance is not legally required for private tutors but it will ensure that you are protected whatever may happen and can put your mind at ease.

Work for a Tutor  Agency

Working for a personal private tutoring service, will organise and find students for you, so you are always guaranteed work, however sometimes, as with any formal job, they may need a minimum level of qualifications.  

Some agencies may only require a good level of experience in your chosen subject, while others recruit only tutors who have graduated from the top universities or who are certified teachers with actual classroom experience - so you will need to check the requirements before applying for vacancies as a tutor with the agencies. 

Another possibility is an online tutoring business another option for giving one to one lessons via webcam on behalf of the company.   Without the worry of travelling or finding a location to teach and the associated costs, building an online presence and tutoring reputation is another option. 

Finding Clients to Tutor

Once you have decided to become a Tutor then it’s time to find your students or clients! 

There are many different ways to get your name out there, and increase your profile and we recommend that you use as many of them as possible.

  • Your Networks:  Your Family and Friends can be a great source of information, not only for finding clients or students but also to promote your tutoring business.   Social networks like a small ad on Facebook or a pinned Tweet are seen by hundreds of people. Your Local community can be a great source of new students.  Talking to neighbours, teachers or professors who may know of potential students is also a great source. 
  • Flyers to Advertise: Make promotional pamphlets or posters for your local stores or malls (with permission, of course!). Local cafes and grocery stores with dedicated bulletin boards are also perfect places to promote your tutoring service.  Include testimonials from your students to create more interest. 
  • Advertise in schools:  Primary schools to colleges, are the best places to find students.  Putting up posters at the school gates if permitted and bulletins are the best places for parents to see your tutor ads. 
  • On-line Platforms: Sign up for Superprof, it’s simple, quick and easy to set up and promote your own on-line tutor jobs.  You can set up your own rates and decide where to give your lessons. On-line tutoring in Canada has become more and more popular.  Having an On-line presence is essential to your tutor business.
  • Create a website:  Show off your CV and portfolio by creating your own website thats includes your educational and professional background

Check out our tips for creating the perfect teaching advert.

  • Work flexibly and reach your clients wherever you may be

    Teach via a webcam connection as well as face to face ¦ source: Visualhunt

Find Online Tutoring Jobs

All you need to tutor online is a computer, a webcam with a microphone, and a Skype account!

Online tutoring can be as effective as one on one in-home tutoring or small group sessions. 

Average rates for online lessons are about the same as those for in person lessons with no travel costs for you or your students.  It can be easier and more convenient and some students prefer this method. 

The flexibility to meet your students in person or online, or  perhaps a mix of the two (vacation or travel necessities) enables you to keep your clientele and also expand your services world wide!

 To Become a tutor online, there are plenty of platforms available where you can advertise your online lessons, such as and others that are specifically dedicated to tutors and teachers.

Some of the most popular ones:


  • Tutor Doctor 


Tutor Doctor is an international tutoring platform that offers students academic support by assessing each student’s individual needs and offering personalised learning solutions.  With Tutor Doctor, you can offer your tutoring services online and in person. Tutors must provide a criminal background and reference checks to join. They must first go through testing and multiple phases of interviews. Tutors then receive a thorough orientation before beginning tutoring sessions with their students. Through Tutor Doctor, students are matched with tutors based on their individual learning needs. 


  • Superprof


Superprof is  an international tutoring platform present in over 26 countries, which allows tutors in over 1000 subjects to advertise their teaching services for free. Tutors can create their own teaching profile through the website which displays their education, experience, qualifications and expertise. Superprof allows tutors to set their own rates and teach students face-to-face or online. Many tutors offer their first lesson for free to get to know their students and be able to determine their learning needs. Superprof is a fantastic platform for searching for teaching jobs Canada.

Unlike other tutoring agencies, through Superprof tutors keep 100% of their earnings- there is no commission! Additionally, Superprof gives tutors the freedom to set their own schedule and organise their own lessons!

By working as a private tutor you have complete freedom and flexibility over your schedule!

What are you waiting for? Post your teaching ad and start tutoring!

The best learning happens outside the classroom
Not all learning happens in a classroon! Source: Pixabay Credit: Wokandapix

Where to Teach?

A familiar and relaxed place may be the best place for you to teach your lessons  whether at your students home or elsewhere. Sometimes the family environment is not ideal because of siblings, so be creative and flexible to find where it’s most suitable for your students to receive private tutoring. 

