Being a private tutor is very rewarding and can be a clever way to boost your finances with a little extra cash! It's important to remember that to be a tutor, one has to be confident in their subject and be passionate about sharing their knowledge. 

A passion for teaching is the main driving factor behind anyone who wants to get involved in academic tutoring, and will be key in advertising your services and finding students to tutor!

As a tutor, you could teach a variety of different students:

  • Primary and Elementary school children who may need extra academic support in certain subjects or homework help
  • High School students who need assistance in study techniques and exam preparation for University
  • Career guidance and mentorship for high school and university students
  • Exam preparation for students looking to prepare professional exams (e.g. LSAT, GMAT, MCAT)
  • Students looking to learn a foreign language
  • Students looking to expand their practice of a musical instrument, expressive arts or sports

If you think that tutoring jobs are right for you, and feel passionate about sharing your knowledge then you are on the way to becoming a private tutor!

Become a tutor to share your passion and knowledge

Whether you are a bookworm, a history buff or a math whiz, everyone has something that they feel passionate about.

Be becoming a tutor, you are able to combine your passion with your job by sharing your love of your subject with your students. Private tutoring and after school support have grown exponentially n recent years. Additionally, with the rapid growth of new technologies, such as Skype and online teaching interfaces, online teaching has also grown and allows tutors to connect with students from all over the world. By becoming a tutor, you have the flexibility to set your own schedule and be your own boss!

Studies have shown that the more passionate and enthusiastic the teacher, then the more likely to student will be at sharing this excitement for the subject taught. As a tutor, you are not only responsible for sharing and transmitting information, but on a wider note for inspiring your student and encouraging to develop their own interest around the subject.

Share your enthusiasm and enrich the lives of others
The best teachers share their passion with their students¦ Source: Pixabay

So what is that you are passionate about? Do you have a special talent in a foreign language or maybe you are a gifted musician? Or if video games are more your thing, there are even people making a living as video-game coaches. If that's not proof that you can monetise your passion, what is?

The latest technologies and digital trends such as online tutorials and video blogging, mean that knowledge is being shared in new ways that can reach

With the rise of blogging and video tutorials, knowledge is being transmitted through a number of different mediums, and reaching all different types of audience. Certain people realised the power of these resources and took advantage of it. How many famous celebrities have become famous by simply sharing their passion online?

The most successful tutors not only want to teach their students what that need to succeed, but go beyond that and inspire students to develop their own passion for a subject

In order to succeed as a tutor, you'll need to captivate your audience. Private tutoring looks great on your CV, and can help you to develop your own passion, knowledge and mentoring abilities.

Finding a Fulfilling Secondary Job

Several studies show that greater autonomy can contribute to greater job satisfaction and ease during stressful periods.

By having greater independence in your working life, this can improve both your mental and physical health. One study has even shown that those with less control over their work life were at higher risk of developing heart disease than smokers.

Given that tutoring is one of the most autonomous professions, then no wonder so many people opt to become a tutor?

So what about you?

Have you thought about taking on a secondary or part-time job, which could not only help you to earn extra money but to share something that you are passionate about?

Home tutoring could even be the first step to changing careers or bringing about new professional opportunities!

Tutoring: a second job with endless advantages
Enjoy the autonomy of private tutoring ¦ Source: Pixabay

The benefits of becoming a private tutor could apply to everyone. Whether you are a grad student looking to earn money to help finance your studies or a retired teacher looking to mentor students, or even an employee looking to share their knowledge and passion for your subject, tutoring can be an extremely enriching experience!

At every age, education level, or status, everyone has something to share! 

Everyone has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be shared with others. For example, you may be working in business but with a degree in English literature. Why not draw on your love for language and teach schoolchildren to develop their skills in reading, writing and comprehension.

So why not become a tutor today and discover all the benefits and joys of teaching?

A Passion for Education

According to a Survey by Education International Research, being a teacher is one of the most respected professions in society after Medical doctors and Engineers.

This shows that public opinion about teaching has evolved. Before, teaching has often been associated with low levels of pay and lower social status relative to other professions. However, there has been an evolution with a greater importance of education in contributing to Canada's economic success and our high scores in the OECD's PISA ranking, which compares student test scores amongst OECD countries around the world in reading, science and math.

As one of the top performing education systems in the world, Canada should continue to recognise the importance of the teaching profession in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

See them achieve their goals with your personalised help
For tutors, the biggest job satisfaction is seeing their students succeed¦ Source: Pixabay

For tutors, one of the most important ways to ensure that their students succeed is by gaining a better understanding of the student's strengths and weaknesses and developing tailored study programs to help them excel.

So even if you don't have a formal teaching degree, if you feel passionate about sharing your knowledge with students, tutoring is perfect for you!

Or perhaps you work better one-on-one and the idea of standing up in front of a class of thirty plus students is daunting for you?

As a personal tutor, you have the complete freedom to offer classes to as many students as you wish, whether you offer individual or small group sized classes.

If you are at the university level and considering pursuing a PhD or academic teaching career, then tutoring can be a great way to test the waters and decide if teaching is the right path for you.

Tutoring is a great starting point for all aspiring or prospective teachers. Tutoring is a fantastic head-start for all prospective teachers. In addition, private tutoring is a great way to earn extra income by working part-time or during your studies.

Sharing your skills with those in need

Every human being wants to feel useful and needed, or feeling like their actions can make a positive difference in someone's life.

This is why tutoring can be such a fulfilling job. Once teachers are able to pinpoint a student's strengths, and weaknesses, they can help students to develop their self-esteem and own personal goals.

Your skills could be essential to helping your tutee achieve their goals
Make a positive change in your students' lives and help their to reach their potential ¦ source: Twenty20

Ever tutor should:

  • Work with your student to develop a study plan
  • Establish realistic goals and objectives with your students
  • Regularly track your students' progress using tests and other forms of assessment

By always remembering to stick to these three objectives when tutoring, then this will help you to ensure that your student succeeds and is on the right path to achieving his or her dreams in the long-term.

How to Support Students Struggling in School

Many students struggle to keep up with their classes, and often fail to seek help in fear or facing humiliation in front of their peers?

The overburdened school system, with a strict curriculum and overcrowded classes, often means that many students are unfortunately left on the sidelines.

Create individualised learning programmes so children do not fall behind at schooll
Private tutoring can help students who are struggling at school¦ Source: Pixabay

By working with a private tutor, struggling students can get the help they need to keep up with their classes and boost their academic performance. Whether they need a tutor in Mathematics, language or chemistry,  private tutor can help with homework and assignments as well as test preparation to improve their grades and their confidence!

At any grade level and in whatever subject, as a private tutor you can help your students to overcome their learning difficulties and fulfil their academic potential

Your tutoring services can offer assistance to people struggling in their academic career
Become a tutor to help  students overcome their learning difficulties and achieve their potential: Source: Pixabay

The joy of sharing your passion is indispensable for all tutors - so why not give it a try? 

There are thousands of students looking to develop their knowledge, improve their study skills and fulfil their academic potential. A tutor can be the key to doing so!

Find out why Private Tutoring Can Mean Free and Fulfilling Work.

Find out more about the challenges of becoming a tutor.

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