“Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.”

This quote came from Diane Duane, an American science fiction and fantasy author. Reading a book really is like eating a potato chip, one just doesn’t satisfy! Some people like reading books about fiction, fantasy, romance, and educational books that can help them hone their skills in specific fields.

One specific area that makes professionals hit the books again is improvement of their communication skills in English, in particular, Business English.

While the internet already has a vast number of resources that professionals can watch to improve their Business English. However, books are still desirable because information is sourced from the personal experiences of other professionals and experts.

Best Books and Resources to Learn Business English

Resources for Learning Business English. Source: Pexels

Business English books vary from books for beginners to books for people who thirst for continuous improvement of specific skills. Here are great books to improve your skills in Business English:

Books for Vocabulary and Grammar

Your choice of words are going to be crucial every time you're dealing with people. You should be able to convey your ideas clearly and spark everyone no matter who your audience is. This means having a vast and wide number of vocabulary words in your arsenal. And to cap it off, you should know the proper grammar rules and be able to express them effectively and naturally. Here are some books to improve your vocabulary and grammar:

Practical English Usage by Michael Swan

A major new reference guide for intermediate and advanced students. This book contains short clear articles on all grammatical problems which regularly cause difficulty in all learners. This will also help you in dealing with selected points of vocabulary, idiom, style, pronunciation, and spelling. The books help you deal with these things because of all the practical examples, correct usage, and when these selected points are useful in practical situations.

Cambridge Business English Dictionary by Cambridge University Press

This book is ideal for business English students and to anyone who uses English at work. The dictionary has over 35,000 words, phrases, meanings, and includes business-specific vocabulary such as “quantitative easing”, “crowdsourcing, and “black knight”. You would also learn how to use English naturally in business situations like meetings, conference calls, and emails.

Books for Business Presentation

Finding the Best Business English Resources. Source: Pexels

People think presenting is easy. But it’s more than just reading your keynote slides. When presenting, you should be able to connect with your audience in a compelling way that they would be persuaded to side with you and make a decision. This is literally easier said than done! Luckily there are some books that give you all the tips, details, and enumerated steps on what you need in presenting Business English that not only teach the right words to say but also includes techniques that will boost your confidence for you to become a more effective and compelling speaker when presenting. Here are some books to improve your skills in presenting Business English:

HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations by Nancy Duarte

Are you terrified to speak in front of a crowd? Or are you just simply looking to further hone your skills in speaking? These books will definitely hit those points and help you become a great speaker and presenter. This book will give you the tips and tricks for you to:

  • Win over tough crowds
  • Organise a coherent narrative
  • Create powerful messages and visuals
  • Connect with and engage your audience
  • Show people why your ideas matter to them and;
  • Strike the right tone, now matter what the situation may be.

Presentations in English by Erica Williams

This book is ideal for anyone who needs to make presentations in English be it for academic or business purposes. The book contains a flexible seven-step approach which will help you find your own voice and be able to develop your unique and specific presentation style.This book will allow you to discover how creative you can be in presenting Business English.

Books for Conversations During Business Meetings and Business Dealings

Business talks don’t always happen in the boardroom. Conversations help create bond and rapport that is crucial and essential in closing a deal. However, you need to know what are the common idioms and expressions that you can use to help connect to your clients more effectively. Here is a book that might help you.

Speak English Like an American : Learn the Idioms and Expressions You Need to Succeed and On the Job! (book and audio CD) by Amy Gillett

This book is perfect for you if you like to self study. This book and audio CD will definitely help you speak Business English like an American in no time! The book and CD will be able to help you communicate better with colleagues , co-workers, and clients. You can use the CD as a guide to master over 350 of today’s most important business idioms and expressions, taught through 30 conversations on everyday business topics like how to run a meeting…, how to discuss a difficult decision.., and many more practical business situations.

Online resources are also great alleys on learning and improving your Business English skills.

Online resources for Business English. Source: Pexels

Business Englishsite.com

A site that won’t cost you a thing! The content of this site is free. You would only have to pay for additional glossaries and PDFs. The site is very minimalist and straightforward and has a vast number of exercises that you can practice with. This online resource would give you an incredible amount of visuals for learning vocabulary, sample sentences to build on, listening exercises to improve your ear, and grammar tests. From it’s homepage, you can directly link yourself to vocabulary exercises for a variety of business fields ranging from sales and marketing to project management. This site is stacked with practical information that can get you started in learning or improving your Business English.

Business English Study

This site is also cost free! Although you will be charged if you want unlimited access to the site itself. This site offers a great alternative for those who want to learn Business English while studying famous business models. BES (Business English Study) offers case studies of the world’s biggest companies like Amazon, Nike, Apple, and YouTube through audio and video and discusses significant issues specific to those featured companies. This online resource would give you practical situations that are happening in real-life and are happening to these major companies.

BBC Learning English 

Another site that is free! This site covers a tone of information and it may just be the best resource for learning how to handle yourself (and use your English properly) in a wide variety of business scenarios possible. There’s a section in the site called “English at work” wherein the learners follow fictional workers Anna and Tom as they sort through all sorts of common issues that might arise in the office. You’ll be able to get tips from Anna and Tom in watching them deal with real-life situations that are happening in the offices. This site would also equip you with tools on how to deal with specific situations and how to respond accordingly.

Business English Pod

This site is great for learners who are on a tight budget because it’s free! This site will get you a short write-up about different business situations and an accompanying podcast that will be discussing each situation. You won’t only be improving your English communication skills but your overall business skills! The podcast episodes in this site discusses other situations such as meetings, presentations, job interviews, socializing, and travel. You’ll be able to listen as to how to respond to certain situations and what to do when you encounter these situations in the office.

To be honest, learning business English is easier nowadays because there are a lot of learning options that you could choose from. Be it studying with traditional books or opting for online resources that are just one click away, there is a resource that would suit your needs.

You should take advantage of these books and online resources because they all showcase practical ways on how to deal in real-life situations. From improving your Business English communication skills to presenting, and even handling business conversations in the office, there is much to be gained from learning this skill.

You have the liberty to choose which one will work for you depending on the specific area you really want to improve on.

But one thing is certain, improving your skills in Business English will not happen overnight. And these books and online resources will only serve as your guide and will just give you the tips and tricks as to how to improve your Business English. You have to work hard and get all the knowledge, tips, information, and practical situations that you can get from all these books and online resources.

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