  • Libraries: Bookstores and libraries are ideal places to review and additional resource material readily available. 
  • Museums:  Could be an excellent place especially if a particular exhibition  could bring your lessons to life!
  • Cafés: Teaching languages in a casual less formal place and atmosphere such as a cafe, promotes natural conversation in the target language and can be an excellent practical way to use the language in an everyday situation. 

Tailoring Lessons for Each Student

Students looking for private lessons are usually looking for individualised academic support, or to better help them understand some concepts already  taught at school. Or perhaps are just looking to learn a fun new skill such as  playing the guitar or piano, making jewellry or learning how to salsa dance, or take up a new language of interest.  But whatever interest or motivation there are many looking to find effective private tutors, and tailoring your classes or lessons is the key to successful tutoring.

We recommend that you organise a pre-lesson meeting with your student in order to establish a relationship and/or you may want to offer your first lesson free.  You can take the opportunity to meet with them informally and to ask them personally what they are looking for from private instruction, the type of progress they hope to make and for any other specific goals they may have.   

For younger students parents are essential guides in knowing how they are feeling about their child's academic career and to address specific concerns they may have. After all, parents know their child best and can advise you of any learning difficulties or insecurities to help you better tailor your lessons. Keeping the parents involved and informed of their child’s progress is also important to help reinforce the child’s confidence as they progress towards  their full potential.  

Create tailored learning plans so both student and teacher can get the most from your sessions
Every student has their own learning styles and it is important to adapt to each of them ¦ source: Twenty20

Every student has their own learning styles and it is important to adapt to each of them ¦ source: Twenty20[/caption]

As a private tutor you can use your student's strengths and weaknesses to personalise the learning process. Recognising your student's strengths as well as their weaknesses, will help to avoid demoralising them. The skills and greater comprehension gained from private tutoring can be the best help in boosting  your students confidence and they can then take their new learning skills back to the classroom.  

Tutoring Non-Academic Disciplines

Although most of the private tutoring market is in academic subjects, there are so many other possibilities in every field,  to become a private tutor in, such as yoga, dance, jewelry making, public speaking, learning a new musical instrument, makeup application, fashion ... the possibilities are endless and it’s entirely up to you and your special skills set and knowledge,  on what you choose to become a tutor in! 

So you musicians and dancers, painters or chefs who may wish to teach their particular skills and who may want to earn extra money as a student tutor job, or just for the pleasure of sharing your craft and expertise, or who may wish to inspire others with the same passion and desire, there are any possible private teaching jobs in Canada where you can offer to be a tutor. 

So no matter what your discipline, knowledge or passion might be, there will most likely be a market for it and those looking to find a tutor in.    

Now a days,  with the emphasis on  fitness and wellness. many people are looking for private tutors or coaches for every kind of sport and nutrition instruction.   Under those umbrella terms are disciplines from hot yoga to Zumba and why not offer your tutor service in nutrition and food preparation if that is your expertise.    Those looking to cultivate their creative spirit are learning photography , painting, drawing, sculpting, or even graphic arts. Many others, not only children but adults, long to play a musical instrument from piano, guitar or violin and are always in search of a private tutor in Toronto and every other major city and suburb all over Canada.   

For others looking to improve professional skills such as public speaking or management style or communication, a private tutor is the best option in order  to help them improve their professional business image and skills. Those aspiring to a management position and even school teachers, or potential public speakers  are looking for voice coaching to build their confidence.

Now with a Global economy and emigration, there are many international students and other populations looking for an English tutor to help them speak and improve their English language skills,  either for business or personal reasons. There are others who also realise the benefits of speaking a second language and are looking for personalized language instruction and coaching,  how best to learn than with a personal private language tutor!  

Let other adverts inspire you but don't forget to make yourself stand out
Have fun creating your flyers and adverts! Get creative and let your subject take centre stage ¦ source: Visualhunt

In summary:

  • Choose how you want to tutor, as self-employed or working for an agency.There are not too many rules when it comes to private tutoring jobs and mentoring so choose how you want to set yourself up as tutor.  
  • Cover your bases to find clients,  look to family and friends, social media, local neighbourhood businesses and schools, and advertise with creative posters and flyers throughout your community. 
  • Clear concise advertising: showing your name, subject or expertise, your main qualifications and your contact details, as well as any testimonials are the most important information to provide. 
  •  Tutoring by webcam;  allows you to work anywhere without lowering your rates and can be more convenient for your students as well. 
  • Teach in a cafe,  museum, a library or even a park - their are creative and endless possibilities and you need not just teach in a classroom! 
  • The best of tutors are knowledgeable in their field, highly adaptable, patient, have attention to  detail and skills in openly communicating to their students and parents. Establishing a good relationship is essential to effective tutoring. 

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