Learning how to cook is not as complicated as you have always thought it to be. Unlike we had several years ago, there are several platforms that anyone can use to learn how to cook today.

Whether you are a beginner, expert, or an intermediate, there is always a new recipe or cooking skill to learn. While enrolling in a cooking school or hiring a private cook's services is an excellent way to go, learning online is better.

To learn how to cook online, you may watch popular channels of leading chefs who offer tutorials videos to their subscribers. You can also visit some websites that provide rich materials that can help you learn how to cook. Most people prefer to rely on cookbooks. Whichever rocks your boat. Discover the best online videos to learn cooking skills anywhere.

In this article, Superprof will unveil some of the best websites that you can learn how to cook from. However, before we get to that, let's quickly provide an answer to the question – can a website teach you how to cook?

Can a Website Teach You How to Cook?

Considering that there are several ways to learn how to cook, it is expected that many may wonder whether a website can teach you how to cook. A website being an excellent way to learn how to cook depends on who is learning and what they want to learn. Discover hundreds of recipes in these cookbooks.

If you get easily distracted reading through large documents or long form articles like this post, you might not learn so much from websites. The type of websites you visit determines how well you will learn, and if it will be worth your time in the end.

Cooking ingredients
Websites use different approach to teach beginners how to cook. Source: Unsplash

When choosing the best websites to learn how to cook, there are basic features that you must consider, and some of these features include:

  • Pay attention to the quality of the  website

Several websites teach people how to cook, and because of this, it is challenging to choose which is best. The quality of the information and attention to details differentiate a website that teaches one to cook from another.

  • Find out the best learning method that works for you

There are websites that only provide information to aid your cooking process which includes the ingredients needed and the process to be followed.

Other websites provide you with instructional 'how-to' videos on different cooking techniques. Depending on the learning stage you are and the learning method that works for you, you can either go for the former or the later.

Top Websites for Learning How to Cook

Now you know the possibility of learning how to cook from a website or online platform and the basic factors to consider when choosing the website to learn from, let us examine some of the leading websites you can learn from.

BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food is no doubt, one of the best websites to learn how to cook online. It stands out from others because it teaches you basic skills that you should know as a cook. It also teaches you the role those skills play in helping you become a better cook. One of the notable materials available on this website that has helped many individuals to become pro chefs is the article on "25 skills every cook should know." In this popular article, you will learn basic cooking activities that form the foundation of cooking.

From the information you will get on this website, you will learn the name of cooking utensils and some common cooking vocabulary among chefs. As a beginner, the best way to learn how to cook more complicated recipes is to start with the simple ones. This way, you can go through the ranks and master specific cooking techniques.

Besides learning how to cook your favorite meals, information available on this website can also help you understand and improve your existing baking skills.

The advantages

  • This cooking website is helpful to beginners, intermediates, and expert cooks.
  • It provides for all kinds of recipes from the simple ones to the more complicated ones.
  • You will not only be informed about basic cooking terms and skills; you will also be provided with an in-depth analysis of them.

The disadvantage

  • Numerous content can make it difficult for you to identify which works best for you.

Cooking for Students

The majority of individuals surfing the internet for websites that can teach them how to prepare different meals are either bachelors, spinsters, or students. The increase in the number of students looking to learn how to cook online is perhaps one good reason this learn to cook website was set up. Are you a student or anyone tired of eating noodles or some of the other fast foods? Then, it is time to wear your apron and learn some cooking techniques  to check out the many resources available.

Even though you know how to cook fairly, you can also learn how to bake from these websites. Source: Unsplash

Don't get too carried away by this website's name that you assume it is for students alone. It is also an excellent platform for beginners who have little or no idea about basic cooking skills.

On this website, you can access different online cooking classes free to improve your cooking skills. Here, you will be greeted with simple and exciting recipes and cooking methods that make it easy for you to understand.

The advantages

  • This cooking website is affordable and doesn't require you to break your bank before learning how to cook.
  • The layout of this website is such that anyone can easily access the information that is on it.
  • Aside from the different classes and videos available on this website, there is also an advice blog.

The disadvantage

  • Experts might get bored with the information and processes on this website.

Serious Eats

This list of websites to learn how to cook from will not be complete without a mention of serious eats. The layout of this website is clean and easily accessible; the information contained in it are beneficial. This website is home to useful cooking articles covering ingredient selection, cooking tips, and the best utensils to use. Following through on this website, you will learn how to cook for a certain number of people, how long it will take to cook a particular meal, and the best way to go about delivering a delicious meal.

The advantages

  • Offers its users different recipes and cooking techniques.
  • It also provides you with alternative cooking techniques for a particular recipe.
  • Information is easy to understand as they are presented as instructions, guides, and tips.

The disadvantage

  • The enormous information on the website may make it look overwhelming.


If there is one cooking website that boasts more recipes than other websites, it is Yummly. This website has over one million recipes featured on it, covering different meals from different cultures. If you are interested in the diversity of cooking, then this is one website you want to learn from anytime. See other ways to learn cooking.

Yummly is grouped into different sections to cater for the needs of beginners, intermediates, and experts. As a beginner, click on the ‘quick and easy’ section, and you can access a host of helpful tips, guides, and cooking instructions.

One standout feature of this cooking website is how well-presented the recipes are. This presentation makes it possible for you to see the ingredients needed for a recipe and its composition. Are you thinking of what meal to cook next and how best to cook it? Yummly is that website that will provide you with all the inspiration you need.

The advantages

  • This website has numerous recipes providing you with options to choose from.
  • It allows for conversations on recipes so you can know what others are saying about it.

The disadvantage

  • Many users think a lot can be done to improve the site’s navigation.

Food Network

If you are always on Facebook, you may have come across one of the viral videos of Food Network. This cooking website is famous for its section to help you cook with children. Because of this section, many moms choose this website as their go-to option when looking to learn about a new recipe or cooking skill.

Aside from learning how to cook, you can learn how to use the right utensils too. Source: Unsplash

The more you know how to cook, the more you will need to teach your children. What is a better way to learn how to cook with children using the Food Network? No doubt, you are going to love it!

One notable feature of this cooking website is that it provides you with safe cooking techniques for children. With these techniques, you are not just happy that your kids are learning how to cook, but that they are doing so safely.

The advantages

  • The recipes are simple, making them easy to understand to prepare.
  • The cooking and safety instructions are clear for you and the kids.

The disadvantage

  • Many of the recipes are childish and might not help you as an intermediate or expert cook.

Now that you are aware of the top cooking websites that you can learn how to cook from, all you have to do is pick the one that works best for you. When this is done, visit the website and start enjoying the information on it.

Regardless of the website that you have chosen, one important thing to note is practice. By practicing what you learn from these websites, you can improve your cooking skills and master the art of cooking in no time.

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