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Poetry can be intimidating with all the requirements and the need for it to sound like an actual poem. And although it has taken many forms in the past couple of years—calling all Lang Leav fans—it still remains to be one of the most unique forms of literature today. 

But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t study it. In fact, there are a lot of benefits that come with studying poetry; these benefits will be enumerated in the sections below. 

Curious to know about these benefits and where you can study poetry in Toronto? Keep on reading.

Benefits of Studying Poetry 

You’ve probably made a poem—or two—when you were still in school, perhaps it was for your English class or for someone you admire. Regardless of the reason and motivation to finish that poem, you can’t deny that it needed a lot of brain power. 

For that reason, it may seem like an extremely challenging task, especially for those who think they don’t have creative juices. However, poetry is just simply a skill that you can learn and perfect as you study it. 

Not only that, it has a lot of benefits that you’d find quite surprising. Here are some of them:

Boosts Creative Juices

Poetry requires creativity. You may start off feeling lacking in terms of creativity but as you progress in your studies, you’ll notice how you’ve mastered the techniques and tricks to help create a better poem each time. 

As you write one poem after the other, your brain discovers the different ways that you can express your thoughts and feelings and turn them into a long or short poem. Who knows, you might even be able to challenge your own self and explore newer, more complex forms of poetry. 

Your creativity will spill over other activities that you enjoy and will help bring out the artistic side of you you never thought existed!

Increases Vocabulary 

The type of poems you’ll initially explore are the ones that end in rhymes. That alone poses a challenge in terms of finding the right words to maintain the thought of the entire poem. 

Admittedly, you can only remember a couple of words each time—sometimes, with the aid of a dictionary or the internet. Constantly looking up the perfect word to end a sentence may be a habit in the first few attempts of creating a poem, but you’ll soon notice yourself getting more and more independent. 

And it’s not just useful for poems, you can even use this in casual conversations or other aspects of your life that require words. 

Improves Communication Skills

There’s no doubting that poetry requires you to have an extensive vocabulary, as what we’ve mentioned in the previous point. To be able to get your point across, you need to come up with and organize a coherent set of words to turn your thoughts into poems. 

With poetry, you’re able to improve your communication skills simply because you’re more apt in making sure your thoughts are relayed in just a few words. No need for longer paragraphs or pictures—all you need are a few good words.

Of course, we don’t mean that you communicate poetically each time. This only means that your ability to come up with the right words at any moment will greatly help you in maintaining and enriching conversations—especially the hard ones.

And this is in fact useful not just in your daily life, but also your day job as well. 

The Benefits of Learning Poetry in Toronto. Source: Pixabay

Improves Brain Functions

With a boost of creative juices and an increase in vocabulary, we can undoubtedly say that poetry also improves brain functions. When you think of creating a poem, you tend to exercise your brain, making it improve as you finish one poem after the other.

Not only is this healthy for your brain, but it’s also a way to make sure that all that brain power doesn’t go to waste. Moreover, you’ll notice just how easily you zone out and focus into what you’re doing because it’s become a habit out of every poem-making session.

Toronto Poetry Classes and Workshops

All the benefits stated above must have enticed you to go looking for poetry classes near you in Toronto. Well, lucky for you this is one of the cities in Canada that provides a number of learning opportunities for aspiring poets. 

From institutional classes to seasonal workshops, you’ll definitely find a class that’ll take you a step closer to your dream of becoming a great poet. 

Excited to know your options? Here they are:

University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

The University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies has over 800 courses and 50 program areas that students can choose from. But it doesn’t stop there! There are also more than 110 certificates in different fields to give future students different options. 

This school is known for its continuous journey towards knowledge, expansion, and new understandings. In fact, for those of you who wish to study here will be delighted to know that they have about 540 online learning options—becoming even more flexible. 

Currently, they offer a Poetry and Songwriting program that allows students to join a community of emerging writers and Canada’s up-and-coming poets. Whoever takes this program is also eligible for the Creative Writing Certificate should they wish to pursue it. 

This class is offered in both Spring/Summer or Winter. It has several courses for poetry such as Poetry: Introduction, Poetry II, Poetry: Master Class, Introduction to Spoken word, and Poetry III. 

Students are also eligible for the Janice Colbert Poetry Award, with a grand prize of $1000!

Montréal also offers a similar program for aspiring poets. If you want to study in the francophone city, best to check out Dawson College!

Toronto Public Library

Known to be one of the busiest public libraries in Canada, the Toronto Public Library has several branches all over the city. Visitors can also take advantage of their online services, should they wish to find a specific book. 

The library has more than 10.6 million items including books, CDs, DVDs and eBooks—in over 40 different languages. The library is also visited more than 29 million times. 

In relation to poetry, the library has programs and classes that are offered on different dates. The first one being Russian Music and Poetry that has its own specific schedules. This is a class where local poets and musicians are able to share their songs, stories, and poems. 

The second one being the Scarborough Poetry club which is a 90 minute activity open for poetry enthusiasts and aspiring ones. 

Ottawa Public Library also has similar activities that you might want to explore if you’re ever in the capital city

Toronto Poetry Club

If you’re the type to want to learn from others, then it’s best to immerse yourself in a monthly informal club meeting of the Toronto Poetry Club. This club will connect you to Toronto’s established and aspiring poets. 

Not only will you be able to listen in on their poems, but you’ll also be able to share one of your own masterpieces. What’s great about this kind of opportunity is that poets here will help you become better and you’ll also witness how you become better yourself. 

Currently, the club meets once a month at the ING DIRECT Cafe. You are encouraged to RSVP on the club’s website so that you can read your poem aloud. 

Don’t be shy to immerse in this lovely environment and get to know people. Before you know it, you’ll have a lot of friends to help you make even greater poetry pieces. 

A similar activity happens in Edmonton every Sunday. Just simply visit Poetry Cafe to know more about what they have in store for you. 

Poetry Tutors in Toronto

If you’re not a fan of group classes, why not try finding yourself a poetry tutor? You’re not only going to get one-on-one sessions but you’ll also have your own personalized program to compliment your learning styles.

Finding a Poetry Tutor in Toronto. Source: Pixabay

No need to feel conscious about other people’s learning curves and paces in group classes. With your own poetry tutor, you can feel comfortable and learn as slowly or as quickly as you want to. 

In poetry tutoring sessions, you can also tell your chosen tutor your preference when it comes to learning. Whether it be learning old school poems and mastering those techniques, or exploring the newer styles that people enjoy today. 

Moreover, the sessions will also be according to your availability. So, there’s absolutely zero need to come rushing just to be in class on time.

Interested? Find your poetry tutor at Superprof!

On this virtual tutoring platform, you can see a list of profiles of professionals who are willing to impart their poetry skills to eager learners. The rates also range from affordable to premium rates. 

Other than their self description, you also see reviews left by former students who have learned so much from these professionals—helping you decide which one suits your style better. 

What are you waiting for? Visit Superprof today!

You can also find a tutor in Vancouver, if ever you’d plan on switching cities.


Poetry may seem intimidating but that shouldn’t stop you from learning this amazing form of literature. There are several benefits that will be useful not just in creating poems but also in your daily life. 

Several institutions offer poetry classes but if that’s not your cup of tea, you can always find yourself a poetry tutor at Superprof. 

You can also find a tutor in Calgary if you plan to move to the sunniest city in the country. 

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