"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." - Albert Einstein

We've all had teachers that put us to sleep. We sat in their classroom and counted the seconds till the class was done. As a tutor, you don't want your students to feel the same boredom you had in school. You want to have an enjoyable and educational class. Of course, you need to focus on teaching the material, but one thing is certain. If students are disinterested in your tutoring lesson they won't be learning anything.  As a tutor, it's your job to keep your students engaged throughout your lesson. It doesn't have to seem impossible to do this, we'll talk about how to keep your tutoring lessons fun below.

Becoming a tutor is an exciting job choice. You can work as a tutor part-time, full time, or causally the choice is yours. You're going to be teaching your students skills that will last a lifetime and that isn't something a lot of other jobs can offer. The tutoring field is on the rise. You need to be able to set yourself apart from the rest and be the best you can be. Making your tutoring sessions fun and engaging will set you apart from the rest. Your students will learn the information they need too and have an enjoyable time.

Why Should Tutoring Lessons be Fun?

Your main goal as a tutor is to help enrich the lives of your students. You achieve this goal by helping them with the subject they want to improve on. When bringing the thought that your tutoring lessons should be fun, you can ask yourself why. Why should you change the way you teach? or Why should you have an engaging class? There was a survey done a couple of years ago. The survey asked students in grade 11 if they felt engaged during class and only 32 percent of them said yes. That means 68 percent of students thought their class was boring. The same statistics could be made by tutors. If students are disinterested in your lesson there not going to learn and there going to stop becoming a client.

Another reason for keeping your lessons fun is for yourself. Teaching material the same way day in day out can cause early burn out as a tutor. Depending on your workload you'll have many students each week you'll be working with. If your students continue to lack interest or your teaching methods are bland you're going to stop enjoying teaching. It's not good when feeling when your students are yawning and not engaging with you. You got into tutoring because you when making an impact on your students. Everyone will benefit from making your lessons fun. You're the driving force behind each class.

We're going to go through a few ways you can make your lessons more playful and interactive.

3 generation learning through screen technology.
Smartphones and computers are now part of everyday life and most homes will have tablets as wells. (Wesley Fryer)

How To Integrate Games In A Lesson?

Most parents of pupils and students who are encountering difficulties in schools do not think that the "have fun and learn more" angle would work at improving their children's results. Yet, the Playful Education approach to learning inspired by the Montessori method amongst others is meant to help out kids that struggles with the traditional, sometimes rigid, approach outlined by the Departement of Education. These traditional methods are based on the apprenticeship of the collective knowledge, skills and culture curriculum with very ambitious programs and unified school rhythms.

Many struggling pupils get more and more behind in the competitive games of education. The alternative method we suggest is Playful Learning.


Because it allows pupils and students to have fun while they are studying or doing their homework.

Video games, 3D animations, software, learning apps, music or websites offering free lessons a

Learning app on a tablet.
May learning apps include songs and sounds to facilitate the memorization of new concepts. (by flickingerbrad)

Online exercises are valid educational tools that are becoming more and more popular. Any teacher will tell you that it is crucial to engage the students throughout the education process.

You can engage with your students and help them:

  • Pick up the subjects they might have fallen behind in
  • Extend their general culture and discover other themes
  • Offer flexible follow-up checks
  • Stimulate their creativity
  • Integrate their hobbies (music, sports, arts, TV, video games, ...) in the education process
  • Boost their confidence
  • Relax and free them from the traditional curriculum stress

Any first-year children will learn the alphabet by singing or will learn how to count using sticks or toys. When high school exam time is around the corner, many students report anxiety and stress especially if they are already struggling.

As a tutor, it is essential to address and defuse this school-induced stress and help them strengthen their learning both in Humanities and Sciences using the Playful method which includes:

  • History games
  • Multiple answers test
  • Right or Wrong
  • Quizzes
  • Cross-words
  • Subject related movies
  • Essays about student relevant subjects

" Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It's about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life." - Shakuntala Devi, Indian writer and mental calculator

Make Tutoring Fun With Games

If your child needs to go through summer school, it doesn't have to be the punishment he or she thinks it might be. Tutoring can be made fun with games. Thanks to the Internet, helping your child during holidays will feel more like playing rather than working.

