With magnificent wildlife, bustling cities and a high standard of living,  anyone can agree that Canada is one of the best countries in the world to live.  However, the cost of living across the country is on the rise.

As if paying your mortgage, taxes, education and food wasn't enough to worry about, there are always those unexpected costs when your car breaks down or your roof caves in.

Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard you work, there's just never enough left over to purchase that brand new coat or beautiful pair of earrings that you've been eyeing for months.

So what's the solution? Many people across Canada have taken on private online tutoring jobs in their free time to help increase their income and make some extra money to cover all those additional costs. This is particularly true for teachers who may opt for extra tutoring after teaching the day at school, or even retired teachers not quite ready to give up their teaching skills but not looking for a full-time job. What if you used your knowledge and expertise to earn some extra money?

Whether your a science nerd, play the violin or speak three languages, all knowledge is useful and everyone is interested in learning something. Tutoring can allow you to put this to good use!

Offer your services to students of all ages and levels, who may need extra help with homework, who wish to take up a new musical instrument or want to perfect their accent in a foreign language.

So many people nowadays have knowledge and experience than spans multiple subjects. For example, let's say you have a Master's degree in Physics from the University of Toronto. Well then you'll definitely be qualified to teach maths, physics and maybe even other science subjects to high school and elementary school students.

The same goes for humanities graduate students, who can help younger students with everything from English and reading comprehension, to geography and social studies in their spare time.

In order to become a successful tutor, you'll need to develop your own tailored lesson plan to help your students to succeed. Once you get started, you'll soon recognise the benefits of getting involved in online tutoring or one on one tutoring at home.

Rising cost of living in Canada

We're always hearing about how the cost of living is on the rise.

A recent report has shown a rise in household expenses over the past few years, for everything from food, housing prices, rent and fuel. Another report has shown that on a minimum wage in Canada, it's practically impossible to own a one or two-bedroom apartment in almost every single city in Canada.

What's worse is that for every dollar a Canadian earns, they also owe about $1.77. Canadians are highly indebted- be it through mortgages, credit card debt or other personal forms of debt.

The anxiety over the rising cost of living has been a major issue for all Canadians.

To keep up with this surge in prices, Canadians are need need of extra money or forms of income just to maintain their standard of living. While some my take out loans and become even more indebted, others may opt to take on a second job.

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Get paid for teaching a subject you are passionate about
Maximise your income in your spare time ¦ source: Pixabay

Using your own skills be they academic, musical or sports-related, then you can gain valuable experience helping others whilst also maximising your income. It is also one of the most rewarding forms of work for those looking to earn some more money.

Achieve financial freedom

Having tutoring experience on your resume is not only a signal to potential employers or your capability, but it can also supplement your income and help to relieve some of the stress and anxiety we all experience related to money.

So now that we've seen some of the challenges that Canadians are facing when it comes to their finances, let's take a look at how we can be earning that bit of extra money and relieve some of that stress.

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Live more comfortably thanks to an extra job in your spare time
Increase your disposable income with a second job ¦ source: Visualhunt

For university students, rather than struggling to juggle two different tutoring jobs Toronto while making ends meet and paying off any student loans, we would strongly advise students to take up private tutoring.

Whether you are an inspired art student, a hard-working engineer or an exchange student who can teach your native language, your bound to have a skill that it worth sharing.

Being a student yourself can help you to be a better tutor. You'll be able to share your experience preparing for exams and mentor high school students preparing their applications for university entrance. Not only your knowledge of a subject, but your experience and career guidance can be invaluable for your students.

Earning money by making sure that children are not left behind by the current education system is a highly  fulfilling and interesting job.

Providing private tutoring is critical in bridging the gaps left by the school system, which doesn't cater for students with different learning needs. Sometimes a little bit of extra attention is all a student needs to succeed and master their subject

By tailoring your classes in a way that accounts for each individual student's learning needs, this ensures that your students will gain confidence and overcome any learning challenges they've experienced at school.

The earnings you'll make from tutoring can help you to manage those difficult days up until your next pay day, and help you worry less about saving every penny to make ends meet.

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How Much Should You Charge for lessons?

Before entering the private tutoring market, it is recommended that you do some research on the average rate offered for tutoring in your are. That way you can get a better feel for your place in the tutoring market.

You should also think about the clientele you'd like to target or the students you'd like to teach. It's important to note that the cost of private tutoring increases with the level of study.

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According to Superprof data, private tutors in Canada make on average $19 per hour. However this varies considerably according to the city and subject taught. For instance, a math tutor in Toronto can earn an average of $23/ hr or a piano teacher in Montréal can earn an average of $39/hr. Often music and art lessons are more specialised and have a higher average rate than academic subjects in Canada.

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You can charge more for music and sports lessons because they do not appear on the school syllabus
Your earnings as a tutor will depend on your location and level of specialisation ¦ source: Visualhunt

Sports coaching and artistic subjects also tend to have a higher value because they are generally extra-curricular activities and not taught on the general Canadian education curriculum.

This is why the average price of a private music lesson is around $5 more per hour than academic subjects.

However, bear in mind that teaching these subjects does not necessarily mean that you'll earn more. It may also be more difficult to find students that are interested in taking extra-curricular classes, where as math tutors and English tutors are always in high demand.

Also bear in mind other factors that affect the rates you should be offering and which influence how much people are willing to pay for private tutoring. Age, experience, education level, and geographic location all play an important role and should be considered when you set your rates.

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Factors Causing Tutoring Fees to Vary

Superprof's data also shows variations in rates between cities and counties as well as a small gap in the earnings of both sexes.

All of these aspects affect the amount of money potential clients are willing to spend on private tuition. This means that they play an important role in setting your prices as a new tutor.

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Geographic Location

It's no surprise that tutors earn the highest rates in Toronto ($24.10/hr) and other major Canadian cities such as Ottawa ($24/hr), Calgary ($25/hr) and Montréal ($24/hr).

Smaller capital cities such as Halifax ($21/hr) and Charlottetown ($22/hr) earn slightly lower rates for tutoring.

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The Tutoring Pay Gap

The data also shows an interesting difference between male and female tutors.

Even though the difference is only small (92 cents per hour), it is still significant.

So, if you're a female tutor who is looking for students, it's important to be aware of this gap!

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Level of Education

The final factor in setting your rates is the level of education of both you and your students.

It seems reasonable that an hour of private maths tutoring for a primary-school student would be less costly than an hour of university level math lessons.

In the first case, you just need the basics you studied in high school to provide help for a child at elementary school. In the second, you need to be qualified enough to be able to answer your student's questions. The same goes for all subjects (languages, teaching a musical instrument, and even art lessons).

Even though your students may not ask for specific qualifications, you'll need to have the knowledge and confidence to be able to teach your subject to your student.

So now that you've considered all these factors, you're ready to set your tutoring rates!

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Canadian dollars
Set your tutoring rates in Canada. Source: Unsplash

Tutoring jobs are a great way to employ all the skills and knowledge you've gained throughout your life while earning extra income.

So regardless of your age, experience or level of education, you're sure to find a student who could use your guidance and wisdom to help them achieve their goals and reach their potential.

Get started by creating an online profile for free, such as Superprof Canada where you can advertise your teaching services to our community of 10 million worldwide learners.

By creating an online profile, you'll be able to increase your visibility among the many potential students who visit the website each day.

Find out how tutoring can lead to Freedom in your work!

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