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1st lesson is free!

1st lesson is free!

Experienced Corporate Finance, Accounting in London. Investment Appraisal, WACC, financial and management accounting all covered. Online tuition (any time).


This tutor has passed all tests and is officially one of our best tutors. They proudly carries our values (...).

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**Certificate Level Accounting tester site: epr01.wordpress.com/menu-2/services/10-pl-and-sofp/**

My methods vary to suit students and their needs.

For students studying for an exam (first time sitting or otherwise), I offer three main pathways:

* individual tuition - students love this. Expect to do the homework and stay on top of it. Allows for personalised comments about your study skills as well as technical knowledge. Particularly useful for those who want to specialise in that topic after qualification or who have seen surprising results. £40/hr

* website - currently under construction and suited to students who want see me work through different questions, for example Hexham PLC long questions or representative Non-Current Assets MCQ in the ICAEW study manual. Each section is priced. Have a look and see. Tester site: epr01.wordpress.com/menu-2/services/ Prices range from £20 to £30 per module.

* small group learning - the halfway house for those who prefer being spoken to, but don’t want to be the focus of an hour. Very good for rapid revision. Short bit on theory, then questions. Groups are no larger than six, Zoom-type setup. Generally, show you how to handle topics with question bank examples. £20/hr, camera often off.

For those who are interested in preparing for a new course, for example because you are doing exploratory work before your next set of books arrive. You really want me to give you a high-level overview of the key points. The small group learning approach is a good first step.

Contact me and let’s chat.


  • Management and Business Administration
  • Microeconomics
  • Finance


  • English


  • Adult Education
  • Masters/ Graduate School

About Dorothy

I graduated in Chemical Engineering, became a qualified chartered accountant (ACA) and have over a decade of post qualification experience in accounting, audit and finance. I am now taking a career break to study a PhD in Chemical Engineering. It is something I have always wanted to do and indulges my love of numbers and numerical analysis.

My experience leaves me uniquely placed to tutor:
• Finance – Investment appraisal, NPV, IRR, ARR, payback, dividend valuation model, CAPM, WACC. Particular experience in Imperial College Business School and University of Bath's corporate finance modules.

• Financial and Management Accounting – all aspects at university, business school and professional qualification levels. Practical experience of accounting modules from Imperial Business School, University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent Business Schools.

• Mathematics – A-Level, business maths, engineering maths and university applied maths. Extensive experience of tutoring the Edexcel syllabus at A-Level to Year 13 students and engineering maths/ further maths to Imperial College, University of Surrey and Coventry University engineering students.

As an ICAEW accountant, I am able to provide support for particular topics or more rounded help for revision. I tutor both in-person and online.

No course is too difficult and no lecturer too incomprehensible. I am happy to teach anyone. Groups and mature students are especially welcome. Send me a message and we can discuss the specifics of your situation and take things from there.

**Note: The first lesson is 30 mins at no cost to allow us to get to know each other and for me to assess if I am the best tutor for you. Subsequent lessons range from 1hr to 2hrs depending on your needs.**



  • 5 h: $340
  • 10 h: $680


  • $ 68/h

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