Many websites, designed and updated by teachers and educators, will give plenty of amusing and playful exercises to your children:

  • Memorization games and puzzles
  • DIY games
  • Colouring alphabet
  • History and Geography initiation games
  • Writing workshops

These websites often alleviate the need to go through direct private tutoring for the first three years of primary school.

Using playful games to learn simple mathematics (additions, subtractions) using fruits, dice or cards, allows the child to develop mental representations of numbers and will reinforce his or her numeral skills. Using the Playful method can be a bit more complicated when you are dealing with anxious teens just about to take their A-levels. Given the workloads that they may have, revising Maths, Sciences, Humanities, English and more, using games might appear ludicrous.

Kids using a learning app together.
Many learning apps encourage the children to cooperate thus teaching them how to socialize and the importance of teamwork. (flickingerbrad)

Websites such as Sporcle or GoConqr offer many games, quizzes and support for students past primary school. From calculus and numeral games to solving problems and geometry, these websites offer a lot of educational materials for free. Students will also be able to play games on geography, history or general trivia to perfect their education.

School Support: Use Online Exercices

Playing to get back on track or perfect a learning method is good, but where to look for that? On the Internet of course. Many websites will give you the chance to follow signs of progress made by the pupils or students throughout the school year, from Grade 1 to High school graduation. Learning modern languages and studying science subjects on the Internet mainly give the children a chance to improve their grades and works just like tutoring: it follows a methodical program and offers a personalized follow-up.

"With the growing popularity of e-learning, it occurred to me that we should mean more than electronic. If we are going to call it e-learning, shouldn't it be effective, efficient, and engaging?” 

― M David Merrill, First Principles of Instruction

To learn a foreign language, have a look a one of these:

  • Little Pim
  • Muzzy BBC
  • FluentU
  • Dino Lingo
iPad drawing application are very common now.
Drawing on iPads is one of the favourite activities of young children, the need for paper and pens anymore (aperturismo).

There are many more online resources offering lessons and exercises on all sorts of subjects most often in free access: the dream of any parents, teacher, tutor or child. On the paying websites, a team of tutors is often at the disposal of pupils and students registered. They can ask questions all day long, every day and receive answers really briefly.

This gives the children a personalized education coaching, without having to leave the house. It is also more and more common to have tutors offerings lessons and correcting exercises in video calls. Giving classes on a digital platform is also a way for a teacher to maximize their times by cutting the commute from a child's home to another and thus making the most of your day while helping as many children as you can. Some subjects are more in demand for tutoring than other: language lessons, maths sessions, or even music instruction (creativity plays a vital role in the educational development of children).

Looking for some extra help with Maths:

  • Math Playground
  • Coolmath Games
  • GB Education
  • Top Marks

If you're not convinced that online education is for you or your children, feel free to contact one of our many private educators on Superprof, they will offer one on one tutoring with more complete lessons and guidance to pupils and students.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

How To Use Apps For Learning

It's fair to say most homes have at least one computer or tablet in Canada. They're growing in popularity. This shows us that App learning has great potential and the app making industry noticed. With teens that never leave their phones, learning through them is using the best technology has to offer while giving pupils and students personalized support for their learning.

If you

  • Numberland,
  • DragonBox Big Numbers
  • World Geography
  • Memrise
  • Pocket Prof

This digital software often offers a wide range of subjects from sciences (maths, biology, physics and chemistry) to Humanities (history, geography, social studies, philosophy, ...).

Using these tools and a child is struggling in schools can be an excellent way to keep him or her on track and maybe bring more enjoyment in learning - and also make tutor jobs more fun!

Student using a tablet for her revision.
Revisions can be done on tablets using specific learning apps that are designed by teachers and educators. (by flickingerbrad)

If you are looking for more learning websites and apps check those out:

  • Edupad
  • Preschool & Kindergarten
  • Educational App Store

Better than the standard classroom given in conventional schools, an App gives you the chance to study without the time and space constraint of classical education. No one to check that you did your homework: the idea might appeal to a lot of pupils! One thing to consider when using apps is payment. There a few completely free apps out there that will be perfect for learning, but a lot of apps you'll have to pay for. If you're wanting to incorporate this into your lesson plan as a tutor you need to consider the payment. You can add this price to your fee as a tutor or have the client pay separately. Depending on how many students you have using the app it can get costly if you're buying it for each of your students. Apps are a great tool, but you need to consider payment.

