Whether you’re a math whiz,  an avid cook, a history buff or a star soccer player, everyone has a skill to share! Thousands of students around the world and in your local neighbourhood search for inspiring tutors who are passionate about their subject and who will help them to reach their personal and professional goals. Becoming a private tutor by giving online or face-to-face lessons can be extremely rewarding and has many advantages. Have you thought about becoming a tutor but don't know where to start? Here are 5 top reasons  to convince you why you should become a tutor today! 

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Improve your employability

Being a tutor demonstrates  that you can master a number of highly transferrable skills that are sought after by employers. For example, in order to tutor you need to have strong knowledge in your subject, have excellent communication and organisational skills. Moreover you are sure to build up a strong set of references from students and their parents who can attest to your dedication and strong work ethic.

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Improve your resume by gaining teaching experience
Tutoring demonstrates your transferable skills to employers (Source: Upsplash)


As a tutor you have to learn to manage the expectations of your students and their parents, and be able to set achievable goals to help your students to succeed. Moreover, you will have to show a strong sense of engagement and patience as an educator, in order to help students who may be struggling in school and may need help to catch up with their classes. You should be able to recognise a student's weaknesses and strengths, as well as identify their personal learning style to adapt your lessons in a way which is best suited for them. You should be flexible and able to adapt your own techniques to then individual needs of your students. Most importantly, you should be able to develop a relationship of trust and respect with your student. These skills are essential across all areas of your life, and another reason why tutoring jobs are a great addition to your resume, tutoring jobs make a wonderful addition to your resume.

Expand your personal network

By deciding to join a network of students and tutors, such as Superprof, you are more than likely to come across someone in the same field or with the same interests as you. You never know when you may be approached by someone you meet for new career or personal opportunities! As an international network with over 10 million students and tutors, Superprof can be just the place to connect with individuals and develop your own interest in a subject.

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Boost your professional network as part of a teaching organisation
Tutors on Superprof can build relationships and make connections to other teachers (Source: stocksnap)

Whether you are a creative writer, a physics professor, or a budding musician, having a network is essential in exchanging information, professional collaboration and making connections for future job opportunities. By developing your personal network, you can open up so many opportunities for yourself. Working with other like-minded individuals can spark your own passion for your subject.

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Supplement your income

Whether you’re a student, working part-time or are in between jobs, private tutoring is a great way to earn some extra cash.

Make money from home or online as a private tutor
Tutoring is a rewarding way to increase your income (Source: stocksnap)

Becoming a tutor and passing your knowledge on to your students is an extremely rewarding way to supplement your income while helping others. Canada has recently seen a growing demand for private tutoring across the country. Thousands of students search Superprof everyday for face to face lessons and online tutoring via webcam. By becoming a private tutor, you'll meet new people with common interests and help other students to achieve their potential and gain confidence. What could be better?

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Set your own Rates

As a private tutor, you'll be in charge of setting your own rates. You'll also have complete control over your schedule, and decide how much time and effort you wish to dedicate to your online tutoring job. In setting your rates, here are some important factors you may wish to take into consideration:

  1. The average tutoring rate for your subject in your area
  2. Your own financial situation
  3. Competition in your subject area
  4. Your education and qualifications
  5. Your professional credentials
  6. Your experience as a tutor

Also consider the specific students that you wish to teach. Remember that not every student may have the means to pay $50 a lesson, so take this into consideration as well when you decide which kinds of students you wish to teach. You may also wish to consider offering a discount for packages of lessons bought in advance. This can help you to ensure long-term collaboration and commitment to your student. Check here for available online tutoring jobs.

Sharing your passion

One of the most rewarding aspects of becoming a private tutoring, is passing on your knowledge, skills and experience to your students and watching them evolve. After all, the transfer of knowledge is what makes us human.

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Private teachers find fulfillment in doing what they love
Everyone has a skill they want to learn and share  (Source: stocksnap)

Watch your students progress 

As  your relationship with your student evolves over time, you'll be proud to see them pass their latest math exam or perform in a piano concert. As you both work together and watch their skills evolve, you'll feel a great sense of achievement. So congrats to all the tutors and private teachers out there! Thanks to all your hard work and efforts, you'll help your students to reach their potential and achieve their goals! There's nothing greater than those moments when you can observe the tangible impacts that all your hard work and efforts have had! What can be more rewarding than that? 

