Becoming a tutor can open doors to so many new opportunities. 

By tutoring students, you can:

  1. Further develop your own knowledge of a subject and explore it from different angles through teaching
  2. Expand your professional network of contacts through tutoring.
  3. Gain invaluable experience sharing your skills and knowledge and becoming a mentor

Tutoring can demonstrate to employers that you possess these critical skills required for almost any job:

  • Hard working
  • Determination
  • Flexibility 
  • Strong communication skills 
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Enthusiasm
  • Open-mindedness
  • Persistence
  • Organisation

By becoming a tutor and an educator for students of all ages and levels, you gain a greater understanding of each of your student's strengths and weaknesses and are able to develop personalised and tailored study programmes. This will help them to overcome their learning difficulties and achieve academic success.

In the same way, you can also learn from your students by seeing your subject from a different angle, facing new problems and developing your teaching, communicating and interpersonal skills. In education, this is what we call 'reverse mentoring' which comes from the partnership formed when a tutor and tutee work together.

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Why Should you Become a Tutor?

Could the skills and knowledge you've gained throughout your life be beneficial to others? This is one of the critical questions to ask yourself when considering becoming an academic tutor or private teacher.

There are so many advantages to becoming a tutor and giving private lessons.

Firstly, tutoring can help you to supplement your income whilst working from home or working part-time whilst studying or doing another job. This is ideal if you are still in school or still job hunting.

What's more, you are sure to find students to teach in any subject you are passionate about. Whether it's helping elementary school children solve their math homework or help an aspiring pianist learn perfect their skills, then you are bound to find students who are willing to learn from you.

Additionally, it can be a great way to boost your CV! Tutoring experience can justify your expertise and knowledge in your subject. Additionally, when you develop a strong relationship with your student and their parents, this can be a great way to get a good reference for future job and educational opportunities.

There's no one correct way to start tutoring. Each student has different learning needs, personalities and strengths and weaknesses. The more flexible you are the better in order to adapt your teaching style and study program to best suit each student. Subjects can also be taught in a number of ways- you may prefer to give one-on-one classes or teach in a group setting to facilitate learning for certain subjects.

For students with specific learning needs or disabilities, then one-one-one tutoring and personalised study skills can be the one thing that these students need to excel and gain greater confidence in school.

Many employers look for tutoring as a way to show that you are passionate about sharing your skills and knowledge!

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Private tutoring is a growing market in Canada

The business of academic support is flourishing in Canada.

In the past couple of  years, a number of companies have identified the rapid growth in the private tutoring market in Canada and around the world. A number of companies have formalised the process of after school tutoring and additional academic support. There is now a number of organisations specialising in home tutoring, such as Superprof, Kumon and the Tutor Doctor.

Academic tutoring is in high demand so join a tutoring company, be self-employed or tutor online
Private tutoring is a growing market in Canada ¦ Source: Pixabay

Teach because you love teaching, as part of the bigger picture.

According to the Huffington Post, there has been an increase in enrolment in after school tutoring programs, coinciding with a decline in math scores on standardised test scares amongst elementary school students in Ontario.

Additionally, many students report preferring math when it is taught by a private tutor rather than in school. This is because students may have many different learning styles and large classrooms with many different students may not always be so conducive to learning.

Many high school students seek the help of private tutors to coach them to passing entrance exams so they can get into the best university programs. As selective education becomes more competitive, this figure will keep rising, and so, the future of private tutoring remains bright.

Tutoring during your studies

So it's no doubt that becoming a tutor can be a great way to boost your CV, but what if you are currently a student? Can students still be adequate tutors?

The answer is yes! In fact, more and more university students are choosing to provide academic support to their peers or to students in need.

Students are ideal tutors, as they have first-hand understanding of the challenges of being a student and of how the institutional and education system works. This is particularly true when it comes to preparing for standardised exams or for developing study skills and learning techniques.

Additionally, the flexibility of tutoring can be ideal for university students who often have a lot of free time in between classes. This is ideal as it allows them to set their own schedule around their own classes. Students can even opt for online teaching jobs which can save travelling time and transportation costs.

University students can find tutoring jobs Toronto or in Canada and teach younger students how to succeed in their studies.

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Help others with their education in your spare time
Tutoring: the ideal job for every student¦ source: Twenty20

Your academic background can help you to provide guidance to younger aspiring students. For example, let's say you studied Mathematics and Physics in high school and are currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Engineering at University. Not only will your academic knowledge in physics and math help your student, but equally your knowledge of university applications, grades, and study skills can be invaluable guidance to your students.

The same can be said for all subjects you may wish to teach, be it English literature, a foreign language, or even music and arts.

Your knowledge of a subject and study skills are invaluable for students. 

If like many students, you are struggling financially, home tuition can top up your income. Being a tutor is also far more interesting and rewarding than stacking shelves or working at a drive-thru, as you gain more than just a payslip.

Tutoring jobs can be perfect for undergraduates who are more familiar with the education system than anyone else and are therefore equipped to provide help for test taking and essay writing.

Online tutoring means you will be helping others whilst keeping yourself on your toes in your own area of study.

The best thing about tutoring is creating your own timetable to fit around your lectures and other commitments, as well as those of your clients.  Organising your work schedule around your classes is difficult to do in a lot of other student jobs.

Good pay, effective use of free time, keeping an eye on your own progress, becoming a tutor as a student is nothing but advantageous.

How can tutoring experience be relevant for future employers?

Here are some pointers on how your tutoring experience can enhance your CV as well as talking points for future interviews.

The skills you develop by tutoring can make you an attractive candidate for future career opportunities. 

According to the recruitment website, Cadremploi, the top five qualities employers look for in candidates are optimism, adaptability, curiosity, good interpersonal skills and conviction - all characteristics of a good teacher.

  • Optimism, you should be optimistic about your students' ability to succeed and overcome their learning difficulties
  • Adaptability, each student and situation is different and requires your ability to adapt to new situations
  • Curiosity about your subject and your subject and your student's development
  • Good interpersonal skills: ability to connect on a personal level with your students
  • Conviction: In order to make the most impact, you should be confident in what you are teaching.

Similar to a project manager, a tutor must demonstrate strong organisational skills. A tutor must do an assessment of their student and their specific learning objectives, and develop a personalised study plan to achieve these goals and bring about desired results.

Employers look for the characteristics acquired through tutoring
Tutoring skills are sought after by employers ¦ Source: Pixabay

Tutoring can Advance your Career

Now that you've seen all the advantages of becoming a tutor, how can tutoring be they key to advancing your career?

Whether you are a university student who will soon be entering the job market or looking to change direction in your current employment, tutoring is a great option.

You can offer tutoring services in whatever way you find most convenient. For example through online tutoring to students around or in person homework help in your local neighbourhood. You can help students prepare for their GMAT or MCAT exams, or even share your hidden passion for music by combining your passion with your job?


Tutoring experience can dramatically help your future career
Private lessons: a career springboard ¦ source: Twenty20

If you are interested in becoming a teacher, private tutoring is a great way to gain the relevant experience to build your career as a certified teacher. In whatever subject or at whatever level, private tutoring can help make you more knowledgeable and accomplished on a personal and professional level.

In the business world it can also help you to gain organisational experience and learn how to market your services at a reasonable price.

Additionally, you can draw on your network of students and their parents' as references when applying for jobs or looking for new job opportunities.

It's important to remember that tutoring is not just a way to earn extra money, but it can provide you with a sense of fulfilment by helping others to reach their potential.

Not many jobs can provide you with the flexibility, self-confidence and passion that tutoring can, and above all provide you with a keyboard to kickstarting your professional career!

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