Other Ways to Keep Tutoring Lessons Fun

Engaging your students as a tutor is important. Without your students being engaged there going to be bored and not learn what you're teaching. We've listed a few ways above about keeping your students engaged. The best way to keep them engaged is to have a fun lesson. Of course, this isn't your primary goal as a tutor. Your goal is to tutor them, but you should make your tutoring lessons enjoyable and being engaging makes this easier. Here are more ways to keep your students engaged and have fun tutoring lessons.

Don't Repeat Yourself - Reviewing is essential to all learning. You need to make sure your students understand what you’ve been teaching. You need to review, but you shouldn't repeat yourself. You need to find new ways to say things. This will help keep your students engaged as well as yourself. 

Give Choices to Students - Students will be engaged more if they feel like they have a part to play in their learning. They won't feel like they're forced to learn something.  Next time your teaching your students give them options on how they want to learn or what they want to learn. You could have 2-3 different lesson plans for the day. We know this is more work, but giving your students a choice helps them learn. 

Real-World Examples - Relating lessons to the real world will always prove the need for learning. Students can learn things in the classroom and immediately see the importance of learning.

Interactive Lesson Plan - Teaching the same as most teachers aren't necessarily the best way to teach. Instead of working with your students at a desk or table mix it up. You could teach your class standing up using things students can use their hands with.

Loosen Up Teaching - You need to be a firm tutor. You need to be the adult in the room, but this doesn't mean you have to be strict. Having yourself loosen up when teaching will allow them to feel more comfortable.

Using Technology - Technology has been an amazing thing for tutors. You don't have to continue using a pencil and paper. There is a lot of ways you can use IPads or other forms of technology. This is going to keep your students interested.

Improve your students learning by having an engaging class.
Improve your students learning by having an engaging class. Source: Cottonbro, Pexels

How Do You Start Implementing These Tips?

Taking the first step and realizing you need to start implementing these strategies to not only benefit you but your students in the right direction. Now you need to apply them in the classroom. This isn't something that will happen overnight. It's going to take time to figure everything out and have an engaging class. Your first step is to think about your own lesson plan. Right now how are you teaching the lessons? Understanding what your doing right and wrong in the classroom is going to better determine what you need to change. After you've figured this out your next step to examine the ways you want to start being more engaging. Are you going to use technology like apps or IPads? Are you going to use games during the lesson? It's questions like these that can help you map out your next lesson plan.

Your next step is putting together your new lesson plan as a tutor. You've outline what has been working and the ways you want to improve. You've also listed the ways you want to engage your class. Now it's time to put everything together.  After deciding on your new lesson plan, it's time to start implementing it. We wouldn't recommend immediately changing a student's lesson. It's a good idea to explain you're going to be changing things. It's also a good idea to ask for feedback. If your students notice this isn't working for them you need to know.  The best way to start implementing these strategies is slowly. Another point to consider is you don't need to change your whole lesson plan. Adding in a few engaging portions of the lesson is perfect. You want to still ensure your students are learning everything they need to.

Everyone benefits when you have a fun lesson.
Everyone benefits when you have a fun lesson. Source: Ivan Samkov, Pexels

Start Becoming a Tutor in Canada Today!

Using these tips above we hope you use them and start having an engaging class. You're going to love teaching more and your students are going to learn better. You can be the main reason your students have a better experience in learning. It's going to benefit your students inside and outside the classroom. You're also going to be the tutor everyone wants to work with. You just need to make that first step and make your classes engaging.

As a tutor, it's your job to help your students. By understanding the benefits of having an engaging class and implementing them is going to make you a better tutor. Remember your whole lesson plan doesn't have to be engaging. We don't want you to take away from teaching the right material. Taking 1 or 2 of the ideas we mentioned above for each lesson will still keep your class engaged the whole time. Another point we want you to remember is this won't happen overnight and your new activities might no go as planned the first time. These things take time, but we're confident you have the ability to have a more engaging class. Your students will have a better time learning and want to keep learning.

If you're looking for a way to tutor students SupeRrof is a tutoring platform that connects students with tutors. Signing up as a tutor is easy and simple. Tutors can work with their students online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to tutor students.

Start becoming a tutor in Canada today!


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