Develop your own teaching style 

What kind of student were you growing up? Were you an independent learner that liked to explore topics and subjects outside of the school curriculum? Or were you a student that had a  hard time paying attention in class ? Whatever your learning style, you'll be able to use your own experience to develop your teaching style and adapt it to the individual needs of your students. Learning styles vary immensely between each student so it's up to you to get to know your students better, their strengths and their weaknesses in order to better achieve their goals. It's important to remember that teaching all about communication, diplomacy and understanding.  By working individually with your student, you'll have the freedom to approach the class and learning methods to ensure that each student is getting the most out of your lessons. Here are several important factors that are important to bear in mind when tailoring your classes to each student:

  1. Their age
  2. Their grade or level
  3. Personality
  4. Level of confidence
  5. Education

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As a tutor, it's your job to adapt your teaching style in the best way possible for your student. Note that this may not always be evident from the beginning, but may require a lot of trial and error as you develop your relationship with your student. While there's no 'secret formula' or 'magic recipe' when it comes to being the perfect tutor, if you follow these basic rules, then this will help you to increase your chances of success:

  1. Be prepared: prepare your teaching materials, homework assignments and study plan in advance
  2. Tailor your lesson to each student's learning style
  3. Establish a relationship of trust and support with your student
  4. Always be patient, understanding and encouraging.
  5. Think outside of the box - try to introduce new topics that may interest your student and inspire them

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Stay organised

One of the pre-requisites of becoming a tutor is knowing how to stay organised.

Become a tutor to find flexible work
Tutoring lets you manage your own schedule but organisation is key! (Source: stocksnap)

The ability to manage your teaching in an efficient manner whilst meeting the needs of your student's is the key to success of any tutoring business. Advertising your tutoring services can be extremely time consuming. You can either post your services online or around your local community. When posting your tutoring jobs Toronto ad make sure to include your availability and working hours for prospective students to see. Working as a private tutor, you'll have the flexibility to set your own schedule but you'll need to excel at time management and organisation. Also think about what type of students you are aiming to teach. Different students will have different schedules. For example, university students may be more flexible whereas elementary or high school students may only be available in the evenings and weekends.

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Share your passion and inspire your students

Sharing your knowledge with motivated students can be one of the most rewarding experiences. But remember that it doesn't just have to be your academic knowledge that can be shared. Why not consider sharing your skills in dance, guitar, basketball or any of the other hobbies that you practice. You could even teach someone how to organise their homes, play poker or gain confidence speaking in public. Everyone has something to share and learn. By providing instruction and support, you're bound to have an important impact in someone's life and help them to succeed and achieve their goals. When you see them achieve their goals, then not only will you feel proud, but you'll feel a strong sense of fulfilment and personal achievement because of the role you played in their success. Does this sound like the perfect job? Then being a private tutor is for you! Bear in mind that being passionate about a subject is only 90% of the job. It is also essential to know how to share your knowledge in a clear and compelling way. There are so many online teacher-training courses available, including from Superprof tutors.

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Work independently

When you work as a private tutor, you'll have complete control and flexibility over your job, including the rates you charge, the students you choose to tutor, and your tutoring schedule.

Private teaching is a flexible and rewarding job for those looking to improve work life balance
Tutoring gives you free reign to plan your work environment and schedule (Source: stocksnap)

You can decide whether you want to hold your classes at your home, at the student's home or in another location such as a school, library or even a coffee shop. Another alternative is to advertise group classes or master classes, which will allow students to work together in a group and could even enhance their learning experience. You could earn more money per hour by tutoring a few students at one time. Why not consider being an online tutor, and offering lessons from the comfort of your own home to students from all over the world? The world is your classroom!

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Work and study 

Did you know that a majority of private tutors are also students themselves? Many students opt for tutoring instead of part-time jobs in the private sector, as it allows them to maintain greater flexibility over their schedule and is another way of developing their interest in the subject they teach. Tutoring can provide a new perspective into their topic and a student may raise questions that a tutor has never thought of before. Tutoring can also be particularly appealing due to its higher average rate of $25/ hour in 2019. It is also a great addition to your CV and signals to employers that you are reliable, dependable and are good at sharing knowledge in your subject. This is probably why private tutoring has grown so much in Canada over recent years. In fact in France from 2015 to 2016 Superprof saw a 145% increase in tutors aged 19 or under from 2500 to 6000! Have these five reasons become a private tutor convinced you to start tutoring yet? Sign up for tutoring jobs on Superprof, and join the community of over ten million students and teachers around the world! [CTA type="popin" fonction="donner_cours" time="10000" msg="Start tutoring today!"]

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