Do you dread the idea of a 9 to 5 office job and dream of finding freedom in your work? Then private tutoring is just the job for you!

Whether you are an undergrad, a retired teacher or have a full-time job, providing private lessons to students can be a great opportunity to enrich your life!

A survey by a-connect found that individuals that were self-employed were more likely to feel happy during working hours than those employed by a company. Those with the 'freelance' status responded more positively to questions regarding their work-life balance. Over two times as many independent workers claimed higher job satisfaction and that they could pursue leisure and other activities outside of work compared to those in full-time employment.

A major reason for this is due to greater flexibility in their schedules and freedom in their work.

As experts in the private tutoring market, we at Superprof are here to explain the benefits of working as a tutor and earning greater independence in the way you earn your living.

By becoming a private tutor you can:

  • Learn more about private tutoring and academic support
  • Develop your own teaching methods
  • Tailor your lesson plans for each student
  • Take time to develop your private tutoring business and find students

Once you enter the enriching world of private tutoring, you'll soon learn how rewarding teaching can be. When you realise that you can use your knowledge and expertise to help others succeed, then you'll realise you made the right decision to become a private tutor.

Here are 4 of the top reasons why you'll gain independence and fulfilment in your work as a private tutor:

Become your own boss

While most of us only dream of being our own boss or taking control of our own work, sadly this just isn't the reality.

In 2018, only 2.9 million Canadians were self-employed, accounting for 15% of total employment. Of the population of self-employed workers, over one-third claimed that 'independence, freedom, and being one's own boss' were the main reason they opted for self-employment. Work-life balance, flexibility, challenge, creativity, more money and less stress were also cited as key reasons that people chose to be self-employed.

This study shows just some of  the many benefits of working independently.

work for yourself as a home tutor
Becoming a tutor: a great way to enter the world of self employment ¦ Source: Pixabay

By becoming a tutor you can use the skills and knowledge that you already have to teach people with all different levels and experience!

By becoming a private tutor, you'll feel satisfaction in helping others while adding another great experience to your resumé to show your future employers what a great candidate you are.

Tutoring: Set your Rates and Manage Your Own Schedule

Not only can you  add to your income through tutoring, it also frees you from the constraints of  a boring office job.

By working for yourself, you will be able to:

  • Manage your own time and schedule
  • Have control over how much you earn
  • Develop a network of students and clients

Managing your own schedule

A report by the government of Canada, has shown that many Canadians struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Many Canadians work long hours, work multiple jobs, have unpredictable working hours and may also only be able to find low-paid, part-time or temporary work. Better conditions are necessary to improve the lives of thousands of Canadians who  have poor access to benefits and labour standards.

By opting for independent work and having a flexible schedule, this can be a solution for many Canadians who have been neglected by the current job market.

By developing your own private tutoring business, this can be a great way to enter self-employment without the risk. As you work with more and more students, your reputation will grow through word-of-mouth. As you'll get more and more lesson requests, you'll be able to have even greater control over your schedule by selecting the tutoring opportunities which work the best for you and your schedule.

Private tutoring both in person and online can allow you to set your own working hours in your free time. No matter what subject you teach, there's bound to be a student somewhere around the world who would greatly benefit from your knowledge and expertise. So why not enter the world of private tutoring and finally take pleasure in your new job!

Set your own tutoring rates

As a private tutor, you'll be free to set your own tutoring rates as you see fit.

Based on our tutors' experience, we would recommend setting an hourly rate and daily rate. This can help you to keep track of how much you are earning and how much you are expected to earn in a given month. You'll also need to bear in mind your other sources of income and expenses throughout the year when thinking about what the charge and how many hours you should tutor.

Another important factor you'll want to consider is the average prices for tutoring in your local area. A basic internet search should help you to get a rough idea.

Your own experience tutoring, your level of education and qualifications should also be taken into consideration when setting your tutoring rates. It is understandable that an ESL tutor with a formal teaching degree and professional certification would charge more than a first year university student without much experience. Remember that an hour-long session of mathematics with a first grade student, will pay a lot less than a university student looking for help with their finals.

Although there is no strict rule to teaching rates, there does tend to be higher rates among big cities such as Toronto, Ottawa and Montréal, in comparison to more rural areas.

Another point to note is that non-academic subjects such as music, arts, and sports generally have substantially higher rates than academic subjects, and may require additional equipment or meeting spaces. For example, if you are giving ice skating lessons, you'll have to find a rink available for you to give lessons to your students. It's important to take these factors into account so that you can better position yourself in the tutoring market.

Control over your finances

For those just starting a new business, the idea of managing your own finances can be very intimidating. By becoming self-employed this is necessary, as you'l be taking control of your own tutoring income.

Be in control of your earnings as a private tutor
Keeping track of your finances as a private tutor  ¦ source: Pixabay

Develop your own teaching methodology

As a private tutor, you'll have the freedom to teach your students using your own methodology, unlike a certified teacher who is required to follow a set curriculum.

You'll also have the freedom to choose what you are passionate about teaching. For instance, if you have a degree in English literature, then as an English tutor you'll be able to share your love of language with your students, and even help them with topics such as reading comprehension, grammar or creative writing. What a great way to put all that hard work to good use by helping others!

Math and engineering graduates can work with elementary and high school students, giving them the confidence to master topics such as algebra, calculus and geometry.

Are you bilingual or are perhaps on an exchange from another country visiting Canada? Then why not consider becoming a language tutor? You could help your peers or other students to improve their writing, grammar and even their communication and pronunciation. In fact, foreign language tutors, particularly French, Spanish and Mandarin are in particularly high demand in Canada!

What you teach and the way that  you choose to teach your students is completely up to you. You may prefer to give one-on-one lessons to ensure that your students get your full attention, or group classes to help encourage group work and collaboration. Whatever your teaching style, only you know what works best for you and your students!

Provide individualised supplemental instruction the way you want
Private tutoring: help your students to succeed ¦ source: Pixabay

Instead of having to stick to boring textbooks and traditional teaching methods, you'll have the freedom to think outside of the box and explain your knowledge in a way that is interesting for your students and suits their specific learning style.

The most skilled tutors identify the strengths and weaknesses of each of their students and use this knowledge to help develop lesson plans specifically tailored to the student's individual needs. By providing tailored lessons, private tutors can make up for where the traditional schooling system has failed, and provide the students with the tools and confidence to succeed.

Choose your own Holidays as a Self-Employed Tutor

If you've worked in a company before, you'll know that trying to schedule time for a vacation can be a nightmare. Maybe your boss is away or you have an important conference, it seems that there's just never a right moment to take some time for yourself.

But when you are working independently as a tutor, then you have complete freedom over when you'd like to take a break. A great advantage is that unlike certified teachers, you may even be able to go on vacation before the school holiday price spikes!

manage your own holiday time as a self-employed tutor
Working when you want: what a way to make a living ¦ source: Pixabay

If you are giving tutoring lessons online, you may even be able to take your work with you on vacation. All you'll need is an adequate wifi connection!!

There are thousands of people in your local community looking for a private tutor every day in thousands of different subjects- whether it's academic tutoring, career advising or test prep.

So have we convinced you to become a private tutor to give lessons to students in person or online? Given all the benefits and the independence you'll be gaining as a private tutor, it's hard to think of an excuse no to start! So sign up on Superprof and get started!

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